Written by Neily2008

25 Dec 2010

As the title suggests, this incident took place many years ago (33, to be precise) but it remains the most exciting sexual encounter of my life and is probably the main reason why I enjoy Swinging Heaven so much! I've tried to preserve anonymity but the story itself is 100% true......

When I was 19 years of age, I was involved in a long-term relationship with a beautiful woman who I shall refer to as S. She was the same age as me and black (a rarity in those days): she had a wonderful, slim body, with large, firm breasts and a perfect, rounded bottom. She had a high sex drive, combined with a very moral approach to life: although she had had a few "gropes" when she was younger, she was a virgin until she met me a year before. With the exception of one incident (which I can recall, if you want me to), our sex life had been passionate, monogomous and fulfilling.

One night, we had been in a pub a few miles away, enjoying the company of friends and getting very drunk. My parents were on holiday, so we were staying at their house. When I went to order a taxi home, one of the crowd offered to give us a lift back instead. I've forgotten his name now (but will refer to him as C) and although neither of us really knew him, he seemed friendly enough. C was an amateur boxer, well built and also black.

My parents were lucky enough to have a swimmimg pool, so when we got back we sat by the pool, continuing our drinking. At some stage, one of us suggested going for a swim: we had no costumes, so decided to go swimming nude and turned the pool light off, so as to preserve all of our modesties. After swimmimg for 10-15 minutes, we got out, turned the pool light back on and sat around wrapped in towels, drinking more beer. At some stage, S and I wanted another beer, so C offered to get them for us, returning with a can in each hand. As he stood in front of S, his towel fell down (intentionally, I found out subsequently), revealing his firm, dark body. But most impressive was his cock - although only a "semi", it was very long, circumcised and very thick. Although quite well endowed myself, I remember being amazed by the size of it. He made some emabarassed comment about that not being supposed to happen, before S said "that's the first black cock I've ever seen that I haven't been related to". C said something along the lines of "Well, I hope it doesn't disappoint" and S replied "I don't suppose that's disappointed anyone". At this point, the mood changed and C said that "It does get bigger, you know" and S said, "That, I'd like to see". (Apparently, although I have forgotten it, I gather that I told her to "Go for it". S leant forward and stroked C's growing cock, before taking it in her mouth and wanking him with her lips.

After what seemed like just a couple of minutes, C's cock was absolutely huge and S was groaning as she sucked it. He said that he was about to come and I assumed that she would pull away, as S had given me occasional blow jobs but had never wanted me to come in her mouth. To my amazement, she carried on sucking until he came with a huge force and (according to her), filled her mouth to overflowing, before she swallowed the lot!

S carried on wanking C until he got hard again and then led him by the cock, to the grass bank by the pool. She called me over as well and I was treated to the gut-wrenchingly intimate (but horny)sight of seeing another man lick out your partner, holding her open with his fingers and using his tongue in every way possible. Inevitably, S came loud and hard, rubbing his face into her soaking cunt. After that, he lay back and she climbed on top of him before lowering herself onto his huge, hard cock. It was painful at first but within seconds, she was riding him like a veteran and telling me how huge he was. She then gave me a blow job at the same time and (at last!) let me come in her mouth before swallowing the lot. What followed was 2-3 hours of fucking and sucking in every way possible: C even tried anal but even though S wanted it, he was just too big. Between us, we must have come eight or nine times and all of us had the sexual time of our lives. At the end, C went for another swim, to wash himself off and then drove home.

Before heading up to bed, S asked me to lick her out one last time. She always enjoyed being tongued after fucking but on this occasion, she was overlowing with mine and C's come. I did as I was asked and she responded with probably the largest orgasm I have ever seen from a woman.

And that was it. We went to bed, fucked again (including anal) and fell asleep, shattered. In the morning, S behaved like nothing had happened and even when I brought it up, didn't want to to discuss it, beyond saying "it was fun".

A year later we split up and I never had the chance to repeat the experience but it remains one of the highlights of my life. If only I could do it again.....