12 Feb 2017

We are a very normal happy couple, me in my third marriage and she in her second. When we met I fell for her and we were in bed together within a week, the experience drilled into my mind just what a sexy woman she was (and is). we have two grown up daughters who drop in occasionally for a meal or to borrow a few quid from bank of mum and dad but otherwise we see them maybe once a week or so. Our interest in a wider sexual involvement came from me, much like many husbands and lovers on this site I had a compelling desire to see her enjoying her body with another man. Unlike in my previous involvements I decided to suggest that she could take a lover if she wanted as I knew she had been having fun with plenty of guys since her marriage break up and the thought of it had given me a hard on and food for my imagination which constantly replayed a scene where a different cock was fucking her.

I did not so much as wear her down, more fired her own imagination where a guy she was dating and loved her was sufficiently trusting and happy with her having fun with others. We discussed it in depth and though she was reluctant at first, my insistence that the fun she could have was not going to be used by me as a weapon to do the same myself, indeed I explained in my best way that it would strengthen our bonds because I totally trusted her and the one thing which causes trouble in a relationship is forbidden fruit. However I put it, it worked and we began to scrutinise contact mags and then the internet to find suitable people. We have met men from both pathways but we also visited pubs where I would enter either through a different door or at slightly different times and she would see if there were any likely lovers or not. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not but the thrill as I entered to see her being chatted up was a magical experience each and every time, and the failures felt cruel and unkind as if she was being cheated of a special prize.

Her flat was close to York centre and I had moved in with her only very recently, most of my clothes were still where my to be ex wife lived and I had volunteered never to go there without a week's notice. We were getting ready for a friday night search, Liz in stockings and suspenders, a white dress which flared and flicked up sexily when she walked, red high heels, nude stockings and white bra, thong and suspender belt, looking gorgeous, her 34DD breasts lovely and full, nipples which harden immediately she is turned on and a partly shaved pussy with her cunt lips showing through the thin white lace of her thong. We got into town and after a quick look together through some pubs we settled on one in Gillygate York. She entered the front door while i sauntered round the back, spoke to a few lads I played football against the previous week, then wanderd through the pub and found her already talking to a lad around her age and a drink in hand. I was in a lobby but served from the same bar, she was talking to the guy but had noticed me and smiled and raised her eyebrows in a 'this one might do' gesture. I smiled and nodded my head in acknowledgement and started on my freshly drawn pint.

It was after she had bought a round with him they went to sit at a table as the bar was filling up before some live music began in a back room. We arranged that if she was happy to be having fun, that we would meet near the toilets and make final plans as I had no idea whether it would be to his place, whereby I was going to have to wait for her to come home full of come or back to hers where we had arranged the furniture and curtains to allow me to see the fun without being obvious. She eventually made her excuse to visit the ladies room and give me her news. 'He is going to watch the band and then come back to the flat' music to my ears in both respects. I said I would watch the first set and then make my way back to the flat and get hidden. It was late summer but very warm and the big window was slightly open to cool the bedsit area, the bed only a couple of feet away from the window, a net curtain giving a mysterious misty view to the inside from where I was going to be standing.

Thus prepared I had a second pint and wandered through to the performance area. The group were all set up and tuning up, it was close to start time and Liz and her man came in, he was carrying her drink and she saw me and smiled wickedly, unnoticed by her future lover as he was behind her. They sat in a darkened corner and I saw his hand on her knee and her naughty grin as he inched his way up her dress. The room filled a bit and music began. They were pretty good but bloody loud but I was not concentrating on that, more the mini scrum in the corner as she was rubbing the front of his jeans and provoking him about what lay ahead. She went to the loo again and I waited outside until she emerged, handed me something and said that maybe I should go because she did not think they would stay much longer, I looked at my hand and saw her thong, she said 'Need I say more?' and left for the room after giving me a kiss and saying 'This is for you'.

I left what was left of my pint and set off for the flat. Soon I was inside, feeling weird, excited, apprehensive, a stonking hard on and heart thumping almost beyond its capability, my stomach churned, I was not thinking straight, I talked to myself as I looked at the bed and the sofa where my love was about to be having sex. The clock refused to move, my watch seemed to be going backwards but I had to get out of the room which would soon be filled with riotous sex between two people with an audience of one, uninvited by the guy, but exhibitionist of the other. I was outside, it must have been twenty minutes since I left the pub but it felt like I was in a time warp but then the sound of a key in the door and I was frozen. They walked in, hugging and kissing, her fumbling in his jeans and him with his hand up her dress. They reached the far side of the bed and he pushed her onto it gently. She lay with her dress rucked up and he saw her cunt, his fingers reaching inside and she urged him on, moving her body up and down his fingers. He was saying how dirty she was and asked where her thong was, she replied that she had given them to a guy when she came out of the toilets (true). She sat up and released his jeans and pulled his pants down and stroked his now exposed cock, then she leaned forward and took it in her mouth. I saw his eyes close and his head roll back, then look down at this sexy woman devouring his shaft.

Soon he was fucking her mouth, my grandstand view was in danger of being exposed when a waft of breeze lifted the net curtain. I stepped back a couple of paces in case I was seen but they were engrossed in the cock sucking and I remained invisible. I was wanking slowly and trying to control my breath, then I needed a pee, this was unexpected but I thought quickly and stepped onto the lawn over a dwarf wall, knelt down and pissed on the grass soundlessly. All the while I was rivetted to the spectacle in the flat. Soon the show improved when he leaned over her back and slid the zip down while she sucked his cock. I saw her bra strap exposed and then she stopped, stood up and he drew her dress off, and removed her bra as well, leaving her looking fantastic, naked except for stockings and suspenders, and red high heels. She helped get him naked and there they were, ready to fuck and looking great. my heart leaped at the fantastic sight, my woman going to be fucked by another cock and we were both wanting this. She turned and rolled the duvet off the bed and then laid on it, where I had been fucking her that morning, she was now accepting another cock and looking very contented.

She did steal a few looks towards me when he was licking her cunt, but appeared not to be able to see me, but I could see it all. He emerged with his face covered in juice, his cock twitching and Liz ready to accept his cock bareback inside her wet and willing cunt. She looked divine to me, smiling and helping feed his cock into her, urging him to fuck her well and fill her with his spunk. Now they moved in unison, both impatiently screwing and bouncing about on the bed, his arse pushing firmly against her, getting as deep in her as he could. It probably lasted around ten minutes, I lost all track of time but the writhing was magical, the urging of each of them taking their joy from the unison and sheer fuck frenzy. the bed was a mess and when he came she had her head close to the floor near the window. I was stationed not three feet from them, he was looking down at her, if he had looked up I think he might well have spotted me wanking my raging cock as I saw her nipples standing erect, her neck red and flushed. He was too close to stop though so was looking at my wman as he shot his spunk inside her and her reaction to being fucked completely made her grab his arse and pull him closer as if she wanted to wear him. They were done and after a slow comedown, he slipped out of her, then seemed to get a fit of guilt, thanked her, and hurriedly dressed while she lay with his come dribbling down her inner thigh, he was dressed and at the door, then turned and said he needed to get back to the pub as his wife was meeting him there, then left. I lifted the sash window and climbed inside and stripped naked and plunged inside her telling her how great it had been and how truly much I loved her, we fucked and I experienced that unique sloppy seconds lubrication for the first time. An experience I have now enjoyed many times over the years and want to again and again