Written by Sue&Mike

20 Nov 2013

I've always thought the sex life that my wife, Suzie and I have is great. Why would we need to involve other people? Suzie is pretty shy around other people. In fact she’s the sort of woman someone from the outside would probably think is a bit dull. She’s always careful not to show to much cleavage or to much leg. However in the bedroom she’s far from dull. We've been married over 10 years and together for over 15. She was 19 when we got together and only one previous boyfriend had ever had the pleasure of fucking her. Although she did admit to me (after a couple of years) that she’d kept her first few boyfriends happy with blow-jobs.

That first boyfriend had not schooled her very well but over our years together I pushed her to explore her fantasies and by her mid thirties I think she is in her prime. She’s a petite 5ft 3 with long wavy auburn hair. She has 44d boobs with large thick nipples and aureoles like the size of a digestive biscuit her waist isn't as skinny as she’d like (she’s around a size 12/14) but it suits her figure beautifully and my favourite part of her body is her curvy arse that I've never been able to keep my hands off.

She’s always enjoyed fucking and loves spending hours giving and receiving oral but I like to think I've got her to be even a little naughtier. She now loves having me take rude pictures of her both indoors and outside, she’s learned to love anal and even asks me to do it to her. She loves seeing spunk over her but doesn't really like it left in her pussy. She has always loved to swallow sperm though and even did that the first time we had sex. Her favourite fetish though, the one she loves doing is flashing.

Anyone who knows her wouldn't believe it and it led to the adventure that changes everything. Who would have thought that the girl who wore high necked jumpers and long skirts got off on dressing in see through tops and short skirts with no knickers to go out flashing her bits to strangers? Certainly not our oldest friends Mike and Julie.

We had been out for a day at the coast with them. We had had a great day full of the laughter and joking around that mates do with one another. Suzie was always relaxed around Julie and they put couple bottles of wine away with Mike during lunch. Unfortunately I was driving so I was a little out of the jokes as the sober one always is around the slightly inebriated.

I noticed as their jokes got cruder that Mikes arm was around Suzie’s waist on more than one occasion. Normally this would have made her uncomfortable but today she didn't seem to mind and I could have sworn that at least once as his arm dropped he allowed his hand to stroke her bum. For a moment I felt a stab of jealousy and nearly told him off but Suzie and Julie didn't mind so why should I?

After a great day out we decided to go back to our house. I could drop off the car and join them in having a drink and they could get a taxi from there as none of us were in the mood to call it a night just yet. On the journey home the mood in the car was quite boisterous and Julie in particular was in a naughty mood teasing us by asking if she should flash her boobs at one of the passing HGV’s and being egged on to do so by Mike and Suzie. Eventually I heard a cheer go up from the two of them and I knew she’d done it. It was dark and no one looking into the car would have been able to see much but I was gutted that I hadn't been looking in the rear view mirror when she’s done it as I would have loves to have got a glimpse of her tits. I've always found Julie attractive She’s about 5 ft 7 a curvy size 14 with bleached blond hair, boobs slightly bigger than Suzie’s and what I can only describe as a wanton look in her eye. They then tried to talk Suzie into doing a flash and I thought that she might as she’s done similar things when we’d been in the car alone. But she said that she couldn't and allowed them to tease her as we sped home.

Back at ours I opened a bottle of wine and poured us all a glass. We put on the TV on a music channel and sat joking and chatting. A lot of the music video’s involved girls cavorting in not very much.

“God some of the videos these days are like soft porn” said Suzie

“How would you know?” said Mike “Have you watched a lot of porn?” he had a sly grin as he said it and we all had a giggle.

“I've seen porn” said Suzie a little apologetically

“Well let’s put some on” said Mike “you don’t mind girls do you. I know you don’t you love it” and he nodded at Julie. At which she nodded and grinned back at him like they were sharing a private secret.

“No I don’t mind at all” said Suzie.

We have watched porn together now and again. She quite liked MMF threesome movies which I've teased her about in the past. And yet even though Mike and Julie where our oldest friends I couldn't believe she was happy to watch porn with them. However I rummaged in a drawer and dug one out. It was a full on hard core movie full of mmf, ffm , oral, anal and facials. All through the movie the girls made comments about the men. Usually around the size of their cocks or the amount of spunk they could produce. Suzie had moved from wine to vodka and was joining in these comments with gusto as Julie joined her on the hard stuff. By the end of the movie they were both fairly drunk and being cruder than ever.

Their conversation moved on to the size of the cocks that they’d just been watching.

“How does your hubby measure up then Suzie” Julie asked

“Well he’s enough for me” she replied “what about Mike?”

“Hey I'm more than enough for Julie” Mike chipped in grabbing his crotch.

“Prove it then” giggled Julie “After all you were quick enough to try and get her flashing in the car”

That put Mike in an awkward position if he said no they would relentlessly take the piss out of him but I could see in his face that he was a bit unsure about getting his dick out in front of my wife. Instead he deflected it my way.

“What do you say shall we let the girls have a look?”

In other words if he had to get his dick out so did I. I have to admit it was a slightly daunting prospect but the devil in me wanted to see Julies face when I wagged my cock at her so I replied,

“Well I'm game if you are”

The girls let out a whoop at this and sat side by side on the sofa with Mike and I stood in front of them ready for our unveiling. Mike went first and quickly unbuttoned himself and pushed down his jeans and boxers in one swift move. His dick was semi hard and he was quite hairy. I stole a glance at Suzie and she was gazing right at Mike’s cock as a slight smile played on her lips. Then I knew that I couldn't stall any longer and I followed Mike’s lead in exposing myself to the girls. I am completely shaven down there which both girls seemed to approve of and as I glanced from Mike to me we looked to be a roughly similar size. The girls had us stand there like prize exhibits as they discussed our manhood. Then Julie said,

“You can’t really tell with them soft can you?”

“No I suppose” not said Suzie

Julie reached forward, took her husband’s dick in her hand and slowly masturbated him. Suzie took the hint and started to follow suit with me. I couldn't have stayed soft if my life had depended on it. I was being slowly wanked while I watched my best mate’s wife perform the same sex act on him. After we were both good and stiff they lent back and compared us. They decided Mike was slightly longer but that I was thicker.

“I like thicker” said Julie with a wink.

“I think it’s our turn” said Mike.

To which I of course agreed. The idea of seeing Julie naked was great but I was becoming more and more turned on at the idea of Suzie showing off for Mike. After all, it’s one thing to see your wife flash her arse cheeks at a random stranger but quite another to see her flash at a man she’ll see almost every week. It’s like the way most women are happy to go topless on holiday in front of hundreds of strange men but they would never think of doing this on the beach with friends.

“So you want to see our goodies do you?” said Julie.

We both agreed that we did.

“Well Ok” she continued “I have an idea. Come on Suzie” and with that she took Suzie’s hand and they disappeared out of the room.

Moments later I heard their footsteps on our stairs. They’d left us with our cocks in our hands and we both quickly stuffed them away.

“What do you think their up to?” I asked,

“Fuck knows, let’s just hope it’s good” Mike replied.

We didn't have long to wait. After a few minutes almost simultaneously our phones both buzzed. I looked at mine and it was a picture message from Suzie. The picture was of a fine pair of breasts but they were not Suzie’s the nipples and aureoles were smaller and yet the breasts were if anything bigger than Suzie’s. It suddenly hit me, they were Julie’s tits and the message had some text,

“You like?” it said.

I looked up at Mike and he was looking at me. We quickly moved to sit beside one another so we could compare phones. On his he had the same text but the picture was of my wife’s tits, which were completely unmistakable with their large nipples. I quickly text back that we liked what we liked what we saw. A message quickly came back saying,

“In that case we’ll give you a treat but if you come upstairs the shows over”

We agreed to be good and as a reward our phones buzzed into life with close up images of the girls nipples. I got Julie’s and Mike got Suzie’s.

“Tell you what mate” he said “your wife’s got awesome tits,”

It felt strange hearing my mate describe my wife in such a way but I was shaking with excitement and so proud of her.

“So does yours” was all I could manage to say back.

Then our phones went again. This time I was looking at a picture of a naked woman face down on our bed. It was not Dianne so it could only be Julie’s shapely arse that I was looking at and I realised that Mike must be looking at my wife’s arse. This was confirmed when we compared phones.

“I wonder how far they’ll go.” I asked

“Who knows” said Mike “I never thought they’d go this far. I can’t wait to have a wank over these” he said indicating his phone and I realised the he’d be taking home naked images of my wife.

The next image they sent was of them bent over “mooning” the camera followed by a picture from the side of them on all fours showing their full naked body but with only their swinging breast on show. Each time Suzie sent me the picture of Julie and Mike received his pictures of Suzie from his wife. The next picture was of Julie sitting on the edge of the bed it was from the front and showed off her breasts but her legs were tight shut. The message that accompanied it said,

“Shall I open my legs?”

Before I even had a chance to think about whether I wanted my mate looking at my wife’s pussy he had text back,

“Yes!” and I quickly followed suit.

I knew that whatever image I looked at next Mike would be looking at the same image of my wife. Seconds later my phone buzzed and with my heart pumping I opened the message this time it was the same picture but Julie’s legs where wide open. However her hand was covering her slit and she had a smile on her face. The text with the message said,

“Shall I move my hand?”

“Bitches” said Mike as we quickly text back,


There was a pause and I wondered if this was to far for them to go. Whether they were discussing what they should do next. But just when I thought that was that my phone buzzed and with trembling fingers I opened the message. It was Julie in the same sitting position with her legs open but with her hands on her hips and her pussy fully exposed. Her face looked right at the camera like she was proud of what she was doing. Her cunt was completely shaven and pussy lips were clearly displayed and I knew what Mike had meant earlier as I could not wait to wank over these picture.

Mike and I compared pictures He had an almost identical picture of my wife, the only difference being that her pussy has a neat strip of pubic hair although her lips are completely shaven. I couldn't quite believe my shy wife had shown herself off to Mike like this. He would never delete these pictures and every time he saw her he’d be remembering her tits, arse and pussy. Because I knew that that’s how I’d be thinking about Julie.

I wondered what would happen next surely that was as far as things would go. I was so horny I’d have fucked the cat if it had trotted in, all I wanted was to say goodbye to our friends and fuck the arse of Suzie.

The girls finally appeared at the living room door.

"We've been playing dress up” said Suzie and they had.

I recognised the clothing as Suzie’s but they looked different on Julie. Suzie was wearing high heeled knee boots with hold up stockings, a tiny thong and a matching lacy bra through which her nipples were faintly visible. Julie was also in hold up stockings but she had her own high heels on. As Suzie’s bras wouldn't have fitted her she had chosen to wear one of Suzie’s black sheer, see through blouses and a tiny g-string. Her tits were clearly on display and wobbled with her every movement.

“Suzie’s been telling me what you two dirty buggers get up to when she wears this.” Said Julie indicating the blouse.

“We thought the pictures we sent you lacked something” said Suzie

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Cock” said my once shy wife.

“We had an idea for one last game” said Julie “Suzie and Mike are going to take pictures using Mikes phone and me and you will do the same using yours”

“Sounds good” I said

“But here’s the twist” said Suzie

“We do it in separate rooms and we sent the pictures at 12 noon tomorrow. That way we all get some extra fun tomorrow” she giggled

“Just one rule, no fucking. Well boys are you up for it” said Julie

I looked at Mike and he nodded then so did I. I was more than a bit concerned about sending my wife into a room with him dressed like she was and as horny as we were all feeling. After Mike disappeared upstairs with my wife I asked Julie,

“What made you come up with this idea?”

“Well I thought we might all get a bit prudy or jealous with our partners sitting there. I don't think Suzie would have gone very far with her husband watching but she may when she's alone and now we have fun and get the same buzz tomorrow.”

I looked at Julie sitting there with her tits on show and a tiny g-string, looking like a slut. Until today she was by best friend’s wife and that was as far as I’d thought, now I wasn't sure. But something nagged me,

“Have you been planning this” I asked,

“Suzie and I have been planning something like this for a while” she said “today just gave us the chance. We both enjoy flaunting ourselves and flashing and this has been the most fun ever. Now how would you like me to pose?”

“How about with my cock between your tits? I said

“Mmm that sounds good but let’s work up to those shots” she said.

We started with pictures of her stripping down to her stockings. Then pictures of her with her small hand wrapped around my cock as she slowly masturbated me. Next were pictures of my fingers in her pussy. She was so hot and wet I understood just who much she was getting from this. I fingered her for a couple of minutes and had her groaning and swearing as her juices gushed. Then I took pictures of her licking her own juices from my fingers. The next picture was of her mouth millimetres from my stiff cock. Then one of my cock on her tongue then deep in her mouth. I forgot taking pictures for a few minutes just like I had forgotten that Suzie was probably doing the same things with Mike. I just concentrated on the wonderful blow job my best friend’s wife was giving me. If I’d have left my dick in her mouth a few moments longer I’d have cum so I pulled out and calmed down for a moment.

Then I took pictures of my cock between her tits and rubbing her nipples with its head. I then had her lay on her back with her legs spread. Took a few more close up shots of her pussy then I knelt between her legs. I took a picture of my cock resting on her pubic mound. Then another virtually resting the tip of my penis on her pussy lips.

“Such a shame that there’s no fucking” I said as I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her pussy lips.

“I won’t tell if you don’t” she said,

“You really are a naughty girl aren't you?” I said and pushed my cock inside her sopping wet cunt.

“Yes” she gasped as she grabbed my hips and pulled me inside her.

We both knew we wouldn't have long and our fucking reflected this. It was passionate, frantic, hard fucking. No finesse just primal, animal lust. Julie was groaning and mewing as I rammed myself into her. It didn't last long, no more than a couple of minutes but by the end when I could feel my sperm rising she was biting her hand to stop from screaming which would really have given the game away. I pulled my cock from her, clambered up her body and my seed exploded over her. I swear that I have never come so much. I was aiming to cover her tits but my first spurt splashed over her chin and mouth. Then my following spurts covered her chin neck and heaving tits with my sticky seed.

“Mike won’t like this” she said pointing at her face” I never let him come on my face”

“I bet he loves it” I said as I picked up my phone and took pictures of her face, neck and tits covered it my sperm.

“You’ll have to tell him a wanked over you” I said

“I will” she said and smiled for one last picture of her spunk spattered face before we started cleaning her up.

We sat waiting for my wife and Mike to finish and I began to worry just what they were up to. However we didn't have to wait to long as just a minute or two later Mike and Suzie knocked on the door we let them in and the four of us shared an embarrassed silence. Not quite knowing what to say after what we’d just done. Finally Mike said,

“Well what have you two been up to?”

“You’ll see tomorrow at 12” said Julie.

Ten minutes later they were in a taxi and we were in bed. We were both exhausted and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

We woke up in the morning late and with fuzzy, slightly hung over heads. I made us coffee and toast in bed. Until then neither of us had mentioned last night. I eventually had to ask.

“Did you enjoy last night?” She snuggled in close to me and said,

“Yes. Although I don’t know if I’ll be able to look Mike and Julie in the face next time we see them. It might be a bit embarrassing”

“Why? Just what did you and Mike get up to?” I said with a smile.

“I’m sure that you get to see that at 12” she said with a cheeky grin


We teased each other like this through the morning. I wouldn't show her my pictures until I sent them and she wouldn't even give me a hint what she had done. Just before 12 I showed her the first picture that I would be sending. It was Julie standing hands on hips facing the camera wearing just hold ups and her g-string. I thought it showed off Julie’s tits beautifully.

“It’s a bit tame” was Suzie’s reaction.

As the clock hit 12 I pressed the send button. Almost instantly my phone buzzed. I opened up the picture. It was of my wife holding her tits up provocatively for the camera dressed in nothing but hold ups, boots and thong. I reminded myself she was not just waving her tits at the camera she was waving them at Mike.

“I hope you like them” Said Suzie and wrapped her hand around my already rock hard cock.

The next few pictures we sent were like men playing poker. Seeing who would be first to up the stakes. I was treated to Mike’s pictures of my wife posing like a slut for him while she wanked me and I hoped Julie was doing the same for him as I showed him some of what his wife had done with me. Finally I upped the stakes and sent him one were Julie had removed her g-string and her pussy was on display. The next one I received was of my wife showing off her cunt for Mike.

“Did you enjoy showing Mike your pussy?” I teased

“More than I could of ever imagined” She said” It got me so hot I couldn't believe it” and the speed she was tugging on my cock increased slightly.

Next it was Mike who moved things up. As the next picture he sent showed my wife’s hand holding his stiff cock. Her small hand made his dick look very big. It occurred to me that she was masturbating me and only hours ago she’d been happily doing this to another man. I fired one back of Julie doing the same to me each time showing it to Suzie first.

“What did his cock feel like?” I asked

“Very hard and his balls were big and heavy” she said, followed by” I’d have preferred him shaven like you though.”

I received a couple more of Suzie wanking Mike off and each time I returned like for like of his wife’s hands caressing and teasing my cock and all the time Suzie stroked my aching cock. The feeling of excitement each time my phone buzzed was incredible. I had been expecting the next picture when it came but it still started my hand shaking and made me gasp. It was a close up picture of my wife’s lovely face with Mikes cock in her mouth. Her eyes were closed and she was clearly enjoying sucking his hairy dick.

“And what did he taste like?” I said and showed her the picture that I’d just received.

She stopped wanking me and straddled me, pushing my cock inside herself. She started writhing slowly on my stiffness. Her pussy soaking wet. Then she leaned forward close to my ear and whispered,

“He tasted good and I took his dick right down my throat.” I nearly came right at that moment.

I had to stop her and calm myself down. Then as she held me with my dick inside her I showed her a picture of Julie sucking on my shaft then fired it to Mike.

“Was she any good at that” said Suzie with a mock pout.

“She was very good” I said “in fact she’s nearly as good a cock sucker as you.”

She smiled at me then bit my ear. I received more pictures of my wife with my friends cock or balls in her mouth and in each photo she looked like a total slut. I couldn't believe the woman in the photos was my wife but it was and I longed to see more. What I didn't expect was the next picture I received. It took me a few moments to work it out then it hit me like a thunderbolt. Mike was squatting over my wife's face and she was licking his anus. Without thinking I showed her the picture and asked,

“Are you licking Mike’s arsehole?”

“Yes” she purred

“You’ve never done that to me” I said

“Well you never asked” She smiled.

“I’ll be asking you to do a lot more then” I gasped.

“Try me” she said and then slithered down my body and took my cock in her mouth.

I wasn't sure what to send Mike back. Eventually I settled on a picture of his wife’s cunt with my fingers inside it. I couldn't show it Suzie first as she was busy licking my balls.

Mike then sent me one of him licking Suzie’s arse and I sent back his wife licking my fingers (I’d let her explain). Mikes next picture showed Suzie on her knees with Mike stood over her, his cock in his hand. I knew what his next picture would be and sent him back my cock resting on his wife’s pussy.

“I think I'm about to get a picture of Mike cumming over your face” I said. She dropped my cock from her mouth and climbed back up to my side.

“Maybe” she said and sure enough when my phone went the image was of my wife’s face covered on Mike’s sticky mess.

I sent him the pictures of Julie spattered in my sperm and put my phone on the table beside the bed intending to fuck my wife as hard as I could. I lay her back and pushed myself inside her. Then my phone went again. I stopped and opened the message. The background had changed from our bedroom to the bathroom. Suzie was knelt in the bath and Mike was pissing over my wife’s tits.

“You not angry are you?” she said. I was shocked and amazed but not angry.

“No” I said “I just didn't know you liked that”

“ I didn't know I did either but I just couldn't say no to him.“ she said “I was fingering myself as he did it and it was so dirty, but so exciting that I came as he did it.”

“Was that the only picture he took of him doing that or should I expect another?” I asked.

“It was the only one he took but.........” and then she paused.

“But what?” I pushed “Look don’t worry I won’t get angry unless you hold something back.”

“Well he asked if he could piss over my face and dared me to swallow some” she confessed.

“ And did you?” I said. She was quiet for a moment then said,

“Yes” she whispered.

I was so turned on I would have done anything he asked me to do. So I swallowed his piss and let him do it over my pussy, tits and...and my face and to be honest I loved it, I loved feeling like a filthy little slut” and she hugged me tightly.

Well that blew my mind. I thought I knew Suzie, my wife, my partner and my lover. But there was another person inside her. Someone who was depraved and who would let another man use and dominate her. I was shocked but I wanted to know more.

“If he’d asked, would you have let him fuck you” I said. I did wonder if he had fucked her like I had done with his wife.

“Yes” she said in a quiet but truthful little voice

“Do you wish that he had asked? That he had fucked you like a cheap whore” I said. She didn't even hesitate.

“Yes” she stated plainly like it was a fact “ I wish I’d fucked him”

“Then maybe we should go to their house next week for dinner and he can have you for dessert” I said and with that I rolled on top of her pinned her down and fucked her hard.