Written by mayfairgirl

4 Feb 2008

I thought I would write about a wonderful new experience I had on saturday. My hubby & I have got far more adventurous with our sex lives over the past year. He recently had it off with my best friend & we have shared our erotic fantasies more. Anyway on saturday we decided to go out for the day to see what might happen if we went looking for some sexy fun. I really want to do it with another woman, but things turned out very different. We ended up going to Great Yarmouth & we parked our car & went for a walk along the front. Anyway it was bloody freezing & although I had put on some sexy clothes & decided not to wear a bra, it was difficult to flaunt anything + there wasn\'t that many people around. Because of the cold we went into the winter gardens where there is a cafe. We sat down in the corner with our cups of coffee & it gave me a chance to take off my coat. Well my hubby was soon leaning across the table fondling my boobs through my blouse. After a few minutes he undone my buttons so he could get his hand inside. It was then that he noticed that the lad who was clearing the tables was watching us from behind the counter. My hubby told me I had an admirer but that I shouldn\'t look. The fact that this lad of about 18/19 was watching him fondle my tits was turning my hubby on big time. I turned a little bit in the hope that this lad might get a glimpse of my tits & when my husband lifted my blouse up I knew if the lad was still watching that he would be able to see my left breast. When my hubby told me he was still watching I felt so excited I couldn\'t help but turn & look at him & gave him a big smile. He obviously took that as a sign to come over & as he approached he asked if we needed anything else. My blouse was completely undone & I knew he could see both my tits. I looked around & made sure there was no-one else around & said \"Would you like a feel?\" My hubby looked genuinely shocked at my reaction, but after all he fucked my friend, so why shouldn\'t I have some fun. Anyway the lad whose name is Steve sat down on the chair next to me & put both his hands on my tits. I am 44 so to have a young guy like this interested in me felt amazing. My hubby pulled his chair round, so he could get his hand up my skirt and I thought I was about to be in ecstacy however just then a voice said \"Is anyone serving here?\". Another couple had come in & wanted tea. When Steve had served them my hubby went & told him to come back when they had gone. I was so excited when Steve returned to the seat next to me & started rubbing my boobs again. I reached down & felt his crotch & was rewarded with a handful of nice hard cock. My hubby was fingering me now through my panties & I was getting wet & wetter. I undone Steves fly & pulled his cock out. It was lovely & thick with a nice shiny head. It is the only other cock I have seen or touched apart from my hubby. I started to wank him off as he reached down & started to rub my pussy. My hubby meanwhile was trying to join in, but was also busy keeping an eye on the cafe area. As I wanked Steve off he moaned like anything as his fingers slipped into my wet warm pussy. I then felt my hubby grab my right hand & he wrapped it around his cock. So there I was 3.30pm in a cafe in Great Yarmouth with a cock in each hand. Steve then said he was going to cum, so I wanked him a bit harder & was rewarded with his spunk flying all over my tits & stomach. My hubby loved this & he reached across & rubbed Steve\'s spunk into my body. Steve with the excitement of ejaculation over quickly remembered where he was & started to panic about what his boss would say if he found out etc. However we calmly told him that we would just be leaving & that no-one would ever know hopefully. I adjusted my clothing, stood up & gave this young man a nice long lingering kiss. As we left he did ask if we lived in the town, but we just said we might be back. Of course my hubby hadn\'t been given the chance to cum himself, & I made him wait until we got home before the fun started again. We went straight to bed & had a lovely sex session with me still able to feel the warmth of Steve\'s hands on my tits & the lovely feel of his cock in my hand. I renamed my vibrator Steve & whilst my hubby fucked me, I sucked my vibro imagining it was Steve\'s cock. Perhaps we\'ll go back to Yarmouth this Saturday??