Written by Subby

27 Jan 2016

My wife is a successful, independent, confident and promiscuous woman. She is married to a submissive and obedient husband and she likes me to wear a cock cage. She takes charge when we are alone or out but when with most close friends or family she plays it down.

She locked me up this morning in one of my 4 cages before she went to work. She was wearing a tight black skirt with no underwear.

She called me few minutes ago telling me she is going out for dinner later with a friend (a girl) so I will need to wait a bit more to be released. She will tell her friend about what she has done to me. I have met her friend and will meet her again so I will be embarrassed for sure and will go through that humiliation again.

It’s not all like that as we vary it. We have had threesomes and the best one was when her lover at the time fucked her ass the first time. She had been with him about 8 times before she included me.

She was kneeling between my legs and sucking me, her lover was fucking her pussy from behind and then told her “now I am gonna fuck your ass”.

He didn’t ask her permission or mine for that matter. He simply started pushing his cock which was slightly larger than mine in her ass.

She struggled at the beginning, but her protests were muffled because he simply pushed her head down my cock even more. She knew she just had to relax and let him fuck her in the ass.

Later she told me that she loved how he was forceful with her and how I went along with it.

My record being locked is 9 days. This was when she locked me up and then flew to Italy for work. Total mind fuck knowing the key wasn't even in the same country.

She loved the idea of leaving me locked while she was away and free to do whatever she wanted, she enjoyed the Italian guys hitting on her.

What turns us on the most is the power imbalance symbolized by the cage. The fact that she knows she can lock me up whenever she wants and expect me to obediently submit to it.

It changes a lot the dynamics of the relationship. They are in charge, no questions about it