Written by Coop_Griffin

30 Dec 2009

Couldn't believe my luck when I got the text at work. He was asking if I was still up to meet that night.

The wife was away so I'd taken the opportunity to get something arranged at the last minute and finally it was happening.

I was to call when I got home from work as he wasn't very far away and I could hardly stop myself from texting him. I showered and shaved and made sure I had trimmed as appropriate.

I couldn't wait any longer so I texted him to say I would be waiting and asked whether it was worth getting dressed after the shower. When he finally arrived at the door I had only a loose pair of black trousers and a robe on. He was a bit older than me but it was immediately apparent that he spends a lot of time at the gym. He was well toned and muscular.

We chatted briefly with a good porn on the TV and drank a glass of wine. As I started to play with myself watching the porn he disrobed and showed me the largest cock I have ever seen in the flesh.

Not only was he longer than me but thick like my wrist. It took me all of 10 seconds to get on my knees and get my mouth round it. As I closed my mouth around the tip of his cock and started caressing it with my tongue I couldn't get over the sheer size of it. The shaft was at least as big as the helmet and I had to force my mouth wide enough to get round it!

Now in my ad I mentioned that I am sub and truth be told I would love some well endowed guy to just turn up and use me. However, this was certainly going in the right direction to put a smile on my face. I took his hand while giving him head and put it on the back of my head. That was clearly enough of an idicator as he started to force my head lower each time he made thrusting movements. Soon enough he was ramming enough into my mouth to be hitting the back of my throat and would give me just enough time to get my breath back before shoving it in even harder. I took my time to suck on his balls and taste his pre-cum, relishing every moment.

I was loving it. He watched porn while I pleasured him and I did my best to let him fuck me doggy style but alas he was just too big for me to take.

After i don't know how long (but certainly time enough for me to suffer some serious jaw ache) he unloaded into my mouth. A great torrent of cum filled my mouth and I slurped every bit down, loving the taste and just wishing there was more. I licked him clean of every drop (only polite as the host) and he left.

Such a simple evening and I hope we get to meet again. If we do then I'll have to prepare myself well in advance to get that monster in his trousers into somewhere other than my mouth. Either way, what a great night, I hope there are many more to follow.