Written by TRAWLER1

6 Nov 2008

My wife and I were out one evening with another couple that we saw socialy very frequently. I had known the guy for many years even before my marriage and we had only recently renewed or frendship.

My wife is a very sexy woman even when she does not try to be. She is a very touchy feely type person. She is totally innocent in her intentions when she touches anther guys leg or arm when conversing but the guys take it seriously.

I knew that my friend had the hots for her due to previous incidents such as very sexy dancing or extra long kisses. You know, just enought to raise the eyebrows but nothing you could really indentify.

We had only been married for two years at the time this event occurred. I was a bit jealous aboutmy wife and was always cautioning her about her demeanor at parties and such where the guys were concerned. She always scoffed at my suggestion that some of the guys would like to make out with her. I don\\\'t remember when it occurred to me that the conversations we had about this subject were sexually me but I began to pursue the subjct more and more frequently. I got to the level where I was whisperng in her ear that maybe it was someone else fucking her when I would be between her legs. She, at first, reacted with surprise that I would suggest such a thing and then she fort of settled into the role play which became a regular part of our sex.

At some point in time I think she decided to herself that a little experimening might be fun. I noticed that her touching became teasing and she was drawing the guys like flies to her at parties. I might mention that Pattie could not hold her booze. She drank those things that women like thathve very little alchole and lots of flavor. Others in the group realized early on that they could spike Patte\\\'s drinks wth a bit more booze each time and she would really start to put ona show with her innocent banter and actions. Even some of the gals in the group enjoyed her antics.

It was after one of these parties at our friends house that both of us had too much to drink and decided to stay over, as was the case quite often.

On this particular night

we and the other couple retired to the den for a nightcap after the group had gone.

Somehow Porter\\\'s wife, Helen, and I ended upon the sofa and Porter and my wife ended up sitting on the carpet.

There were drinks all around and lots of bnter about the party and the interacton between guests. The conversation seemed to be concentrating on sex and sexual teasing tht wenton between guests. I realized that our hosts, Helen in particular, were keeping the conversation on the subject of sex.

I was drowsey with booze and joined in occasionally but allowed the other three to do most of the talking about who had touched who\\\'s ass and danced in the dark on the patio.

Somehow the conversation got around to which male member of the group had the biggest cock. I tuned in on that part o the conversation and watched my wife\\\'s face for her reaction. This was heavy stuff for her but I could tell that she was fasinatd by the subject. It may have had something to do with the fact that I am small in that department. I was a bit jealous of Pattie\\\'s reactions when Helen talked about how big this one or that one was and how penis size had been the subject of dscussion between the wives on several occasions.Helen went on to describe in detail the long bent penis of one of the guys that several o them saw one afternoon when he was peeing in the woods at a cookout and thought no one was looking.

Then Helen said, \\\"my boy has them all beat!\\\" Pattie got an amazed look on her face and said she didn\\\'t believe it. Helen quickly responded with, \\\"see for yourself.\\\"

Porter had, at some point, stretched out on te carpet on his back with his arms over his head.

Pattie was sitting next to him. She grinned and reached over pretending that she was going to unzip his pants.

She actually rested her hand at his belt and and said his name dragging it out, \\\"Poorrterr?\\\" I fully expected him to react with a quick move to get away from her hand but he just lay there grinning. I tensed with anticiption as to where this was all going. Helen urged Pattie on. \\\"Go ahead, I dare you!\\\" Helen abruptly got up saying, \\\"I better turn down a few lights in case someone walks by a window!\\\" She moved about the room flipping several lights off and using the dimmer switch on the ceiling light. The room suddenly became all shadows with just enough light tosee the facial ffeatures of each other. Pattie had enogh time to grow cold on the idea of unzipping Porter\\\'s pants. She suddenly realized how far things had gone.Helen prompted her, \\\"Hey I went to the trouble of turning the ights down are you chicken?\\\" Pattie can\\\'t stand to be called chicken or not take a dare. She looked at me and I just smiled my boozed up smile.

Suddenly she was a woman with a mission. She shifted her position to where she was literally sitting on Porter\\\'s lower legs. She bent down in the light to to see how to get his belt buckle open. I watched his hands take advantage of her butt sticking up in te air. He pretended to be trying to get her off his egs mumbling aout her flatttening his kneecaps. His hands grasped her butt cheeks and held them.

Helen leaned into me and whispred,\\\"this should be fun\\\" and patted my leg. She kepther hand n ly leg. It felt good. I could feel the heat of her hand thru my pants as she pressed against my upper thigh.I was frozen in place. afraid that if I moved she might move her hand.

I now had a raging hard on. My wife was sitting on a male, she had now moved up to the point where the bulge i his pants was between her bare thighs as her dress had slipped up high on her legs as she slid up on hijm to releive his legs and get closer to her task.

I leaned into Helen and whispered, \\\"holy shit! She is going to do it!\\\" then I ot te surprise of my life..Helen turned her head and kissed me! At the same time she slid her hand further up my leg and gave my swollen ock a squeeze. I was seeing rainbows! She laid over on me nd whispered, \\\"Do you want me to do the same with you?\\\" I was not ready for that. I was afraid that my wife would not continue her conquest and she would look up and see Helen holding my cock. I wanted it all to happen. I could not remember when I had been so sexually charged. I caught Helen\\\'s hand as her fingers probed for my zipper and whispered,\\\"wait, hold on a minute and lets see what happens, ok?\\\"

Seh squeezed my cock agan thru my pants and relaxed against me.

Porter had closed his eyes. He was laying there holding my wife\\\'s round ass as she giggled and worked to pull his now open fly further apart.

The moment of truth. I strained in the dim light to see Patti\\\'s hand work its way into the depths of Porter\\\'s clothing ndsearch about. \\\"Oh my God!\\\" She gasped. \\\"Oh my God!\\\"

Porter lifted his hips and used his own hands to push his pants further down. I saw, just for an instant, an apendage flop out that must have been a good eight inches long and thick. My wife had moved her hands away from him and was sitting there on his thighs looking down at the meat laying literally between her legs.

Helen\\\'s voice came out of the dark, \\\"Touch it, touch it and it will get bigger.\\\" My wife obiedenly moved one hand to lay it palm down on object in her lap. by doing so she was no longer braceing herself from her right side. Porter deftly pulled her down to himself and rolled her gently over. As she rolled over onto erback Porter easily slid her skirt te rest of the way up to her hips. I could see a flash of her white panties andhe setted between her legs, his hand between them. \\\"No Porter.\\\" She said. She whispered it very unconvincingly. I watched as his hand worked to draw her panties to he side and then my vision was blocked by Helen placing her mouth over mine and pushing my hand down to the center of her crotch.

I was kissing Helen and busy trying to remove clothing from between us when I heard the unmistakable gasp of my wife Pattie taking that big cock straight into her pussy. I climaxed all over Helen\\\'s hand.