Written by jj

29 Aug 2008

Hi all, this is fact but bizarre enough to be fiction. It happened about thirty years ago, I was fucking the wife of a distant friend. She was great and would suck me off or let me fuck her anyway I wanted.

One day she announced that her husband had admitted a fantasy of his was to put on his Gestapo uniform and hid in the wardrobe and wank off while he watched us suck and fuck.

I was a tad horrified at the thought of her husband lurking around while I was giving her a good fuck, and said I didn\'t like the idea. well you hear about strange violent things happening to people.

Anyway one morning about 10 I pitched up at her house and after a few preliminaries we went to the bedroom where she tantalisingly undressed, then turning to me unzipped my already massive erection and started to suck me off pulling the foreskin back to revel a shinning helmet. I was already at bursting point but she wouldn\'t let me shoot my spunk, saying \'not yet please. Fuck me up my arse then my cunt then I\'ll swallow your cum.\'

We had the best session ever and when she finally licked my cock clean and swallowed the last drop off spunk, my erection started to subside, the edge off my foreskin was sore from hard use and was stinging. A sudden crash from the wardrobe brought me to my seances as I was about to go to the door it burst open and her husband feel out onto the bedroom floor. He looked a pity full sight, it was obvious that he had been wanking so hard he had made his Nobe end bleed, he was crying I thought at first in pain, then he shouted, \'why did you stop so soon I was almost cumming?\'

His wife taking pity on him said,\' I will only let you watch us one more time and turned to me said, \'please, he can\'t get off unless he wanks and I don\'t want him slobbering over me tonight while he wanks in bed can he watch us again from the safety of the chair?\' I hadn\'t really believed her when she had originally told me of his fetish; but fealing both greatfull for the session we had just had and the pleasure she had given me, I decided that I would allow him to watch, She took my dick in her mouth and started to get me hard again, he sat there with his pathetic little dick in hand wanking away, obliviouse to the blood that was covering his hand. As I shot my load over her swollen pink cunt, he let out a scream as he tossed off.