Written by juicylucy_ian

20 Jul 2010

For those of you who missed us yesterday I thought I’d fill you in on our little escapades on swingers.

Ian had an unexpected day of on Monday, so wishing to make the most of it and feeling very horny I put on a nice sexy bra, that barely keeps my tits in, and a matching thong. I put my dressing gown over the top so he couldn’t see sat down at the lap top and put on swingers. After looking in a few rooms and finding them full of boring people who didn’t want to talk I found a room and started to reveal my ample tits. As I was doing this Ian came in and the look on his face said it all, he just sat down and watched as I teased, giving a flash of tit, and my arse in my thong. I took off my bra and started playing with my nipples, showing my piercings off and playing with them.

Ian then came round beside me and took over as camera man as I got myself arranged opening my legs wide and playing with my pussy. My clit ring and lip rings were shinning, and my pussy was wet and juicy. I got my vibe out and started thrusting it into my pussy enjoying the comments that were coming my way, it’s nice to have an appreciative audience. With my pussy so wet and the vibe teasing my clit it didn’t take me long to cum, I was soon gasping and writhing the vibe going deeper and deeper into me. I then stopped and knelt down to give Ian a good licking and blow job, the taste of his pre cum was delicious, I took him as deep into my mouth as I could, squeezing his balls, this seemed to impress the men in the room and made them more vocal, especially when I was pulling on Ian’s nipple rings as well, this always gets him going.

Then we moved to the sofa, bringing the web cam and lap top with us, Ian started fucking my pussy, thrusting his large cock deep inside me, I was wriggling and groaning, begging him to push deeper into me. He stopped and with the cam in the right position started to fuck my arse, as he was fucking me hard and fast I was telling him about all the people watching us, and what they were saying, we both love being watched and it gives us the most amazing orgasms and yesterday was no different, after several minutes fucking my arse Ian shot his hot sticky cum right in it. He then took the camera and gave everyone a good look at my open gapping pussy and arse with his cum dripping out of it. It was so amazing.

For those of you who haven’t tried voyeurism what better place than swingers, you get the horn, and lots of positive comments, and those watching get a show, and if your very good you get to see them shooting cum at the site of you fucking, and what could be better than that?