Written by tony

3 Feb 2008

a few weeks before christmas I got chatting to a woman in her fifties online. as all the guys know it nearly always fizzles out without a meet but this woman seemed differenet. after chatting and getting to know each other she aggreed to meet me in a local park not far from where I live. so I got there and walked down the path towards the swings it was very quiet and cold but sunny almost like a spring morning I stood around waiting and then I heard the click of high heeled shoes behind me I turned and I saw this woman walking down the path .she was wearing a black pvc mack and as she got closer I noticed it was half open and she was naked underneath I could clearly see her tits . wow I thought ive hit the jackpot. she introduced herself as shirley and walked right up and kissed me I couldnt believe my luck I was knecking her and feeling her tits she said lets go over here it was a derelict toilet block but the door had been vandalised so we stood just inside the door. she opened her mack right down and as I suspected all she had on was a pair of black stocking and her shoes and a shaved pussy she had my cock out in no time and guided it to her hole. I pushed it right up her and to my shame lasted about five strokes and shot deep inside her she carried on grinding her hips and groin into me for a few minutes Im not sure wether she came or not but I appologised and she kissed me and said not to worry. I walked her back to her car and we said our goodbyes and she was gone I sat in my car and couldnt believe Id just fucked up so much she never tried to contact me again but shirley if you read this then how about one more meet as it was just the excitement of it all that made me do that , tony .