17 Aug 2015

Been a long time and i didnt think id ever have anything to post again.

We have not been involved in any swinging for at least two maybe three years and i genuinely thought that was it. Jaq has shown no interest in meeting other men for that time the"time out" was her decision and she knows it disapointed me a lot because i loved it. Annyway it wasnt all over as i will now explain.

Jaq came home one night and was really frisky, she hadnt been like this for along long time. We had fantastic sex first time for ages and after we finished i asked her where it had come from! She told me a long didtant ex had been in touch his name is peter and i have mentioned him on here in a previous post.

Now Jaq really liked Peter he was i admit a really good looking bloke confident with the ladies and had a very big cock which Jaq had enjoyed on many previous occasions.

She told me they had had coffee a couple of times and chatted on messsenger regularly but nothing had happened although Peter was pushing for it.

He had persuaded her to get me to go out and discuss the possibility of it starting again on a fairly regular basis as he had now divorced and lived close by in a flat.She told me he had been involved in a sexual relationship where he had cuckoulded the couple and that this had really turned her on!

I agreed to meet him and see what he had in mind. Because he was such a good looking w/e guy i had been a little apprehensive the first time worried Jaq may fall for him but nothing had happened other than sex and lots of it, but now he was single but she made clear it was sex she wanted so i agreed to meet him for a drink to discuss it.

He was really keen and i met him the following day and he was bruttally honest as to what he wanted.He had dominated the previous couple for two years and had found it very erotic. I asked him to give some examples and he said (briefly) he would take control of Jaqs sex life and would be her bull and she had to service him when he wanted.I got the impression she had already agreed to this part and was slightly embarrased that the feeling turned me on! I would only be allowed to actually fuck her once a month but she would be free to satisfy my needs in any other way.I would drop her off and collect her from her meets with him and he wanted her to be available to him for at least one weekend night for the entire night at least once a fortnight with as and when "quickies" when he felt the need.

I was apprehensive but agreed to trial the idea for a few weeks.I went home and told Jaq and she was delighted and said she was wanting to try and dominate me too! The sex was fantastic that night and she asked if she could have her first "sleepover" the following night which was a friday.

i agreed and my life has changed beyond my dreams!

The first night she dressed at Peters insistance in a very tarty way stockings and high heels complimenting a short skirt and cleavage revealing top.

Peter rang and demanded i dropped her at his flat for 6.30 to which i agreed i confess enjoying being told to take my woman to see a man for sex!

Ill cut to the chase that first night ill never forget.I had 35 photos sent to my phone and 2 videos of them having fantastic sex and a phone call where i heard her penetrate her arse for the first time. I then lay alone for hours wondering what was happening. At 7.45 am the following day i recieved a text from Peter saying this. "come and collect your slut im done with her for tonight, i may need her tomorrow ill tell you later"

I arrived and knocked on the door he answered with a fully clothed Jaq on her hands and knees sucking his massive cock he looked at me and said "she will be done shortly" I stood there feeling awkward but sooo horny! He was right five minutes later he spurted noisily into her mouth telling her to "swallow it a lick me clean" She did and stood up cum on her cheek he said "kiss your wife shes done everyting i told her and more!" I kissed her and we left him telling me no sex just wanking!!

We got home she looked fantastic love bites on her body and stains on her stockings.I tried to fuck her but she wouldnt let me telling me her master was strict and owned that part of her now!

Im loving it and if anyone is interested i have lots more to say!!!