Written by Matthew

16 Mar 2011

I had no idea what to expect when I returned to the room. I thought that she might be full of remorse, probably in tears, telling me how sorry she was and begging me to forgive her. However what I found was an almost smug Di whose opening line was “that was fun”! She then asked me if I’d enjoyed it and asked if I wanted some. Having just had a wank in the sauna, I had to tell her I needed some recovery time, which made her hoot with laughter. I told her what he’d said about going back the next day, but surprisingly she said “I don’t think so”.

We went out for a few drinks and dinner and got back to the hotel about half past ten. We went to the hotel lounge for a nightcap and he was sitting on his own at one end of the bar. He smiled and we went over, mainly because it seemed rude not to. He introduced himself as Michael and bought us a drink. We chatted for twenty minutes or so. It was friendly enough and there was no mention of the afternoon’s activities. Then we said goodnight and went to bed. We made love that night and, as we lay recovering afterwards, she commented that he was a lot bigger than me. I don’t know quite how I felt about that, but didn’t respond.

The next morning we went for a walk along the cliffs and had a bite of lunch out, returning to the hotel about three o’clock. I asked Di if she wanted to go swimming and she laughed at me and asked if that was what I wanted her to do. I told her it was entirely up to her, but I was embarrassed and she knows me well enough to know that the idea was turning me on. However, she told me she wanted to rest and that I should go for a swim and tell Michael she wouldn’t be coming. She said it was rude to leave him just sitting there.

I went down to the pool and got changed for a swim. There was nobody about so I figured he wasn’t going to show either. I swam a few lengths and, when I’d tired myself out, went to sit in the sauna. After ten minutes or so I suddenly realised that since both of them were absent they could be together, which I know was a bit paranoid, but I decided to head back to the room. However, as I stood up, there was Michael heading for the sauna. I sat back down and he came into the sauna with a towel tied around his waste.

We exchanged a few pleasantries and he sat down opposite me. He removed the towel and to my amazement he was wearing nothing underneath. He laid the towel on the bench and sat down. Di was right - he was very well endowed. He asked where Di was and I told him she wasn’t coming down. He laughed and said confidently “she’ll be here”. I reiterated that we’d discussed it and she didn’t want to and I was only here to let him know. He didn’t reply and we sat there in silence for a while.

As we sat there I noticed that he seemed to be getting bigger. He didn’t have an erection, but he was certainly developing a semi. He really was very big indeed and I idly wondered if Di had turned down his offer of a return visit because she was worried she couldn’t take it. As I contemplated this fact he suddenly said “you certainly like my cock don’t you?” I blushed and told him not to be ridiculous. “You can’t take your eyes off it”, he continued. Then he said, “if your wife’s not going to do the honours, I think you’d better, don’t you?”

“Yeah, right” I responded, rather pathetically. He stood up and walked over so that he was standing directly in front of me. He was only a matter of inches from me. He said “go on then, suck it!” I was motionless. However, Oddly I was now actually considering this as an option. “I can tell you want to”, he continued. And for what seemed like an age but was probably only about ten seconds or so I sat and he stood above me, both waiting and wondering what would happen next.

Then he put his hand behind my head and pulled me towards him. And I opened my mouth and his cock was inside. I have never even thought about doing this before but surprisingly it was not unpleasant. I felt him getting harder in my mouth and, when he was fully erect, I could only just get my mouth around it. I sucked and licked him for five minutes or so. Then he stopped me and said he wanted to sit down. So he sat back on his towel and I knelt by his feet. For the next quarter of an hour I concentrated on giving him pleasure and I began wondering what would happen when he was ready to cum.

Then suddenly the door opened. I tried to break away but he held my head firmly in position. “Told you he would” he said. And Di replied “ you win”. I was in total shock. I realised that somehow they had cooked this up between them. She sat down next to him and he said “keep sucking, I think the lady would like to watch for a while before I fuck her”. And for the next ten minutes or so I carried on, my mind a jumble of thoughts, while he began to play Di with his fingers.

Then he pulled me off him and told me to sit and watch. She climbed on top of him. She gasped as he entered her, but had no trouble taking his formidable girth inside her. She fucked him and they both loved it. It carried on for at least a quarter of an hour and she came three times in close succession. Then he said he was going to cum. She climbed off and he pulled me back towards him. I was unsure of this, but didn’t object and moments later he was filling my mouth with rope after rope of hot stringy cum. There was so much I had no choice but to swallow it down, otherwise I would have choked.

They exchanged a few words as I remained kneeling on the floor, then he wrapped himself back into his towel, she put her bikini back on, and they left the sauna, leaving me alone, wondering about my sexuality and, particularly, where this left my marriage.