Written by snowman

18 Dec 2011

As a couple I suppose we have always liked to push the boundries, but on a recent day out even I thought that what happened was a step too far.

June was wearing a nice fitted sweater dress with opaque stockings, a combination I approved of because the stockings were a little short, despite the best efforts of her six strap suspender belt to keep them above the hem of her dress.

We decided on a drink in a well known pub chain, june enjoying two large glasses of red wine, and I think the approving looks of several of the few guys in the pub. We were at the rear of the place in a secluded section with two comfy sofas.

Around about six pm several groups of guys started to come in, some after work and some starting a friday night early.

I dont know what prompted me, but I suggested to June, that if I went out to get the car, which was parked some way off, then I wonder what might occur, with her sat the rear of the pub, seemingly by herself. She asked just what I was thinking. I told her just letting things happen would be exciting for me, and possibly her, if she she was prepared to play the part.

So there we have it. I took my jacket and walked out of the place, but not before noticing a group of three middle aged guys in working gear ordering drinks at the end of the bar close to June.

I stopped and watched them and her. The sofas in the bar were the type with long seat cushions, this meant Junes legs hardly touched the floor and also made her dress ride up a little, certainly enough for the very top of one of her stockings to just be visible, something I think she was well aware of.

It took me about 20 minutes to collect the car and park it closer to the pub. When I got back it was quite busy, from the door I couldnt see June, but further in I saw that the three guys I has seen earlier were sitting with her, two opposite and one next the her.

There is an upper floor with a balcony of sorts, and it was from here leaning over that I could look straight down onto them and what a shock it was.

Junes dress had either ridden or been pulled up far enough to uncover her stockings and suspenders, which the guys opposite were enjoying, there were three empty glasses in front of her, and she seemed totally oblivious to the guy sat by her side who clearly had his hand inside her knickers and no doubt had as many fingers as he could inside her. She seemed to be in a world of her own and enjoying the attention and probing !!

I must have been watching for over 20 minutes when the guy who had been doing the fingering, got up and walked off towards to gents toilet, what amazed me was that less than 2 mins later, June also got up adjusted her dress and walked off also towards the toilet, I thought it odd that she left her coat and handbag with the other two guys.

My mind was working overtime, but I had to confirm what I was thinking and off I went.

The gents was empty and at first I thought it was just me imagining things, but there was separate cubicle isolated from the others, and it was from here that the unmistakeable sounds of fucking were coming. I confirmed it was June as it was easy to see her heeled boots under the door.

I could only imagine her bent over in there, with him fucking her from behind.

Back on the balcony. I waited for them to reappear, which after some time they did.

My arrangement had been that I would ring her on my return, so that is what I did. I dont know what she told the guys as I was speaking to her, but they fairly quickly got up and left.

I wandered down to her, and mentioned where I had been and what I had heard. June confirmed that she had been fucked and it had been exciting , and asked if it excited me as well and did she do what I had wanted her to ?? how could I answer that.

What I did notice were white stains on her black opaque stockings, and later on the way home when my hand was inside her knickers, my fingers were covered in sticky cum, she had obviously been filled well by her toilet fucker.