Written by Jumpin_johnny

30 Jun 2009

After reading several stories I thought that I would post a real life account of an encounter I had with a married female colleague last year.

Last year one of my colleagues turned 50 so we duly decided to have a night out in a another town by the sea. We all packed up early and ran out the door. As we got to the station I found that I was booked on the train next to a senior manager whom I had worked for in the past. We didn't get on well but not to badly we spent the next our idly chatting about nothing and drinking cheap beer. Carol spent a lot of time talking about her husband and kids which can be quite tedious. I spent the journey thinking you are attractive in an odd way, she has long wavy hair tied up almost always, very pale skin, 34b breast, brown eyes is about 5'6 and 36. I couldn't place what it was as her being a senior manager I would have avoided her like the plague.

Anyway between arriving and leaving there was some playing on the beach, fish and chips and lots of drinking. we then walked back to the station and got sat on the train this time I was at a table of 4 with Carol next to me and 2 other colleagues. As we went along stories turned to sex. Carol commented that she had only ever had sex with her Husband and nobody else. This comment was brushed off and the other lady started telling us about her many conquests. After about 20 mins I felt a hand on my thigh under the table stroking up my leg only very subtly. It continued as we went through the train and i began to feel a hardening in my trousers. I looked over to make eye contact with Carol she looked away and became flustered her hand shooting off my leg. Just as Carol plucked up the bravery to stroke my now rock hard cock we arrived into our station much to my frustration. Everyone got off and said their goodbye but 3 of us who went on into town. I didn't see Carol and thought she had left to embarrassed and decided due to her position it was best to forget the stroking.

After a only few more drinks and one of the guys falling asleep in a bar it became obvious it was time to go home! As I walked for a taxi I noticed Carol stood at the rank. She smiled and asked if I had enjoyed the train ride home. I told her that I had found it very arousing and would she like to go for a walk down by the river. Carol and I walked on a secluded spot behind the main shops where a bench, which is well known for outdoor sex, is secluded and hidden away. AS we sat down we began gentle kissing exploring each others mouths, Carol had the taste of mint in hers, and again I felt a hand on my hardening cock. Carol gently stroked my cock through my jeans to its full hardness. I pulled Carol over and got her to straddle me with only one thing in mind. She straddled me and ground into my crotch. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs and started to push my hands up her skirt to get her thong out of the way. Carol leaned in and whispered "we are not fucking on a bench you'll have to wait." I responded by moving my hand quickly from her skirt to her blouse which fell open.

Carol may have small 34b breasts but her nipples are site to behold. Large thick, long brown nipples standing out from her breasts. My mouth was immediately drawn to them as i pulled the left one with my teeth. Carol responded with a groan, I followed suit by biting the right. Again she groaned and ground harder into my crotch. By this point both of us where panting and Carol ground into me harder than ever and leant back letting out a long deep guttural moan of pleasure. and collapsed onto me. As I heard and felt her hot breath on my neck she whispered "my husband has never made me orgasm by never touch my clit that was fantastic". I'll be honest at this point I felt pretty proud with myself, it was first for me. Carol climbed off onto the seat next me and sat back panting for several minutes.

As Carol recovered she looked over at me and began to undo my fly my straining cock lept from my boxers with its head gleaming with pre cum. Carol wrapped her soft well manicured fingers around my shaft and gave it a few soft strokes. This was enough to have me moaning and panting again. Carol looked into my eyes and said " you did something my husband never does ill do something I never do." She lowered her head and before I could say anything I felt her warm lips on my head then sliding down over my shaft. The feeling flowing through my body was one of warmth as her mouth slid up and down my cock. After only a few minutes I began to tense up and Carol picked up the pace. My body shook and juddered as I emptied my cum into her mouth letting out a low moan as I did. Carol swallowed as much as possible and pulled away. This caused a chain reaction of a spurt hitting her face just as she pulled off and one hitting her tits seconds later. As she sat up I could see the glorious view of a senior manager with her face and tits covered in my cum, a perfect mobile phone photo op. Carol simply smiled as I took the pictures and then wiped her lovely exposed tits and face. After a little while longer kissing we both agreed it was home time and walked back to the rank.

As i rode home in my taxi i got a message saying the following:

1. That was fantastic thank you.

2. Never tell anyone.

3. That will never happen again I don't do that.

4. I mean the blow job and facial that is!

Ever since then Carol and I have kept in regular text contact and had a few other adventures. If you like this story let me know and i'll post more.