Written by bcands

4 Oct 2007

Well, another adventure from BCands. A couple of years ago we were transferring location. I was working away, abroad, leaving beautiful BC to stay with friends and family. She is really lovely, a great figure, fantastic legs and when roused incredibly sexy and uninhibited !

She went out with some old girl friends one night, pubbing and clubbing. By the end of the evening she had been left to get a taxi back home on her own. But obviously at the club she had been dancing, drinking and chatting, especially with one group of guys.

One of them in particular suggested she come back with them for another drink. Waiting around for a cab, with only a flimsy, sexy little mini dress and a thong on BC got pretty cold and the short cab ride did nothing to warm her up, even sitting among the four guys.

Once back at their place she had another drink, but insisted on taking a bath to warm up. Needless to say once in a hot-bath she had a little audience, orchestrated by J who had been chatting her up at the club.

She said that she allowed them to soap her up and found the attention of eight hands unbelievably sexy. \"They wouldn\'t leave my arse,pussy or tits alone\". How clean could she get ! They lifted her out of the bath and dried her off. Getting bumped by four large erections in the process. J led her naked back to the lounge and started kissing and caressing her, she willingly responded at the same time helping him out of shirt, trousers and pants, finding, as she told me this great big cock 8 or 9 inches and really thick, springing and swaying about while they continued kissing and fondling. Evidently his three friends were finding this all too much and had all dropped their pants and were eagerly stroking a fine array of erections ! By this time with J sitting on the sofa BC was lowered onto his huge cock and proceeded to fuck his and her brains out. All the time, since she was facing her audience , they were getting a fantastic view of the giant cock, appearing and disappearing up her tight but fat lipped cunt.While her fine 38 B breasts bounced seductively up,down and around. After sometime, J shot a huge load into her pussy and BC was engulfed by the audience. Immediately she took a good sized cock in the mouth while another slid into her dripping cunt,. The spare she wanked in anticipation. Given the circumstances and since they all had a good head of steam worked up, she swallowed one and got another load in her pussy. Quickly she blew the fourth guy and swallowed his juice. By this time there was some recovery from J who with some licking and sucking from BC was back to attention. Now BC came (literally) into her own demanding some anal attention ! J willlingly forced his way in, with BC riding him in a wild frenzy, she then demanded another cock for her pussy and enjoyed a round robin of attention until they were all spent again. This went on until the dawn arrived, she said she didn\'t know how many loads or how much spunk she took but it felt great.

Subsequently she started seeing J a lot and he especially liked showing her off while fucking, but that is, sort of another story. What she found provoked his most hard and ardent fucking was when she told him she had met up on one of J\'s off nights with two brothers, the jealousy surprised her ! She picked up one brother at a wine bar and went back to his hotel room for a session. While stark naked and being ridden doggy style this guys brother had turned up at the hotel room to pick up some stuff. He apologised profusely but BC was not to be denied and asked him to join in, she said it was incredibly sexy and erotic to have two brothers, they seemed not so shy about rubbing cocks when she got them both up her cunt or in her mouth, the bonus for me was that they were video security contractors and videoed the whole night, it\'s great to watch the action every now and then and marvel at my wife\'s stamina and love of cock, she had one stretch when she orgazmed about ten times in a row, fantastic. It always gets me up !