Written by Chrissie

30 Nov 2009

My wife Lynn couldnt resist accepting David's offer to take her out on a date but agreed with me to keep in touch during the evening to let me know that everything was going ok and of course keep me informed if anything interesting happened!

She dressed quite conservatively in a dark trouser suit, black and white tight fitting top, matching silky black bra and panties, and ankle boots. She is a size 10 and looked very sexy as I dropped her at the station to catch her train for which she had made me buy the ticket.

David met her at the other end and whisked her away to the concert. Lyn told me that they felt as though they were already good friends after all their text messaging, and she felt very at ease with him. Enough so that she allowed him to have his hand on her thigh during the concert and at one stage letting it slip between her legs.

At the end of the concert he took her hand and led her outside where she phoned me from her mobile telling me what a wonderful time she was having, then told me David had started kissing her as she was talking to me. Well she rang off shortly after that and it turned out that they began to kiss passionately, his hands over Lyn's body and under her top, kissing openly in front of everyone who was leaving the concert and not caring who saw them.