Written by Alan

1 Sep 2018

I would like to relate to you a an experience that my ex wife, Angie and I had around 15 years ago when Angie was 32 and I was 35. Despite having two children Angie had kept herself in shape at around a size 12. She had short blonde hair, green eyes and stunning 34C breasts with the most gorgeous nipples that I struggled to keep my hands off. I too had kept in shape as I ran for a club. Unfortunately, whilst I had lots of stamina, I was always worried that my cock never measured up, being only just under 5 inches, although Angie never complained.

Our sex life had entered that phase where it was a little predictable and despite Angie being a very sensuous woman I was finding it difficult to perform with all the pressures of work and demands of family life. T spice things up a bit one night we agreed to share our fantasies. Angie went first and as we lay naked in bed she described how she thought about sleeping with another woman. This was a bit of a cop out as I was aware that she had already achieved this before she met me. Still I listened attentively as she described in some detail what she should look like, what toys they would pleasure each other. Then she shocked me a little when she explained that she would do this in front of a mixed audience of men and women. She went into increasing details of how they would bring each other to climax while the spectators cheered them on. As she wanked my cock I encouraged her to tell me how she felt with the audience, apparently in a seedy working mens club watching them perform for both their own as well as the paying customers satisfaction.. Angie however stopped and insisted that it was now my turn.

Nothing could persuade her to continue so with considerable apprehension I took a deep breath and related my deepest held fantasy. This involved her making me a cuckold. I told her he would have a nice big cock and would be a very attentive lover. Angie was now hanging on my every word, while all the time continuing to wank my painfully erect 4.5 inch cock. She wanted to know if they could kiss and whether he could eat out her pussy. I dutifully nodded my submission until what I expected was the final question, namely could they fuck. Again I confirmed my status and agreed they would need to fully consummate their relationship . For the second time in one night she shocked me as she enquired if he could go bare back. I hesitated before nodding once again. The though of another mans naked cock sliding into my wifes pussy was almost too much. Gaining some confidence in what was after all only fantasy Angie this time told me that of course he would have to come in her unprotected pussy. She then compounded my humiliation as she asserted that she would then get him to wipe his cock on her tits before ordering me to dutifully clean all the residue cum off. I would then be ordered to lick out her well serviced pussy ensuring that I licked out as much of this mans fertile cum as possible. All this was too much and I quickly mounted Angie and we fucked frantically. This time I was so turned on that within around 4 minute I shot my cum into Angie's we pussy.

A silence followed our fucking. The tension was almost palpable and finally broken by Angie assertively telling me that she wanted to do it for real. I asked which fantasy, hers or mine? With no hesitation she boldly told me she wanted to be fucked by another man in front of me. I could hardly believe my luck. I grinned widely as I enthusiastically agreed to allow another man to fuck her. Angie had a cheeky grin as she called me a dirty bastard and then immediately asking how we would make our now shared fantasy very much a reality. I had already given this some thought and having ready some letters on this site I suggested that we join a local swingers club. This way we could go at our own pace and not be committed to doing anything other than put some towels on. Angie thought this was a great idea. I showed her the web page as Angie then instructed me to give her oral. Again I dutifully obeyed and began licking out her cum drenched juices.

Next I will tell you about the fulfilment of our now shared fantasy and how I certainly got a lot more than I asked for.