Written by Huety84

11 Jan 2008

I found myself at the bar chatting up the latest barmaid, it was only a small club and she ran the bar on her own. I was married but had some reasonable success with girls getting my end away now and again. I knew she was married, the best, no problems, all I wanted was to get her knickers down with no complications.

The rest of the bunch were busy discussing club business, her name was jackie, sort of smallish in her mid twenties dark curly shoulder length hair and deep beautiful brown eyes.

Over the bar she popped a pair of pointy tits, nipples plainly visible through a silky blouse. I\\\'d flicked a peanut down her front as she leaned forward with a beer. I apologised and bought her a drink which she drank rather than like a few bar staff that pocket the cash, it was one of quite a number that night. I was later as it got quieter invited to retrieve the peanut discovering an erect nipple protruding over the top of a very low cut bra.

One thing led to another and I soon had a nipple between my fingers rolling and tugging it. I asked Jackie what her husband would say, she told me he\\\'d chosen and bought her underwear for her and liked her to be attractive to men.

I\\\'d had barmaids flirt with me before and decided as it got late to come straight out with it, I asked if I could fuck her when she\\\'d locked up.

I didn\\\'t expect anything but was bowled over by her answer, \\\'I\\\'ll have to ask my husband\\\'.

The next time she was on a fortnight had passed. I bought her a lot of shorts hoping for a result. Later I asked her if she\\\'d told her husband, really thinking it was a wind-up. Jackie just said her husband didn\\\'t mind, she\\\'d see me round the back after she\\\'d locked up. I\\\'d never known any guy that would happily let his young wife be shagged by any other bloke.

Jackie appeared at my car door I let her into the back seat and with fingers already in her knicks followed her onto the back seat.

I unbuttoned Jackies blouse to reveal a fine pair of tits, firm and white with long brown nipples down went her skirt and fair play her undies were very sexy, stockings and suspenders with little knicks and bra.

I had no time for foreplay it was late and I had to be home before the little wife got suspicious. Knicks down round her ankle and my prick went in deep. I fucked her hard and fast cumming heavily up her, she didn\\\'t care pulled her knicks up put her skirt and blouse back on and left saying see you next time.

I filled her little hole with spunk regularly for about a year after that.

Jackie told her husband all about it each time and he always added his cum to mine already in her.