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A New Adventure

"Encouraging wife to indulge in no strings sex"

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We all have our fantasies, especially when you have been together for a while, it does keep things alive sexually. In my case I am very lucky, my wife June is often very obliging, and between us we have got up to tricks that would mortify our friends.

June likes to dress well, even for shopping at the supermarket, something I always encourage, so we have done all the stuff like short dresses and leaning over freezer displays while wearing stockings.

Sitting in restaurants with her skirt raised displaying stockings and sometimes even panties. I have the photographs to prove it.

Anyway, over the last few years I have suffered from erectile dysfunction, despite the drugs etc. It takes a lot to stimulate me sexually. Now June is brilliant , we still have sex , but not usually penetrative, unless am I lucky.

As a result I feel that June is missing proper sex, she is adamant that she is ok, but on a couple of occasions I have been aware of her masturbating , when she has been unaware of me being around.

I have asked her about having sex with someone we know, or a stranger, not an affair of any sort but just sex, straight and simple. It was only recently that probably to keep me quiet she said dont be silly how on earth would you do that.

Of course that gave me food for thought. I attend a local gym in our seaside town, and one of the instrtuctors who I will call John,I know fairly well, in his thirties, a nice guy , two kids and a very nice wife. He works hard to keep them ok, lots of extra work. So in November we had a coffee and I told him my story. I think at first he thought I was a pervert, but I was honest , I did admit that of course I would find it arousing; but I explained clearly what I was thinking and that of course I would make it worth his while. He has seen June and is aware that she fits the description of a MILF. He didnt agree that day, but the following week, he came over to me in the gym and said Ok your on. We agreed on texts to set things up, he was aware of what I wanted from him and that I would be in the vicinity at the time.

Now I had to set June up, that took a while she was resistant at first to even talking about it, concerned that it would damage our relationship and that she didnt want sex with another man. I think I sold it to her on the basis that I felt so guilty about not being able to fulfil her that it was making things worse for me. So there we had it .

It wasnt my intention to just drop it on her ; I thought I needed to put her in the right frame of mind.

It was about 10 days later that I suggested we have what we call a day out, she knows that means we would end up playing with our sex toys and as usual she dressed herself attractively. Pale pink sweater and fitted shortish black skirt , bright pink opaque stockings and ankle boots, also on this occasion I put out her pink bra and sheer pink panties along with a pink and black pull on suspender belt, she did show some surprise, but put them on , finished off with her beige teddy bear thigh length winter coat, she did her make up and off we went.

We had a nice afternoon, and ended up in a pub in our town which we like, now usually I go and collect the car and come back to pick June up, as she doesnt like walking to far in heels.

So she was used to that, I said I would message her when I was nearby.

As I walked along the promenade I messaged John . I had told him that June would be in our car which I had described and that I would be very close by watching. The car would be in a very discreet part of the car park.

Now I was in full swing , I rang June and said it would be a fantastic christmas present, if she would go the loo before leaving the pub, take her skirt off and put it in her shopping bag, now she has done this before so I was optimistic, recalling her walking along the high street one evening several months ago. Actually this time all I got was a we will see about that. I did throw in that she might have a surprise in store, but gave her no indication of what that might be.

Around 10 minutes later , I parked our car as planned, in a corner or the leisure centre park, where deliveries are taken, quite hidden really. Then a quick walk back to the pub, taking up a position where June wouldnt see me as she emerged. A quick message to her inside, then I waited.

It was probably a good ten minutes before she emerged. I could see straight away that she had done what I asked, the coat barely covering her stocking tops, just imagining her walking through the pub like that gave me an erection, another message was needed now telling her that the usual parking place was full and that she should walk to the leisure centre goods entrance, it was around 100 yards along the main street. She told me later that walking along the high street , as exposed as she was was quite arousing, and she felt very vulnerable. As I followed her some distance behind, I could well imagine that, her coat flicking as she walked showing her stocking tops and even suspender straps, thinking of her little pink panties only just hidden away was extremely erotic.

She followed my instructions and found the car, her remote key opening he door. I watched her get in and then messaged John. Then I messaged June, telling her I was watching her and that she would be joined by someone in a few minutes.

The the unexpected happened her door flew open and she got out, looking around the car park area. I thought I had pushed things too far , that was when John arrived, clearly he expected june to be in the car and aware, I had clearly miscalculated , I was about to walk over, when they both got back in the car but in the back, doors closed.

I was confused, but moved closer so that I could see fairly easily into the car; June was lying on her back, with her knees raised john was delicately sliding her panties down her legs, I watched as he slipped them over her ankle boots and off. June was still clothed her coat undone , sweater pulled up and her boobs seemed to have been scooped up and out of her bra cups. As I gazed on, John moved junes legs apart , one boot on a front seat headrest the other on the back seat parcel shelf . I could imagine that her pussy lips must have been open and waiting. John kept his word, as I saw him put a condom on, before he guided his cock into Junes open pussy lips.

June responded immediately, her body arching as she pushed herself onto johns shaft. She was clearly totally immersed in the act, even through the car windows I could hear her whimpers and moans getting louder, until she let out a muffled cry, obviously having a massive orgasm.

I have to say I almost came in my pants, witnessing this spectacle. John didnt immediately leave , he seemed very attentive to June, stroking her between her legs and sucking her boobs in between kissing. It must have been fifteen minutes before the door opened and he left.

I quickly went over to our car and got in the drivers seat. June was still in the back seat lying sideways, her boobs still sticking out over her bra, her pussy lips noticeably swollen.

Her first comment was to call me a bastard for setting her up, and asking me if I was satisfied now another mans cock had been inside her.

What did surprise me a more than a little, was her question as to whether this was going to be a regular activity

Written by snowbirds

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