Written by figaro5

18 Oct 2007

After 20 years married, things had tailed off a bit between us and we both 'strayed'. We recently rekindled our relationship and agreed if we wanted that bit of extra spice we would do it together and as part of that we admitted to our extra curricular activities, but agreed to not to name names, just exchange tales of our experiences: M went first:

M is a sexy 43 yr old with a taut slim size 10 figure , pert breasts and a peachy bum you just want to grab. She likes to keep her bush well trimmed but not bare. She is a keen salsa dancer and would often go off to clubs with mates, while I babysat our youngest. At one of these clubs, she met a guy in his erly 40's and divorced. They got on and cutting a long story short he found himself giving her a lift home in the early hours; the talk getting onto sex (she always feels horny after dancin!) and how at the time she wasn't getting much. He offered to sort that and much to her suprise she agreed to pull into a layby (for years she had disapproved of car sex!). After a few minutes of snogging and squeezing she said she couldnt wait, but he said having danced with her so often he wanted to admire her naked body, particularly as the fullmoon cast a pale glow over the car interior. She wiggled her skirt down to her ankles while he lay the front seat back and undid her blouse, exposing her trim body in just her matching white lace 'Love Kylie' underwear. For several minutes he just ran his hand gently over her skin, whilst she revelled in a 'strangers touch'. Sensing her increasing breathing he edged her bra upward and cupped each breast in turn and pinched her now rock hard nipples. leaning over he gently sucked on them and ran his hand down over the front of her knickers and slowly slid his hand under the hem exposing the first wisps of her pubic hair.With her hips rising to meet him he slipped his palm over her outer lips and gradually worked his middle finger into her now very wet pussy and spreading the juices all around. She aked him if he wanted a better view and adjusted her position to rest one foot on the dash and the other on his shoulders, exposing her nether region to full moonlit view. She recalled in detail how deliciously exposed she felt and the thrill when he used his thumbs to spread her wide open and gaze deep in her damp hole and gently teased her clit out from its hiding place to gently rub it. 'I want you to finger me' she asked, so he slowly inserted two fingers and worked them slowly back and forward - she recalls seeing them glisten with her juice. M has a sensitive G spot and with his fingers just 3/4 in was able to bring her to a swift noisy climax, but she wanted more! M loves a bit of light anal play, so repositioning her legs, got him to rub some of her pussy juice onto her opening so he could massage her anus. All the time she was rubbing her clit and as she built up to another intense orgasm he worked it deeper in until at her moment of climax he thrust his finger deep into her rectum as far as it would go!

Well after that she felt obliged to reciprocate, but he was so turned on she had barely got his cock out before he had come on her hands. They tidied up and he dropped her home.I recall her spending time in the bathroom but never suspected her moonlit delights. M did eventually reciprocate - but that for another time! It was to be another 15 months before we 'confessed'to each other...