Written by Vanessa

24 May 2012

All has not been well between me and my husband as far as sex is concerned for well over a year. I'm as keen as ever, in my opinion, at forty I'm much to young to stop having sex. He's fifty one and just lost interest in sex, football and cricket seemed to be of more interest to him. I'd always had quite a high sex drive and he'd satisfied me at first, but after about 5 years found I could only orgasm if I imagined someone else was fucking me. I tried to spice things up and put a bit of spark into things in the bedroom, to no avail. I was reduced to masturbating or using sextoys to get some sexual release. I watched internet porn if he was out, or jealously read stories in sites like SH. In my quest to interest him I'd bought quite a lot of sexy lingerie, rather than let it go to waste, I started wearing it to work. Wearing a half cup bra, skimpy little panties, sometimes stockings and suspenders under my work clothes made me feel better about myself. If I saw a guy I fancied I would imagine him undressing me and discovering my expensive, sexy lingerie.

I work in a Local Authority call centre, dealing with residents, queries and problems etc. Most are pleasant, some are angry others are rude and abusive, a small minority fortunately, but it always upsets me. It was on a Friday about six weeks ago, things had got off to a bad start before I even left for work, an argument with my husband over something petty. I'd had a fairly routine day until about three in the afternoon when I had a call from the resident from hell. Ranting about something being generally unpleasant. I was still a bit shaken when I took the next call, answering it with the name of the council “Your speaking to Vanessa” a relief to get a call from a guy wanting information, polite and friendly. My voice must have given away that I was upset and he asked if I was OK, I assured him I was, commenting it was nice to speak to someone who wasn't shouting after the previous call. He sympathised, joked about a couple of things, making me laugh. I found the information he wanted, thanked him for his call, he said he hoped I didn't get any more nasty calls, finishing by saying “If you want cheering up, meet me for a drink after work. I'll be at the end of the bar” naming a bar in the city centre. I laughed not saying yes or no, remembering that the calls are recorded. It wasn't the first time I'd been asked or someone had flirted, always dismissing them or treating it as a joke.

I didn't have time to give it much thought until I finished for the day. I put my coat on, went outside and stopped, turn right for the train station and home, left to the city centre. I turned right, walking slowly, thinking about my miserable husband and the guy. Just going to have a look would do no harm, curious to see who he was and what he looked like. He probably didn't mean it, wouldn't be there, but if he was a drink would be nice. I turned around, sending a text to my hubby as I walked towards the bar, telling him I was going for a drink with a friend, not especially unusual on a Friday.

I reached the bar, walking up and down trying to see in. It was quite busy and each time I moved to see both ends of the bar someone got in the way. I must have been outside about five minutes, behaving like a teenager on a first date, undecided whether to go in.

Most of the people I could see were younger, in their twenties, but in the end I went in, made my way to one end of the bar, a couple standing there. I squeezed my way passed other customers, towards the other end. I'm only 5' 3” so I had to go on tip toe trying to see. I finally got to the other end, and through a gap from about ten feet could see, in the corner, a guy alone, about six foot tall, short styled hair, casually dressed, aged about twenty five. “I wish”, I thought to myself, turning to leave. I hadn't turned completely when someone called “Vanessa?” I looked back, the guy in the corner smiling at me. I smiled back, I knew his name “James?” I put my hand out to shake his hand, “I didn't think you'd be here” I told him as we shook. He bought me a drink I squeezed in next to him, chatting about this and that, he made me laugh, happy and relaxed, something that hadn't happened much recently.

He bought me another drink, I don't know where the time went but I noticed the time, finishing my drink telling I had to catch my train. I didn't really want to leave, a pleasant couple of hours, he didn't spend the whole time staring at my 32F tits which a lot of men do. He appeared to have enjoyed my company, after all he'd spoken to me first, despite seeing how old I am. He walked with me to the station, and invited me to dinner the next night. “I'm married. I shouldn't” I told him. “I know, but you came to meet me didn't you” he replied, glancing at my ring finger. I desperately wanted to meet him again, but knew it was wrong. I could have walked away, and probably would have but I remembered that my husband was going away to watch his team play in the north of England, he'd be 200 miles away. A Sunday kick off, travelling with some mates on the Saturday afternoon, what harm could there be in accepting. I arranged to meet him in the same bar, giving him a peck on the cheek, as my train arrived.

That night while my husband slept next to me I lay awake, thinking about James, touching myself, then masturbating to orgasm before I slept. I nice satisfying fantasy no more. My husband was picked up about four in the afternoon and I went to start getting ready. A long hot shower, washed my hair, I'd kept my pussy shaved for years, at first to please my husband and still did it because I prefer it smooth. I sat drying and straightening my hair, I'm told that I look younger than my age and think I scrub up quite well. I spent ages applying my make up, pleased with the results as I stood in front of the mirror. I haven't had children which has helped keep my stomach flat and despite their size my breasts pert, firm and round. I dressed, black balcony bra, the cups supporting my tits, but leaving my nipples partly uncovered. Matching panties and suspenders, black seamed stockings, a shortish red dress, about 5 inches above the knee, with a plunging neckline, showing my substantial cleavage. A pair of black patent court shoes with a 4 inch heel and I was ready.

Wearing a short jacket over the top I caught the train into the city centre, as arranged he was in the bar waiting for me. I kissed him on the cheek again, his hand rested on my bum as we found a table. One drink then off to the restaurant where we had drinks while we waited for a table, then a lovely meal, a bottle of wine between us, the time flying by. I hadn't enjoyed myself so much for ages, relaxed and chatty until I realised the time and said I had to go and catch the last train. He put his hand on mine, lent closer, looking into my eyes. “You can stay the night at my flat, go home in the morning” he waited for my reply. “But I'm married” I reminded him, sounding unconvincing, as if I didn't really think that was a reason, even to myself. “I'll sleep on the sofa, you can have my bed” he told me. I knew that was unlikely to happen if I went with him. I nodded “Sod the train” asking him to get me another drink as much to steady my nerves as anything.

His flat was about half a mile in a new development, I felt a warm glow as we strolled there, his arm around my waist. We entered to foyer, waiting for the lift, he bent and kissed me full on the mouth, I shouldn't have but I responded, putting my arm around his neck, holding him tightly, pressing my body against his. The lift arrived, we hardly broke our clinch as we got in and pressed the button for his floor, kissing more passionately, his cock beginning to stir, hardening against my body. The lift stopped, he had his hand under my jacket and unzipped my dress. I held my dress up as we hurried to his flat and he opened the door. I quickly looked around, a nice lounge, large leather sofa, doors off to kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms, while he put some music on.

I briefly wondered why he had said he'd use the sofa not the spare bedroom, but to aroused to ask. I moved my hands and let my dress fall to the floor, reaching behind my back to undo my bra, releasing my tits. I stood before him, almost naked, I cupped my tits, lifting one flicking the hard nipple with my tongue. He stood unbuttoning his shirt, looking at me as I teased my nipples. He removed his shirt, revealing his toned muscular young torso. He kicked off his shoes and began to undo his jeans. I crouched down, undid the zip and tugged his jeans and boxers over his hips. I'd felt his cock pressing into me, now I wanted to see it, touch it, suck it, feel it inside me.

His cock looked gorgeous, not quite fully erect, seven, seven and a half inches, very thick, heavy balls swinging between his, legs. I took hold of his prick and slowly wanked him, could feel the veins in his cock distending as his prick swelled to full hardness. He had got his jeans and boxers off as I took him in my mouth, tasting the pre cum seeping from the tip as I wrapped my lips around his girth sucking more of his manhood into my mouth. He only let me suck his cock for a minute or two before he pulled me to my feet and carried me to the sofa. He put me down, gripped my panties and almost ripped them off, before, parting my legs and burying his face in my pussy.

He opened my love hole with his thumbs and wiggled his tongue inside, probing and licking and teasing me. He lapped along my slit, tongue flittering on my clitoris, his teeth nibbling my button sucking it between his lips. His tongue arousing me, or the pure excitement of another man pleasuring me after fifteens years of marriage, the combination of both? He brought me almost to climax, had me begging him to fuck me. He pushed two, then three fingers in my pussy, fingering me. He licked and kissed his way over my navel, reached my tits, sucking and gently biting my hard sensitive nipples. I moaned, begging him again to fuck me. His lips brushed my shoulders, neck, then his mouth on mine. I parted my lips, tasting my sex juices as our tongues entwined. I tried to grab his cock, guide it into me, but it was out of reach.

We broke the kiss. “Please. Put it in. Please Fuck me” I gasped. He looked down at me, “ Put what in where?” he teased. “Your cock. I want your cock” I told him. “Do you want it in your cunt or your arse? He asked. “I want your cock in my cunt.” I replied, using the “C” word, a word that would normally embarrass me. It excited me more, and I repeated it, “Fuck my cunt. Fuck me hard and come in my married cunt” relishing the liberation of using such slutty language. He moved on top of me, slipped his fingers from my cunt and at last entered me. He slid his cock in me, my hole stretching to take him. I moaned with pleasure as he penetrated me and began fucking my slippery hole “Fuck you've got a tight cunt” I took it as a complement. Replying it was more likely his gorgeous big cock, much larger than I was used to. He grinned down at me, fucking me deeply, I put my arms around his neck, wrapped my legs over his, trying to get as much of his cock in my cunt as I could. He drove his cock in and out, had me panting, puffing moaning loudly as he fucked me hard.

That and the music playing in the background is probably why I didn't hear the front door opening. I wasn't aware that we were being watched until James spoke. I couldn't see who he'd spoken to, but knew that he could see, James's cock in my cunt, fucking me. I couldn't move, froze. He continued fucking me and told me it was only Gareth, his flatmate. Shocked but to far gone to want him to stop, I started thrusting back to meet his cock. Almost at the point of climax, like earlier with the “C” word, rather than feeling embarrassed being watched, I actually felt hornier. I felt my pussy muscles contract, rippling along his cock “Don't stop. I'm nearly there” I muttered only half aware that James was asking if I minded Gareth joining us and that I'd agreed just as I orgasmed.

James still hadn't cum, and continued moving his cock in me as my first orgasm slowly subsided. Gareth came back into the room, naked stroking his cock and stood by the arm of the chair. His cock looked a bit smaller than James's but lovely and thick as he stood wanking and James fucked me. Almost in a trance I reached for Gareths and held it, and took over wanking it for him. I pulled him closer, intending to suck his cock, but James prevented me. “Wait your turn” he told me, bending forward and taking Gareth's prick in his mouth, sucking him as I held and wanked him. In a night of surprises this was the biggest and with hindsight possibly the horniest thing I'd ever seen.

After the initial shock rather than being disgusted, I was turned on, thrilled by what was happening. When James stopped sucking Gareths cock and offered it to me, I eagerly took it in my mouth sucking a cock and being fucked simultaneously for the first time. I can't describe just how exciting I found behaving in such a debauched way. I'd had a bit to drink, but wasn't so drunk as to be unaware what I was doing, a more than willing participant.

I stopped sucking Gareth's cock, yet again James had almost brought me to orgasm, then stopped. He withdrew his cock from my pussy, turned me over pushing my legs apart. He put his hand on my buttocks, spreading my bum cheeks, touched my anus. “Cunt or arse?” he asked, “Cunt” I replied, though wondering what a cock up my arse would feel like, suspecting, no hoping, I'd find out before I left in the morning.

He entered me again, my cunt looser and well lubricated with my sex honey. He slid his cock in fucking me harder and faster now, sucking Gareth's cock at the same time. I managed to work a hand underneath me, frantically frigging my engorged clitoris, desperate to orgasm and feel him pumping spunk in to my cock hungry cunt. At last he came as he fucked me to orgasm, slamming his cock up me harder and probably deeper than any guy before. I was a writhing cock submissive wreck as I felt his cock pummel my hole, his shaft pulsing in my fuck hole as he ejaculated heavily inside me. He pulled out, spunk running from my gaping pussy, down my thighs, soaking my stockings.

I knew Gareth was going to take me too, I kept still waiting. The same question “Cunt or arse?” I hesitated before replying “Cunt this time. You can have my arse later” Was this me really speaking, offering to let a couple of guys arse fuck me. It was and I wanted them to. He guided his cock to my pussy and pushed it into my spunky hole. He had his hands on my bum as he fucked me, cock sliding silkily in and out. He moved a hand fom my bum and pushed a couple of fingers in my cunt wetting them. He spread my buttocks, wet fingers circling my anus. Dribbling saliva on my bum, he began, pushing a finger in my bum. He slipped one in, spat on my bum, pushing a second finger up my arse. He finger fucked my arse, steadily pumping his cock in and out of my pussy, until I came. The wonderful sensation of taking his fingers in my arse as he fucked me overwhelming, as I slumped on the sofa, taking his spunk.

He pulled out, clamped a hand over my pussy, rolled me onto my back, lifting one of my legs onto the back of the chair, the other foot on the floor, spreading my legs as wide as they’d go. He dived in, licking and sucking the spunk and cunt cream from my pussy. He surfaced and James took over, his tongue probing my spunk drenched cunt. There must have been copious amounts of spunk inside me it took them the best part of 20 minutes and one orgasm, before the were satisfied that my cunt had been cleaned of all the evidence of my recent fucking.

Gareth went to fetch us drinks and James put some Porn on the TV while I used the bathroom. I sat on the sofa between them, watching the porn, playing with their cocks, hoping they'd soon be hard enough to fuck me again. James asked how long it was since I'd last had sex, I told him over a year, that my husband wasn't interested and never fucks me. They wanted to know how I managed as I clearly liked sex. “I masturbate a lot” I laughed bitterly. They wanted to know what I did, I started to describe how I wanked. “Show us, Don't just tell us” one said.

I started, nervously, feeling tense, mainly because of my husband, who'd come home unexpectedly, walked in on me and caught me masturbating a few months earlier and the humiliation I felt when he told me I was behaving like a Slut. I wish I'd had the wit to to shout at him it was because he never fucked me, before he walked out the door. If only you could see me now I thought exultantly, spreading my legs wide, fingering myself as my two young studs watched. One hand between my legs, the other lifting a breast to my mouth, licking and sucking the nipple I lay back, eyes shut, contentedly masturbating. I remembered the pleasurable feeling of Gareth’s fingers in my bum, released my breast, both hands between my legs, continuing to masturbate, while I slide a finger in my bum. One of them got up returned and handed me something cool, long and thick. I had a quick look before inserting the cucumber in my cunt and fucking myself with it, still teasing my bum. My breathing became gasps, I heard noises, in front of me, Gareth, sucking James cock, wanking his own, both erect, ready for me I hoped as I came again, at the sight of him sucking James's cock, my mind and body overloaded by sexual stimuli.

They were both looking at me as I calmed down, and pulled the cucumber from my pussy, finger from my bum. I'd never felt so aroused, insatiable, something released or barrier overcome. I wanted fucking again, intrigued and excited at the idea of taking a cock in my arse. Would it fit? Perhaps of more concern, would it hurt? The fingers had felt as if they were filling me. I looked at their erections, James' looked huge, would I be able to take it in my arse. With some trepidation I asked “If I let you arse fuck me will it hurt?” They said that it probably would at first, but once it was in it would be worth it. They'd use plenty of anal lube and if I wanted to stop they would.

James suggested we use his king size bed and that it would be best if Gareth fucked my arse first. They took me through to the bedroom, positioned me on the bed, kneeling legs parted, bent forward resting on my elbows. From a drawer James produced a tube of lube, then two smooth vibrators, one thin about ¾ inch in diameter, the other a bit thicker about an inch. Gareth spread my buttocks, while James poured lube on my bum. He spread the cold, silky liquid around my anus, working a finger slowly into my puckered hole. Gareth picked up the slim vibe, switched it on holding the tip against my clit as James added more lube, easing a second finger up my arse. So far so good, some discomfort but bearable as he inserted the tip of a third finger, hooking it just in my rectum and started to stretch my anus open. I groaned part pain, part pleasure. He asked if I was all right. I said I was and for him not to stop. He eased my arse further open, told Gareth to push the vibrator in between his fingers. I felt the vibrating tip enter me then sliding inside. “That's nice, don't stop” I sighed, pushing back against it taking more. James switched on the second vibrator, held it against my clit, then slid it in my cunt, wetting it with my juices. I shook with the pleasure of the vibrations passing through my cunt walls, the two vibrators almost touching.

Everything in my world at that moment was centred on the sensations spreading in waves from between my legs. My whole body seemed a hypersensitive, highly tuned CUNT as I had an intense orgasm. Gareth took his opportunity, pulled the vibrator from my bum, holding my anus open with his fingers and almost before I realised, was slowly sliding his lubricated cock up my arse. My anus stretched to take him, I bit on my lip to stop crying out as he eased his way passed the resistance of the sphincter. He passed the point of maximum resistance, a couple of inches of cock up my arse. He checked I was still OK, all I could do was gasp “Yes. I can take it. Fuck my arse” He poured more lube on his cock, pulled out a little then pushed more inside me. Slowly, steadily, smoothly, he penetrated my arse until I felt his balls touch my cunt. James moved in front of me, wanking his erection, I took him in my mouth, I could taste my juices still on it as I began to suck his cock as Gareth began to fuck my bum.

James wriggled under me licking and sucking my pussy, adding to my pleasure, as I licked and kissed his cock. I think Gareth arse fucked me for 10 or 15 minutes before I felt his cock throb and he grunted he was cumming, holding my waist as he pumped his seed up my arse. James rolled from under me grabbed the lube squirting it on his manhood. I felt Gareth's prick give one last spasm, unloading the last of his spunk, than him pulling out. James didn't give my anus a chance to close. He pushed his cock in my arse hole, I seemed to take him readily, a few moments of pain as my hole stretched more to accommodate his extra thickness, then entering me, sliding his cock in, penetrating me effortlessly. More slippery lube and he took his turn, fucking my arse.

By the time I felt his cock pulsing deep inside me, pumping more spunk in my arse, Gareth had gone and showered . I shared a shower with James, before we all went to bed for some well earned rest. I was woken late the next morning by James, lifting my leg and fucking me from behind while Gareth watched, stroking his prick waiting for his turn. As soon as James came I straddled Gareth, guided his cock into my pussy and rode him until we both climaxed.

I knew that my husband wouldn't be back until the evening but reluctantly called a taxi in the early afternoon to take me home. I washed my clothes, showered then made up the bed in the spare room and haven't slept with my husband since which he actually is happy about. I have no intention of telling him about James, Gareth or any of the others who have now fucked me. I just wish it was more frequently than one great fuck session every week or ten days, the only times I can get an afternoon or evening while he's off watching sport and I'm supposedly shopping or meeting friends.