Written by Lee

27 Sep 2014

We been married quite some time now, the background of this go's back some time, to when the kids were at school my wife Sue got involved with someone you could call it a school gate romance, it was a stay at home farther she got involved with, it must of gone on for some time before I found out and that only happened after his wife found out and I opened thee door one evening to a very irated woman who shouted at me to tell my wife to keep away from her husband, to be faced with that was a real shock

Thet put us in a situation, at first it didn't seem there way a out of apart from the obvious,I am not going into all the upset that fallowed but the outcome was I forgave and we said we forget it and put it down as a mistake

It wasn't easy but we rebuilt our relationship but I had a problem curiosity I wondered what they did what they got upto together, was he better in bed than me and that question had he got a big cock, I found I was imagining all sorts of things

The problem we had we both agreed to put it in our past and not bring it up again the reasons I am not going into to much but part of that was for the sake of the kids who got very upset with our rowing when I found out

All the same I was still curious and the more I wondered and thought about it the more curious I became,the really strained thing was it would make me very aroused thinking about it

It became a fantasy and I would often masturbate thinking about it

We move on in time the kids left school and in the end went there own way in life then got jobs and then moved out

Then one day I lay in and Sue was up to go shopping, I thought I heard the door go so thought she had left, after a time I started having my fantasy I soon had a right stiff on and was happily wanking, then I heard my wife say I wish you be more like that at night

The reason she said that was my gusto had dropped off and Sue was a quite highly sex woman she has always been like that, I some times wasn't to interested, Sue could see that I was embarrassed and said I am going shopping and left

Sue is like most woman she didn't say any thing right then but I knew she bring it up sooner of late, it was a night or two later she did, what she often do in bed she got hold of my dick, and I was limp and it stayed limp, it was the thought of her caching me wanking that did it

She said well something got you hard the other day obviously not me, I was even more embarrassed when she said that, she went on to say so what was it that got you so horny

I stammered it was you, she then said oh yes it looks like it now, I replied saying but but it was, she asked why then and not now,I was in a hole and I was digging I didn't want to say I was thinking about you getting fucked, so I said your really sexy

Well that didn't cut much ice, she said there is more to it than that

With out running on in the end I said I was thinking about you getting screwed, at first she seemed quite angry say we put that behind us it was a bloody mistake

No more was said she turned away from me and went to sleep, the next night she asked again the same question, this time I said I have always wondered about you, (I call him Mike)

and Mike, she started to get angry again then it seemed she changed her mind, she sat up in bed and said so what do you mean,I asked what did you do with him, she snapped what do you think, it went on for a time Sue in the end made me put it into words, in away she belittled me by making me ask the questions, she didn't give me much detail but what she said gave me a raging hard on, some how she got hold of it and I really think it surprised her it was as hard as its been in years what happened was I fucked her harder than I done in years and she loved it I even gave her a climax which was a rear thing

As I told you Sue has quite a high sex drive and mine has waned over time, I think she thought about it over the next couple of days because she started to tell me a few little things and it worked when she did I got rock hard so used that as a way to get me to fuck her almost when she wanted it

As this happen so I got more details a bit at a time, that big question was.was Mike was bigger than me,yes the answer was, I am more average about five inches and I must admit its not very fat, he had a good two inches more and his was really wide, she told me they fucked in our bed most of the the time I almost cum as she she told me that it had been in my fantasy,there where other things that surprised me like the affair had gone on for two years and I never had a clue

The knock on from this was a good thing at long last we could now talk about what had happened also we talked about other things we never had done before, like when she court me wanking I admitted I was fantasizing about her getting fucjed, Sue asked do that really turn you on then and once more I admitted it did, I think that did surprise her

Our sex life had picked up, Sue seemed interested in my fantasies, and we started using then as a sex game you could say, none of this happened over night it involved

Then she said you wouldn't be happy if it happened for real, I may of said something like try me,it was later Sue said when we where chatting you know I did enjoy what I did with Mike, and went on saying I felt really guilty about what I was doing to you at first going behind your back but it was also really naughty and exciting at the same time

I said maybe you will do it again, she replied no I wouldn't do it again, I found myself saying well it didn't do any harm, she said it upset you but after talking about what really upset me was the finding out, this lead on to us talking about if she did it again

As we talked I got turned on, Sue could see that as we talked she slowly wanked me as the conversation went on I cum, Sue said I don't have to ask if you would like me to sleep with some else you really do get off on the thought of me doing it

After that she said she still like to but she wouldn't never do it behind my back again

From that we did seriously start talking about making it happen, getting to this point had taken months but this had taken about an hour, thinking about it now Sue didn't neen to much encouragement from me to get there I would say now getting some extra cock had been in the back of her minded a very long time if not years and I was given her the opportunity and I didn't realize she grab it with both hands

The question then was how do you go about doing some thing like this,it had to be keep secret very discreet if we did any thing like that, so the question was how do you meet some one, going out to a pub say and getting picked up that was a no no for a start some one we know out of the question,on top of that Sue said she have to fancy and like them

and who ever it was there be the question of my part in this my only demand was I wanted to know about it and I also want to watch it happen, some thing my wife was not to sure about,and did say what bloke be willing to let that happen

We seemed stuck,then came along the web the internet we found dating sites, at first Sue seemed unsure but after looking she said its like shopping you get to see the goods, I left her to it we had decided if it was to happen then it be down to her and she choose how ever it was, I came home the next evening and obviously she been looking that day

She asked how it worked what do we do, I wasn't sure in the end we joined then it was open for us and we even put an advert on the site that took some doing to get it right

This may of taken a week and we were on the site, with out going into it all, we started getting replies, once more I keep out of it, there was some messaging going on, then one night Sue said I am talking to some one that seems very nice, I had a weird feeling when she said that in a way it was what I didn't want to hear,she show me who it was, I was surprised at her chose he was older than her I would say quite good looking more like a business man well dressed then there was one in swimming trunks he was slim and looked fit, his profile read single divorced experienced and the things he were into was about most things and assets no complaints and what he was looking for was single or married woman

Then next things they where emailing each other the it was phone calls, it seemed he was not taken the lead, he asked to speak to me on the phone that was really strange thing for me but he did seem okay, then we meet Norman for a drink and he was very pleasant

After we got home Sue asked what I thought, what could I say so said I liked him, I think that is what my wife wanted to hear, with in a couple of days it was arranged for him to visit the house, I think when I was told that it felt very strange knowing what it meant he was coming here to fuck my wife in front of me

So the day came I felt nervous but Sue seemed okay, she was getting ready she been and bought new underwear and a dress I hadn't seen any of them till then, I was in the front room when she came down Jesus she looked sexy the dress was much shorter than any she had

it fitted like a glove her heels where higher than she normally would ware

What would happen when Norman got her was any ones guess I had not got a clue how it may unfold I had a knot in my tummy and felt very tens, the the doorbell rang Sue said you go

I opened the door to Norman he smiled and shock my hand we went to the lounge he kissed Sue on the cheek, I felt very awkward jest being there,I got us all a drink and we sat and chatted Norman seemed very relaxed, he asked have we ever done this sort of thing before when I said no he seemed understand and from then on took the lead

He didn't rush we talked for some time and as we chatted his arm when round Sus's shoulder, then he kissed her on the cheek she turned and it was a full kiss, the strange thing it seemed as if it was a normal thing to do

Thing did move faster from there on in, he squeezed her breast on the outside of her dress, it was becoming more intimate, there was more snogging and he move her to lay back more it was very obvious my wife was liking what was happening even when he slid his hand up her leg and under the dress she didn't object inflated her legs parted the hem of the dress rucked up I could see she had stockings on, I could see Norman's arm moving I couldn't see but knew where his hand was, I heard Sue gasp I guess he got a finger or two inside her, then her legs opened wider I could then see he had pushed the panties gusset to one side and he had two finger in her she was now kissing him passionately her arms round his shoulders holding him, then one arm dropped down and the hand started to rub his crotch there looked like quite a boulg there, it was when she got her finger round it I could make out he was really some size looking at the outline that went almost across his thigh

His fingering was now faster Sue moaned a couple of time, he stopped kiss and glanced at me I think to get my reaction, my wife started to kiss his neck, as she did that he tugged on his fly the zip opened and her hand went inside Sue must of got hold of it

Norman pilled on the waist band he his trousers where open and my wife was lifting out what looked like a massive cock he surprised me he had no underpants on

I am no judge of another mans dick but that one had to be eight inches long and my wifes hand only jest went round it, the head on it was a lot bigger a real bell shape he had no foreskin the other thing that struck me was it was very veined,at this point my wife was staring at what she had in her hand, I am sure she didn't expect it to be that big

Norman gently eased her head towards it and Sue was letting him as she got close her mother opened a little she sucked the tip then licked round the flesh mushroom then eased it into her mouth she could only manage the knob end end it must of filled her mouth, she started to give him head, being bent over doing it Norman undid the zip on the back of the dress and pushed it to one side then undid her bra strap, the next thing my wife was trying to get the dress off her shoulders with out taken his cock out of her mouth with his help they did it, I never seen my wifes nipples that stiff Norman seemed pleased with them the way he played with them and pulled on her erect nipples

He pulled her up and they kissed Norman wisted something to her then look my way as Sue said yes,he then spoke to me saying we going upstairs

It was a bit unreal seeing him push his shoes off the his trousers then his shirt he was naked apart from his socks my wife was wriggling out of the the dress so she was in jest hold up stocking and a tiny pair of panties, as they where about to leave she did glance at me but me attention was on Norman as he moved that huge peace of meat bounced in front of hi, I fallowed them upstairs into our bedroom, once in there I was a tad surprised to see the bed had no cover on it jest two willows and only the bedside lights on, so my wife had planned it, she scrambled onto the bed then tugged her pantirs off Norman joind her, they started kissing there hand where everywhere over etch others bodies at the same some time, Norman the started to suck a niple then the other he kissed and licked his way down her body Sue was watching him do that the lower he got the heaver her breathing became when his head went between her legs she moaned then her body tensed as he licked her pussy it didn't take long before she started to move about and let our little gasps her tummy was rising and falling she gasped her bum lifted and she cried YES OH YES he made her cum, I didn't expect what she said next, FUCK ME FUCK ME

Norman came up and sat back his cock looked scary in a way it was bloody stiff holding it me shuffled forward he pushed it down he must of pressed it onto Sue's pussy she took a very deep breath, I think at the time I was holding my breath,he moved forward at touch

my wife gasped then quite loudly said Jesus Christ as she said that Norman physically pushed and she squealed out,he gave another thrust this time I herd AAAAAAAAAAHH my god some how that thing had gone inside her god knows what it must be doing to her inside

His body was now over hers, his ares was given short but hard thrusts which made her cry out with each one some how the whole thing must of gone inside her, she was impaled on the full length of his meat I wondered if it had damaged her,the answer to that was coming he started to fuck my wife, I was amazed to see what she did her legs when up in the air she held them as far apart as she could it was like she wanted as much as he could give her inside her, as he fucked her faster she reached up and helded her ankles

Norman ws now fuvking her at a pace and his thrusts had got harder the noise in the room was deafening most coming from my wife mixed in with grunts from him and stench of sex filled the room, I looked at my wife her tits where like to gelles on her chest the bed shock and creaked, I moved round to look between there legs his big bollocks where swinging it looked like my wifes cunt was stretched to its limits and the lips seemed to be gripping his cock they came out when he pulled bar and almost rolled in on the in stock

Then my wife started to make animal like noises I looked round to see her head rolling from side to side then her body looked like it lifted off the bed as she screamed. she was having a massive climax Norman seemed to fuck her even hard there was a very wet sound the he started to grunt very loudly his ares clenched he seemed to shake as he let his sperm lose inside my wife, I had a stiff on down stairs but this was jest to much I felt myself twitch in my pants and I was cumming as well

Norman collapse on top of Sue both gasping for breath cover in sweat, they lay together for a few moments both panting, then he rolled off Sue was flat on her back legs still wide open I looked down the pussy lips looked swollen and rolled back the slit looked open then a white trickle seeped out before that the bottom sheet had a large wet patch where she lay, her chest was heaving then more spunk ran out and down in between her bum cheeks, god how much cum was inside her

Norman was on his back beside her his cock was limp but still looked big it was covered in his sperm and her juice the smell of sex was now very strong, it took a few minuets before either spoke Norman said did you enjoy that there was a long pause before Sue replied I have never cun like that you are so big, Norman smiled as said are you asking me back, all Sue said was please, I had jest witnessed my wife being sexually destroyed but I didn't know that at the time

Norman went to the bathroom and got cleaned up, when he was in there I asked Sue if she was okay and she said yes I have never had sex like that its never been that good, I said he is big she said Christ that is huge but god it felt wonderful

After Norman had gone we kissed and cuddled she told me she loved me and thank me for letting her do it, I said he made you climax, this time she was a litle sheepish, so I said well that was some climax you had I was here watching, she then went on to say that last one was huge but I had lots of smaller ones, I asked was it the size that did it she looked at me then said yes I struggled to take him but afterwards god

That was the first experience but there has been meany to fallow that one in the last year my wife has been with five different men from the dating site and for her to pick one they have to be very well hung or she not interested that is the common factor they can be young or old all very different apart from one thing there cocks, we have some more stories to tell if you are interested