Written by gibbonej

19 Aug 2009

Its a while since I posted a story on here, but after a busy few weeks, I thought I would share one of the sexy encounters I got involved in.

I travel on the train into Manchester every day, and as most commuters know, we are creatures of habit and usually get on the same carriage and see the same faces each morning and evening.

Well, over thelast few weeks, a new face has appeared in my normal carriage, a very pretty face witha gorgeous body attached. After a few mornings of no interaction at all, eye contact was made and over a few days things developed from a smile, to a \"Good Morning\" and eventually full blown chatting and an exchange of mobile numbers.

One mornig, I found out that Sarah had recently split from her boyfriend - being only 23, I told her she would find it easy to get someone else because of her looks and figure. She told me she was shy and found it hard talking to people. At 40, I thought I had no chance, but she told me she felt comfortable talkig to me and \'liked\' me - I wasnt sure what she meant bythis, but being aman, I thought I would test it out.

One nigt, I text her asking how she was etc and whether she was busy - the reply came back straight away saying she was alone and bored - to cut a long story short, we exchanged loads of texts, with them becoming ery risky and explicit towards the end of the eveing. As a parting text, she said she couldnt wait for the train journey the following morning.

At te station, I waited until Isaw er walking alog the platform, nothing unusual about her - her normal smile and classy look. She said hello a bit sheepishly, but talked as normal.

When we got on the train, which is always busy at 7.30, she was standing close to me and I could feel the back of her hand rubbing against my crotch. I wasnt sure at first whether this was deliberate or whether it was because of how busy it was. That was until she said \"Do you like that?\"

I was gobsmacked and my smile gave my thoughts away. Knowing this, she turned her hand around and started to to rub it properly, feeling it grow for her with every rub. Shel leaned into me and whispered \"I have something for you\", \"what is it?\" I asked.

She asked me to giver her my hand and and facing me, she guided my hand down to the front of her skirt, to the hem line. \"Stroke my leg\" she said, which I duly obliged. \"higher\" was her next comment. Being aware of other people around us, I made sure nobody could see and moved my hand up. As it got higher, I could feel the heat on my hand until eventually, I felt her bare pussy!! \"Oh fuck\" I said, I had a yound, shaven pussy onthe end of my finger and my cock grew to the max. I pulled her towards me with my other hand to hide my excitement.

\"I felt a bit daring today, so it definitely no knickers for me\" she said. \"Do you know what that makes me want to do to you\" I asked - her response was simple \"I hope so!\"

We arrived in Manchester and both of us knew we were as horny as hell - the look on our faces was the same, straight to wrok or some quick unrivalled passion?

Passion won!

Those of you who know Piccadilly station will know that the Metro is on the ground floor at street level. With work going on the platform is shut, so a quick tug on a door allowed us access to an area that was blocked off.

Once in, our tongues met and my hands moved straight on her arse, pulling her skirt up to her waist exposing her pussy. I crouched down, placed one of her legs on my shoulder and started to lick and finger her pussy. I could feel her whole weight each time her leg buckled under the pleasure.

Not to be out done, she moved her leg, crouched down withher legs apart and said \"My tunrn\" pulling at the zip of my trousers. She sucked my cock with expert technique, almost making me cum, which is unusual for me from oral.

With the feeling so intense, I pulled her up, leaned her forward onto the haording, pushed her skirt up and enetered her from behind, grabbing her hips and alternating between hard and fast strokes, to slow ones, just about taking my cock out before sliding in. It wasnt long before we both came, me deep inside her. Her love of sex was evident by her crouching again to clean my cock before kissing me hard on the lips and pushing her tongue in my mouth.

We straightened up and heading for our offices.

That was two weeks ago - since the, although we have not done anything on the way to or from work, we have visited each others houses and had fantastic sex. We have also talked about how adventurous we both are - hence there are some good plans in the pipeline, for the open air, car, pubs etc - it seems we are bth risky people!!!