Written by darren

4 Mar 2008

my wife kate,28yrs decided to suprise me one friday nite by taking me out to our Local indian.she wudnt let me in the bedroom whilst she woz getting dressed.it woz cold out so she had a long black overcoat and i could see knee high boots. Upon arrival we sat at our usual table and then she reavealed her suprise by slighty opening her coat to reaveal a red basque and told me she had stockings and matching thong on but no other clothes. I woz fucking hard by thenso afteq much drinking but not much eating as a waiter came to top up our beers she dropped her gandkerchief which he bent down to pick up at which point she opended her legs to give him an eyeful of her gusset.he withdrew quickly hurriedly jellin his 3 colleagues.they were all watchin as she got up to the toilets.i then saw 2 of them follow her in so i waited eagerley.after 10 mins they came out and she followed and we left with no bill to pay.on the way home we pulled dover in a jakay by and she pulled her thong off and i went down on her soaking wet cunt still leaking wiv their cum whilst rhe told me how ond had fucked her and the other had licked her bum cldean then waoked in her dmouth.wot a nite.and not a bad curry.