Written by worcestercouple

27 Oct 2007

My wife and I have been occasional soft swingers for about two and a half years, this is the story of one of our best experiences.

We're Terry and Louise, we're in our late thirties and have been interested in swinging for a long time, our first swinging experience (a threesome with a friend of mine (MMF) took place about twenty years ago, although we waited 18 years for the next one!

We had been to Casablanca, a club in Bromsgrove that has since been demolished, once before and compared to Xtasia, the other club we had visited it was very quiet, however as it was a lot closer to home we decided to give it one more try. We arrived about 9pm and it was still very quiet but I noticed almost at once an attractive blond and her partner, she was wearing a skirt and a tight white top with no bra, I could clearly see she had both nipples pierced, her breasts were medium to large but firm, her partner was tall, lean and smartly dressed. We were too shy to go and talk to them, for one thing they appeared about 10 years younger than us! So we sat and drank a little nervously, our biggest problem is always breaking the ice.

A common activity at clubs we have been to is the darkened dance floor "group grope", where the dance floor is curtained of and the lights are turned very low or even completely off so that couples can play with each other. We like to get up there and dance slowly, with me slowly exposing Louise to the other dancers. We usually start off facing each other, I let my hands roam over her, maybe teasing out a nipple to briefly suck, or lifting her dress to show of her lovely bottom, she has a gorgeous arse if I do say so myself. Then I might turn her around and show her tits, kneading them and flicking her nipples with my thumbs. She has her left nipple pierced and usually wears a simple barbell, although on this particular night she was wearing a small nipple shield. While I'm doing this to her she will often take out my cock and balls, which I keep shaved smooth, and slowly wank me, occasionally bending down to suck the head of my cock into her mouth.

We were dancing like this when I noticed the couple I had seen earlier enter the curtained off dance floor and start a slow dance of their own some way away from us, I watched them for a little while, I remember one point where she was stood leaning against the wall with her breasts exposed, her hands toying with them whilst her partner knelt in front of her with his head buried in her crotch licking her pussy, they looked great. We watched them for a bit and then moved next to them, I had Louise’s breasts out of the top of her dress, she always wears “easy access” clothing when we go to a club, she then bent down and started sucking my cock, I pulled her dress over her arse which was right next to the couple, I could see them looking at it and watching me caress it, slowly sliding my fingers along the crease of Louise’s buttocks, past her anus and into the beautiful soft wetness of her pussy, also kept shaved, although not completely. We did this for a couple of minutes but they made no move to take the obvious offer of touching Louise’s bum. Then they copied our move exactly, Louise lifted her head from my cock and we danced slowly facing each other, we looked at each other for confirmation and then each of us put a hand gently on the blondes arse, a slight tremble ran through her and she lifted her bum higher to give us easier access, while Louise continued to play with her arse I moved my hand along the girl’s side and cupped one of her breasts, it felt great, lovely soft skin, the pierced nipple standing proud and that gorgeous weight and firmness. Then she lifted her head from her man’s cock, a nice big tool it was too, and stood facing Louise, the girls then started exploring each others bodies, this is one of my favourite positions on the dance floor, the girls face to face, caressing each other, while the guys stand to either side. I slid my hands down the women’s bodies so that I had one on each girls bum, I slid my fingers between their legs to find that both of their pussies were soaking wet, it wasn’t long before I was joined by the fingers of the other guy.

We danced like this for some time and then the blond squatted in front of Louise and started to lick her pussy, this was the first time she had had a woman go down on her, she looked like she was enjoying it, us guys occupied ourselves by supporting Louise and playing with her tits. I remember thinking this was the best group activity we had ever had, but it got a lot better before the end of the night!

When the blond stood back up Louise squatted in front of her and buried her tongue in the girls pussy, I said “She’s never done this before”, in truth I was amazed, I new she didn’t like the taste of her own pussy, from the blonde’s reaction she obviously had the touch. Then alas the lights came up and the curtains were pulled back.

We left the dance floor and joined the couple we had just been playing with on a sofa by the bar. After feeling her tits, fingering her pussy, watching her suck cock, eat my wife out and be eaten out in return we finally introduced ourselves, they were Val and Don from Nottingham. It transpired that Val was the driving force behind their visit to the club and that this was their second visit, Val wanted to explore her bi side and Louise’s pussy was her first chance. We also established that we had the same limits and rules on our swinging, i.e. no more than oral, no ultimate.

After talking for about half an hour we moved to the play room, this was a long room with a small TV playing porn videos, sofas along the walls and a harness hanging from the ceiling in one corner, this was something that we had seen last time and had decided we wanted to test drive this visit. Val and Don sat on a sofa and we tried to work out how to get Louise into the harness, luckily there was a couple in the sofa closest to the harness, the guy was naked and came over to give us a hand getting her in, Louise couldn’t take her eyes of his cock, which although not erect was about seven inches long.

Once Louise was in and comfortable I squatted in front of her and started eating her pussy, she keeps it shaved apart from her mound which is trimmed nice and short. She has lovely big inner lips and I love to take them in my mouth and slightly suck on them whilst flicking them with my tongue. After eating her out for a while I stood in front of her and looking at Val and Don, making sure they had a good view I slowly slid my cock into her pussy. Louise called them over to join us which they quickly did, so with Val on one side and Don on the other playing with her tits I fucked my wife and watched her play with Val’s tits and Don’s cock.

After a while Louise got out of the harness and told Val it was her turn. Val get in quickly and Don gave her his cock to suck, Louise knelt on all fours between Val’s legs and started exploring her pussy while I slowly fucked her from behind.

The couple on the sofa sat back and enjoyed the show!

Then Louise crawled underneath the harness so that I could play with Val’s pussy, I got a good look at it for the first time, it was shaved in the same style as Louise’s and was equally as wet, but neither her pussy lips nor clit were as big as Louise’s, even so it tasted just fine. As I knelt between Val’s legs fingering her pussy and fucking my wife who knelt beneath her I looked at Don and realised that Val was no longer sucking his cock, he had moved around slightly and was playing with her tits, underneath Val Louise had his cock in her mouth, this realisation nearly made me come for I love to watch my wife suck cock. I lowered my head to Val’s pussy and ate her out, thrusting my tongue deep into her cunt sucking her lips and flicking her clit with my tongue, Val came for the first time but not the last.

We fucked in this position for a while and then Don said he needed to fuck his wife, so we spun Val around and watched as he slid his cock deep into her pussy. Louise was flicking Val’s clit with her right hand and massaging one of her tits with her left, I was playing with the other and squeezing Louise’s arse. Val grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her mouth, she licked up and down the shaft making me shudder with anticipation and then slid her lips over the head, I stood there with my cock in Val’s mouth while Louise watched, it was awesome. Don fucked Val slowly while Louise worked her hand around his cock and Val’s pussy. After fucking like this for ten minutes or so Don stopped, he said needed a break or he would cum. Louise and I retired to a sofa while Val and Don went to the Bar for a cigarette.

I sat on the sofa with Louise kneeling on the floor between my legs licking my cock and balls for the benefit of anyone who wanted to watch, after a short while Val came back and sat on the next sofa, she watched Louise sucking my cock for a minute or two and then asked if she could join us, we were delighted to say “yes”.

Val took off her top, once more exposing her gorgeous breasts, I thought I was about to have one of my all time fantasies fulfilled, that of having my cock sucked by two women at once, but alas she went straight for Louise’s pussy, not that Louise complained!

Louise asked Val to lie back on the pile of cushions on the floor in the centre of the room, she then knelt beside Val and started caressing her, playing with her tits and then moving to her pussy, at this point Don came back in, to see his wife on her back with Louise kneeling over her eating her pussy, he moved to her right and offered Val his cock which she started licking, I watched her working on his cock for a while and then moved to her other side and offered her mine, she took it in her right hand and pulled me to her mouth. Val lay on her back sucking first Don’s cock and then mine, Don was caressing Louise’s arse and then worked his fingers into her soaking pussy finally he manoeuvred her into a position where he could eat her out. I knelt at Val’s head and played with her tits while she alternated between cocks. We stayed in this position for some time; I loved the site of my wife’s head buried between Val’s legs.

Eventually Louise declared she needed cock, she got me to lie on my back and sat astride me, forcing herself down on my cock with some force, she called Don around to the side, while he stood there she started playing with his cock. I lay back and watched her caressing his cock and balls, then placing little kisses on them before finally licking along his balls, then up his long thick shaft and finally taking him into her mouth, Val watched mesmerised. I lay back and watched Louise working toward her orgasm, she loves cock, (she has since taken a liking to two or even three guys at once, but that’s another story). A red flush started to spread out from her chest, over her tits and up her neck, all the time she was sucking Don’s cock and riding mine at an ever increasing pace, I saw Don nearly cum, he withdrew from her mouth and squeezed his cock for a short while to gain control, as soon as he was ready Louise had him back in her mouth. She finally came in a big shuddering orgasm. While Louise was riding me and sucking Don’s cock Val knelt to one side playing with her tits, I had my fingers in her pussy, at least partially fisting her whilst flicking her clit with my thumb.

Once Louise had come Val started kissing her face and tits and playing with her nipples and Don’s cock, I pulled Val towards me and asked her to sit on my face, she climbed on and I started thrusting my tongue into her pussy while she and Louise caressed each other and played with Don’s cock.

We played for some time on the floor, in variations of the positions described above, I remember looking around and seeing that the club had emptied, it was 2 in the morning! We decided we had better finish for the night, Louise sat on a sofa and Val knelt between her legs again playing with her pussy. I knelt beside Louise and started wanking over her while she licked my cock and balls, Don fucked Val hard from behind and came fairly quickly deep in her pussy, when he saw me watching him cum he pulled his cock out and shot the last of his load onto Val’s arse, I grabbed one of Val’s tits and started wanking myself hard into Louise’s face, Val saw that I was close and raised herself up closer so that I could get a better hold on her tit. I came in a blindingly glorious orgasm that shot cum high in the air, over Louise’s head and onto the curtains behind her, the next two or three pulses went on her face and tits, my orgasm never seemed to end. Finally I relaxed and looked at Louise smiling, Val bent her head to Louise’s tits and licked a little of my cum off them. She then collapsed on the floor and demanded someone else fuck her, alas we were all too knackered, we declared her a nympho, got dressed and went to the bar.