1 Aug 2017

all good things that you can fantasise about beyond your wildest dreams,,can come true.....least when you expect it..

little bout me im 45 single at the moment.and pretty much in best shape now then i ever was.{lost a good chunk of weight}


being a quiet but sociable type of chap and working very irregular hours.shifts. . its not always great to catch up n plan things.

anyway when i was with the mrs bout 6 years ago..different house but pretty much in the same area..

i always admired my neighbours, H as a mature straight lace plain type of woman at the time bout 51. use to walk the dogs..idle chit chat. but knew was married....fancied her like mad tbh..her clothes generally was saggy. leaving nout to the imagination. but still like the thought of that soft flesh.

anyway always was polite, pretty straight..and ialways lusted but never said owt....her poor old fella had heart issues. n think deep down was missing something thick n satisfying..

my next door neighbour was lynn.. again slim woman,54 at the time..single.. but my god what tits..a bit of a drinker..did manage a snog and a little grope when was with the mrs...when popped in for a chin wag the odd weekend...

as time went on.. lived away from em for about 5years...anyway managed to see H recently...alot of quick chatting, n explained her husband had passed about 2 years aearlier..

again just give my heartfelt sypathies.. but still had this lusting for her.. n god my god she looked good...aged bout57 tight fitting jeans..she knew i was looking...and politefully said was looking very sexy...to my haste was christ ur looking fucking tasty urself what have u dun...lord lost bout 6stone.....anyway..come round for a brew was the next statement...happy days i couldnt wait....

planned a saturday night the follwing week, brought a bottle of wine, . hoping its my night..

the night came i was outside her house..wine in hand..as well as a stirring hard on with the thought.

H opened the door casually as u like, evening t hope ur ok...looking casual opened top blouse. n some random easy shorts...thought good god. legs and arse on that..

to my dismay there was my previous next door neighbour lynn......the girls had been enjoying there first glass.

idle chit chat followed. pleasantries for old towns. when lynn said tony god i want to shag you when you was with the wife. but my god look at you now so trimmed...before i could speak H chirped up i had a few wet feelings thinking about you myself.... omg i was speechlesss..

without hesitation we wanna see your cock.. and now.. look i was hard,, i dropped my pants... 7 inch fully hard with a good girth and these ladies was slurping on my meat... i couldnt believe my luck..

i couldnt contain myself and H took all my hot spunk in her mouth.. i kissed her.. then she began a longing snog with lynn..

both savioring my not so hot spunk by then.

god iwas turned on...i couldnt get enough..30 mins later the 3 of us was in bed... was fuckin lynn up the arse..then H.. tasting licking.. u name it .. i was doing it..same time watching 2 woman hard at it in the mature years..even after cumming inside H... i was struggling.. n wow a blue tab did the trick...wanted to go again...

the toys these ladies used, n god perfect...

nut i had a little fetish that i always wanted......a golden shower.. to taste a womans pee in my mouth.. wow.. undully concerned lynn and H give me a shower to remember...fuck that was erotic...pissing in my mouth...a few gulps i did swallow...taling dirty etc... god the bed was ruined..

lets just say the night was long,,ectic n very enjoyable...now i take it in turns to go to each of them to enjoy them individually....but at the same time... certainly gotta arrange for them together