Written by lucky sue

12 Mar 2015

my name is sue ,I am 33 ,my hubby 40 ,I have shoulder length blonde hair ,size 12 , 5 ft 7 with big 34 d boobs and always tanned ,when I go out I like to be centre of attention ,some of my dresses are porn film style ,very short and low.

this night we had been out ,it was warm so we walked home ,half way I needed fucking so we ducked down a narrow terrace ,the houses had small front gardens and low fences ,half way down I bent over a fence while my hubby licked me from behind ,I noticed the light of the house was on ,the curtains had a small gap in them ,and I could see in, in the house a door opened and in walked this old man , his dressing gown open and he had a massive hard on ,he didn't see us he was watching tv he must have had a porn film on .my hubby was licking me and I was coming watching this old man ,wanking his big hard cock .when we finished my hubby said that I should find a way to get in his house.

we got home and next day I started planning it .

on the Monday ,I put on a shortish skirt about 4" above the knee ,it buttoned up the front so I undid the bottom 2 buttons ,2"heels and blouse .even though it was hot I wore a light coat ,and about 10 set off in my car ,the plan was to knock on the door pretending to be a charity worker doing 2 hours a week free work ,I got to his house knocked on the door and it worked he offered me to come in ,turns out his name is fred he is 76 and widowed. I sat on his couch and he asked if I wanted a drink of tea I said yes and when he went to make one I removed my coat ,when he got back he sat next to me,i crossed my legs showing a lot of leg ,as I am bent over writing notes in my notepad ,he kept looking down my blouse at my cleavage and looking at my legs so I kept moving so he could see more ,I arranged to visit him for 2 hours every Friday .

when I got home I masturbated ,thinking of what I had done and was going to do. friday came so I put on higher heels this time ,did my make up ,deciding to wear one of my thin short pleated skirts a tiny white thong and blouse ,no bra. when I got there his face was a picture I thought I could hear his heart beating. any how after a drink and a few little jobs ,i noticed some boxes of junk so I asked if he had a step ladder so we could put it in the loft he said there is a ladder upstairs ,so off we went I went first so he could see up my short skirt ,at the top I said if I go up you pass them to me ,I climbed the steps so that the hem of my skirt was level with his eyes , his face was about a foot away from me ,he passed a few boxes then I stretched up so my skirt went higher ,he could see my panties ,then I pretended to stumble ,he reached out and held me by my thighs ,I steadied my self and he had a good feel rubbing his hands up my legs ,as I came down he still had hold of me ,his hands sliding up to my bum ,my skirt high his face was level with my pussy ,he must have smelt sex because I came .on my way home I thought next week no panties, so Friday came again ,same outfit but no panties ,this time I was going for it,on the way I bought a new dress very short ,at his house same thing bit of cleaning , he asked if I would run him a bath ,I ran it and he went upstairs ,out side the door I heard him get in, so I said through the door. I have just bought a new dress for the weekend if I try it on tell me if you like it ,and he shouted back yes, down stairs I put the dress on it was very short and low ,my boobs were nearly out ,I heard him go into his bedroom ,so I went up,i opened his door and he was stood there naked with a massive hard on, it was easy from there I walked over took hold of him,i sat on his bed and started playing with it ,a good 10 inches and thick ,as I played his hands went down my dress rubbing my hard nipples ,I lay back, my legs open on the bed so he could see my naked shaved pussy ,he knelt down licking me to orgasm , I said god fred put it in me ,so he did, he stretched me ,his full 10 inches in me I came straight away then he started fucking me long slow strokes ,his hands on my legs his mouth on my nipples ,after a few mins he got faster ,I could not stop coming ,then he let out a cry and started coming himself ,lots and lots of it , he dropped on me we were both soaking wet ,then he got off and rolled over ,I was still dressed , I said god fred how did a man your age manage that , he told me he had taken some Viagra because he was going to wank when I left ,that day I stayed more than the two hours ,I undressed and we had sex two more times ,once I rode him, and the next we had anal . I still see the old stud once a week