Written by anne

4 Mar 2018

I was once a happy go lucky young thing of 25 married with three kids and still sexy and flirty . My husband liked the Footy on telly so my Sister in law 19 also sexy and flirty used to nip down the village pub with me Most weekends and play pool and tease the old men for drinks . all we needed to do to get a game of pool and a drink was to wear a short skirt and make sure the blokes got a good look up our bums at our knickers.Sit on the odd knee or at worst sit a bit further up and feel a hard cock pressing against your butt??? you could ask for a short for that. Anyway this Saturday afternoon there were two younger lads in We didn't know.playing pool but the older regulars was watchin summit on the TV in the bar anyway I had a quick fancy for the rougher looking one of them and when I was playing pool I made sure he fancied Me. Even going so far as taking my panties off on a trip outside to the loo. I was leaning over and he would see up my pussy and when he came past me again he leaned over and winked at me. I f that pussy winks at me again I am gonna have to take it outside and feed it. It winked at him ok and I was off down the stairs with him and into the outside loo. not many ladies about to worry us so I sucked his cock which was on full boner , his jeans round his ankles and he tried to stand me up and finger me but all I wanted was his cock. I was going to cum and I wanted him NOW. I remember him shoving it in to my now soaking pussy and then I came and felt his warm sperm fill my pussy . as he pulled out we left a trail of drips across the floor. As we went back in I could hear my sister in law in an out house getting her just deserts as well? They left the pub shortly after and we never saw them again so it was back to a fiddle about with the reliable old regulars for drinks and fun after that. Some of the quick encounters are the standout memories for years to come? enjoy ?