Written by JimmyWon

8 Sep 2010

I was a policeman in London in the 1970's. One night duty I was patrolling on foot alone in the back streets of Paddington. I heard the party long before I found it. It was an all nighter, which in those days was a regular occurrence in that area. As I got near the house a woman came out of the front door, she was 30ish, dark hair, immaculate make-up, and quite pretty. She had been drinking but was not drunk. We spoke briefly and I realised by her chatty responses that she was up for it. I suggested we walk across the road into the loading bay of Harrods Depository which was deserted at 1am. She agreed, so we walked across the road. One of my ambitions was to get my leg over with a total stranger and here it was actually happening. She immediately took off her knickers and I shagged her up against the wall, trousers round my ankles, police helmet on my head and to cap it all I was called on my radio while doing the business. All over in about 5 minutes and we went our separate ways. No names, no telephone numbers just a fantastic memory! Oh happy days.