Written by Rosie4u2

19 Oct 2009

This is a real story. My husband knew this guy fancied me and he wanted me to get him back to the house and have sex. I did it for him as he wanted. He was away on business and Ihe asked me to send an email giving details of what happened. This is it.

Today a man came to the house. He was nervous about coming to the house but I persauded him. He came to the door and I took him straight into the lounge. We were on the settee and we started kissing. He took off his jacket and I took his tie off then I started to unbutton his shirt. His hand went up my dress and started rubbing my pussy. He tried to take my knickers off but I stood up, pulled my dress up to show him the knickers, he said I looked very sexy, I gave him a twirl. He stood up and we started kissing again his hand went up my dress again and down the front of my knickers, I rubbed his cock through his trousers. He undid his belt and I pulled his tousers and boxers down and he took them off. He took my dress and bra off and then he pulled my knickers down to my thighs and I took them off. I went down on my knees to suck his cock but he knelt down too. He put his fingers inside my and started rubbing my clitty. I was holding his cock which wasn't fully erect. I told him to sit on the settee and I started to suck his cock, giving him long slow sucks and licks and giving him deep throat, his cock was quite small and I was able to get it all in my mouth, I could feel it getting bigger and it became fully hard.. I held his balls and his head was held back and his eyes were closed and he was moaning. I started to wank him too and licked all around the rim of his cock while doing my special wank. His cock was quite big now. We then lay down on the rug and started kissing again and his fingers were right up inside me, I was moaning. I was holding and wanking his cock which had gone back small again. I told him I wanted him inside me. He then started sucking my nipples and he went down inbetween my legs which were spread wide apart and he started licking my pussy all around my clitty and a bit further down. He then sat back on his heels and looked at my pussy and said it was a lovely pussy, then he was rubbing it looking at it and looking at me. He came beside me again and started thrusting his fingers inside me again. I asked him if he would like to wank in my mouth and come in my mouth and I would swallow his spunk. He immediately straddle meand began wanking. I could see precum on his cock end and he wiped it on my lips. He then pushed his cock into my mouth and down my throat. He said he was coming and I put my tongue out and opened my mouth. He came. There was not lots of spunk but it was really thick. i collected the spunk in my mouth and opened my mouth to show him the cum and I swallowed it all. He said I was amazing. I gave his cock a final suck. He then sat on the settee and I sat on his lap and his hands were stroking me all over my stomach and legs. I told him about the bites on my bum and he wanted to see them, so I stood up and bent over just a little while he was still sitting on the settee and he put his fingers on the bites. One bite was underneath my cheek so he would've had to bend his head down to see. He then went for a wash in the bathroom and I put my knickers back on. When he came back to the lounge he said let me look at you, you're perfect and he asked me to do a twirl. I then said I was going to put my jeans on and he wanted to come and watch. I was facing him and I pulled my jeans up to my knees and then I turned around so he could see my sexy bum in those sexy knickers and I gave him a wiggle as I pulled the jeans over my bum.

I think he enjoyed watching me.