Written by joncristo

5 May 2011

Part 2

You need to read the first part of this story to get the picture (4th May).

While we were waiting for the day to arrive when Joe was going to meet us, we talked about what we would like to do; it became apparent she liked a man to have a little power over her. We talked about what she wanted, why did she want to do it, she was a bit cagy and suspected she wanted to say more, there was a slight hesitation, then admitted that it had been praying on her mind about me first of all joining a swinging site before we met, and admitted she had looked on the internet where there were stories about what people had got up to and it had turned her on and with the last bloke she had a meal with mentioning a threesome it made her aware she wanted to try it but didn’t want cause any harm to our relationship.

We then gave each other a hug telling her not to be stupid and cracked a bottle of wine talking more, asking what had turned her on the most, she fancied being the centre of attention, having four hands touching her, having two cocks to play with, wanted to try spit roasting and just experimenting as she felt she had missed out over the years. I then said but you used to do anal with your ex, she told me his cock was small and although they fucked now and again he couldn’t feel her pussy around his cock and that’s how they started doing anal as it was a tight feeling for him I then mentioned were condoms going to be used when our visitor came inside her, she said we will have to see if he is clean and genuine and can be trusted.

We were quite excited about meeting Joe but it was 2 days away, when we went to bed Amanda said fuck me tell me you still want me. Now although we had done the normal stuff, I decided to see if she would let me fuck her arse seeing I was much bigger than her ex so while fingering her pussy and kissing her all over I made sure she was going to squirt and had learned that talking dirty to her was starting to get off more quickly, I forcing 3 fingers up her saying just imagine if his cock was this thick and was fucking you hard, she started to buck and she came quite hard with her juices running down her cheeks of her arse, I then said “O” he hasn’t cum yet and he wants to fuck you on all fours, she moved desperate to receive my cock but I started fingering her and using my thumb on her arse hole, she was in a world of her own when I said he might want to fuck you up here as I pushed my thumb right up her hole, she moaned as if accepting he might. As she was now accepting 2 fingers I positioned behind her and placed my cock at her entrance, she placed her head on the pillow accepting what was going to happen pushing the head of my cock past her tight rim, she moaned loudly as I got through raising her head saying “O” my god that feels good, I started to slowly fuck her she started to push back against my every stroke telling me to talk dirty to her. So I did pulling her hair saying you might get a cock up here and one in your pussy-she came that was it she bucked like mad and I followed by coming up her ass.

The day arrived when we were meeting Joe, Amanda put on a summer dress, hold ups, with some nice high heeled shoes, she looked a million dollars as we went to the pub to meet him, we were both nervous, Amanda was saying what if I don’t like him. I said it will be up to her to say no. We didn’t have to, she set eyes on a nice sun tanned male with charm and was an easy approachable person to talk to and within minutes we were talking as if we had been friends for years. After a few drinks we decided to go home, as we entered Amanda went to the bathroom and me and Joe had a beer, she came down picked up the wine and sat next to Joe crossing her leg towards him and said thank you for not being pushy in the bar, then kissed him, he responded and reciprocated and I could see their tongues entwined which I knew turned Amanda on, I wanted to join them but also wanted to watch the emotion on her face as Joe stroked her body ever so slightly, her dress exposing her hold ups, It was so erotic to see. Soon he was kissing her neck and squeezing her breasts as she let out a moan, she stopped had a drink saying my god I can’t believe how relaxed I am. I asked shall we go upstairs but she looked over and said why don’t we bring the quilt down here and have fun on the floor.

I was up the stairs in 4 steps and down in less than 60 seconds she was on her knees stroking Joe’s crutch trying to unzip him, he helped her as well as loosening his belt and out came his cock, no bigger than mine but much thinner. She started sucking his bell end knowing fine well she was scraping her teeth ever so slightly over his helmet noticing one of her hands was rubbing her pussy. I got up and knelt behind her whispering in her ear as I took over touching her clit saying are you enjoying this new found cock? She just moaned and I couldn’t help myself released my cock and entered her in one stroke telling her to keep sucking on that cock, I unzipped her dress pulling it off her so as it was around her waist and Joe started to touch her nipples as I massaged her back and bum cheeks. After a while I sat on the floor watching them both as he pushed her on her back removed her dress completely and went to town licking and kissing her whole body, she reached out for me and wanted kissing, it was great to hear her moan with the actions Joe was doing she then raised her arse of the floor as she came and squirted a little, I said you held back again, Joe saying I hope you will squirt more during the evening. Suddenly Joe asked if she was ready for some cock and asked about condoms, Amanda said she wanted to feel him inside, that was it he placed his cock to her pussy lips stroking it up and down her lips and then pushed gradually home, Amanda just kept looking at me biting her lip and held my hand, I started to wank watching as she held Joe in her arms as he started to fuck her with powerful thrusts and her matching him, I placed my cock in her mouth and she started to suck. Joe seemed to be in top gear and was moving his hips from side to side so as to touch the walls of her pussy, Amanda took my cock out of her mouth saying can we do what you suggested last night before Joe cums, of course Joe didn’t know what we had talked about. I asked him if had done anal, he hadn’t but didn’t mind trying, Amanda pushed Joe off and said I want you both to be gentle with me, she asked me to lay on my back and she lowered herself onto my cock then told Joe let me fuck for a while and finger my bum. Amanda started to move up and down on my cock looking into my eyes showing the signs that she was going to cum again she rested over me whispering in my ear, tell him to put his cock up me, he positioned himself and took his time, saying bloody hell this is a first, what a feeling, god this feels good, I grabbed Amanda’s hips and started to thrust up her at the same time Joe did, he had reached around to grab her breasts and giving them a good squeeze as well as lightly biting her neck, she was in heaven looking down on me whispering are you enjoying this as much as I am. She then shouted she was just about to cum, I grabbed her face and said let’s hear you cum properly! show Joe how well you can squirt, that was it she continuously moaned out aloud, shacking as me and Joe still kept fucking her, she then asked if we could stop but I said me and Joe haven’t finished, we haven’t cum yet, we fucked her for about another 2 minutes when she started saying Christ “O” my god I’m going to cum again “O” fuck and both Joe and I said so are we. We all came at the same time; sweat was running of all of us as we inhaled to get oxygen into our lung’s that was the biggest joint orgasm you could ever imagine.

As we lay on our backs, I turned on my side and could see spunk running out of her pussy, I couldn’t help myself I went done to taste the nectar of our juices, she was sensitive but was enjoying the light touches.

There is a part 3 to follow