Written by jockweiler

14 Dec 2012

Moya organised a few days in London , staying with her son and girlfriend. They live in the Holborn area and he has a ground floor flat in a small block on quite a busy main road/street.

When she stays, she is allocated the room facing the front with a bow fronted window almost level with the pavement save for a very narrow paved area between. There is a set of traffic lights just a few yards down the road , which can cause queues on the road in front of the flat at busy times.

It was about 9am when I called her and she was still in bed. She said everyone had gone to work and she was just pondering how to spend the morning when I had rung. I asked her to open the wooden slatted venetian blinds that she had described on a previous visit and look and see if the road was busy ! She was naked so wanted to put at least something on.. I suggested her basque ( you can see it in her pics) and a tiny pair of knickers. Duly attired she opened the blinds and said , "yes the road's very busy and traffic's queuing outside!" I thought of how we could have fun if she was in the mood and she said that yes she was "quite wet already!"

I told her to move around in front of the window to see if she had any reaction. She giggled a bit when she described several gents on the top level of a London bus pulled up outside , who all had a really good view of her! I suggested she play with her nipples a bit ,seemingly unaware of being seen, and she told me that they were now so hard that they almost hurt!

The something really interesting happened. Moya was decribing a small white van in the traffic queue whose driver was youngish and handsome ( her words) and who had spotted her through the window. His eyes were " out on stalks" she said. Moya's nipples can be very large when aroused. The lights changed and he moved off so we thought that was that when she noticed he had returned.. " must've gone round the block !" she said.

He pulled up in front of her window halfway up on the pavement and stared; parking illegally definitely but I suppose his van looked like a small delivery van and maybe that's what was assumed.

His stares continued for a few moments and Moya became more excited. I suggested she wave him in but she said "NO WAY!"

I insisted more than a little and eventually she said" OK I've done it and he is getting out!! Now what ?"

I said "answer the door on the chain and ask if he is going to do as he is told!"

I heard the chain rattle and her saying just that, her breasts exposed to him and although I couldn't hear the mumbled answer I heard her let him in!!

"tell him to drop his trousers and pants,Moya" and I lstened as she described " a very erect and young hard cock , slightly darker in colour than the rest of his skin with a huge purple helmet!" Moya is a sucker ( pun intended) for suckable helmets.

" give him a condom and tell hime to fuck you" , I said!

I could hear on the line him fiddling with the wrapper and then noises of settling into a good fucking position and his urgent thrusting into her. Moya was well gone by this stage and she sounded to me like she had orgasmed at least twice before he gave a long grunt then, " I'm Cummin'!" A few moments passed and Moya picked up the phone again and said that was good but she wanted him to go! I said "well, tell him he can go now " and apparently he did without as much as a thank-you!

WE finfished our call after I told her that it had been damn sexy for me listening as well as for both of them !

A few days later, after she had gone home, apparently a young guy had turned up with flowers for the 'older lady' that lived there. Her son said that there was no older lady living in his flat and directed him to the 73 year old woman who lived in the flat opposite.. maybe she benfitted from this gift, maybe not!! Moya denied all knowledge and at least the guy didn't drop her in the dwang with her son!

Later calls revealed we both had loved it but similarly felt that it was a wee bit dangerous for her and perhaps we should not repeat the event, but we have talked quite a lot about it and it always gets her hot !