Written by oxonsteve

14 Dec 2012

Whilst living in Germany in the early 90s we had a threesome encounter one drunken Christmas Eve with Tony (21) and my wife Sandra(28). We had definitely enjoyed the experience and days after this first time swinging adventure my wife suggested if the chance came around she would like to get together again.

As Tony was a work colleague, it wasn’t too difficult to arrange. I invited him around on an evening a few weeks later knowing that we would all have sex. He probably knew that as well.

The evening arrived, this time we had decided that we did not need alcohol as dutch courage and offered Tony a cup of tea, We felt comfortable in each others company and I could see Tony was enjoying looking at my wife in her tight T shirt (no bra) nipples poking through and jeans, which showed off her shapely 36C breasts and curvy body. Soon the conversation turned to our previous threesome, talking about the pleasure we had all gained that evening and how Sandra particularly loved having extra cock and prolonged sex sessions.. I suggested we should have some fun this evening. Surprise, surprise, there was agreement all round. Within minutes Sandra took off her tee shirt releasing her braless breasts for us both to view with those lovely large nipples, then came the tight jeans, which she asked for our help. It took no time at all for us to pull them off revealing her lovely pussy. She told us to follow her upstairs. There we were following my naked wife upstairs into our bedroom. Me and Tony got undressed whilst Sandra watched and I was as hard as ever. We both laid on the bed and my wife climbed between us ready for the fun to begin. We were prepared to wear condoms, but Sandra didn’t want them, she wanted bareback fun. She made it known that I was not to direct her and Tony as she wanted to get into a rhythm to enjoy the full length of his large cock, which was a few inches longer than mine and definitely thicker.

Once lying down in between us she wanked us both off for a few minutes, ensuring we were at our full hardness, then she started sucking me off and turned to Tony and then sucked his cock, once ready she positioned herself and took Tony and guided him into her wetness, soon she had her face of ecstasy and her lovely firm breasts and hardened nipples were gently swaying to the rhythm of their lovemaking as Tony was pumping into her giving her his full length, I knelt beside her, where she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me, her eyes looking up at me with the look of lust in them. I shot my load but as Sandra was not a swallower, I had to shoot over her body and rub the warm cum into her skin. My hardness subsided and I was surprised that Tony was still going. Suddenly his breathing changed and I could see that he was shooting his load inside my wife, Sandra was loving it, opening her legs wider letting him go deeper. Tony hadn’t finished and continued to fuck her. My wife couldn’t believe her luck that he had stayed hard. Repositioning, they took up the missionary position. Sandra looked at me with a glow on her face and also one of lust as Tony started to pump again, this time Sandra was making wonderful sexual noises as she had a cock delving deeper than before, I became more of a watcher as they began to kiss, and really got into each other. Her nipples responded to her young studs attention as he sucked a nipple in turn. As soon as I was ready I submitted my cock to my wife again for sucking, she done it with her usual skill until I came again. The session continued and I was allowed to fuck her for a while whilst she sucked his cock. Her pussy was stretched and the feeling was amazing as I was getting sticky seconds.

It was getting late, and as I was on the early shift the following day, I suggested they go to the spare room if they wished and enjoy each others company. Tony thanked me for allowing this to happen and Sandra was amazed how cool I remained, considering I hadn’t been a major player in this evenings play, unlike before. The two of them, naked left our room, both of them still very much aroused. Once they were in the spare room, which was next to ours I could hear they had started again, The headboard was banging away and the sexual sounds telling me they were enjoying it. I left them to it.

The following morning, Sandra joined me for breakfast, whilst Tony slept and said that she had thoroughly enjoyed the time on her own with Tony and that she had sucked his cock again and then the sex was less frantic until they both orgasmed with him shooting his cum inside her again. She was completely taken aback that he was a repeater and had filled her up with his seed throughout the evening, so much that she could still feel it. Although she had an amazing session, if it were to happen again she would stick to a threesome and not go through to another room as it felt more comfortable with me their. I kissed her, squeezed her breasts and went to work with a roaring hard on looking forward to having her to myself in the evening.