Written by Marge

28 Dec 2007

Hello,it's Marge again,sorry i haven't posted any more little stories lately,

i just haven't had the chance.This xmas i had to leave Derek at home,as i was

staying with my son and daughter in law,and my grandchildren,they know i have a lodger

but they certainly don't know what goes on,nor would i want them to.However it has meant

that poor Derek had to spend christmas and boxing day left to his own devices.

I made it up to the poor dear yesterday though.

When i got home i sat with Derek on the sofa,and it wasn't long before he suggested an early

night..The randy devil! We were soon snuggled up in bed and he gave me a lovely big cuddle.

"wank it for me Marge,wank it and suck it for me" he said,and i soon had that great big salami

of his rock hard,he soon had it all the way up my pussy,and i came twice,of course that was not

enough for Derek though,and he told me he was going to fuck my arse,"spread your cheeks Marge,i

want to see that little arsehole of yours!" He said,and i told him not to be so crude..However

i did bend over and do as he asked "Be gentle Derek dear" i said as i looked over my shoulder.

Derek likes looking at my bottom and playing with his thing,and he soon reassured me that he would

take great care.

I was soon howling like a cat as his huge penis probed deeper and deeper in my bottom,and Derek groaned

and roared in pleasure as he fucked my arse,i soon felt him go tense and his penis spasmed,then i felt

a big splash of hot sperm deep indide me,Derek has big balls,perhaps that's why so much comes out of them.

But as he came so did i,for the third time that night.

I was very pleased to be home.