Written by Sandy

21 Oct 2014

Hi my name is Sandy , true , and this is how I sorted out my finances .I am a hairdresser , or was in my late thirties . Divorced from a no good gambler and drinker . I got little from the divorce ,but managed to get a small flat in town and was keeping my head above water ,but with nothing to spare .I was slowly getting my home together using HP ,but then the hairdressers shut down as the lease came up .It turned out that I would have to wait for my wages and any other monies, so foolishly I took out a short term lone .There was a delay on any money coming my way and the mortgage was due as were HP payments not to mention the interest on my lone which just took off . I stood to lose everything and just couldn't face that . Walking home from a wasted visit to the benefit office I passed a sex shop and I thought sex always sells and I asked myself if I could do it .I knew I looked good ,medium height with good legs and a firm bum and bust ,but how to go about it .The thought of getting picked up in a pub or hanging around bars in hotels filled me with horror not to mention the type of client I would get .I wondered if I could walk the streets during the day when business men might have free time and would find it easier than going out at night , when wives might wonder why .

I decided to give it a go .I went home and dressed in a respectable way so as not to look obvious ,but good enough ,to appeal to a man on the lookout . my skirt was a little short .my heels quite high and I put on an ankle chain .I didn't know which was the correct ankle , but I chose the right I had stockings on ,no knickers or bra ,but that was for later to close any deal .

I went to a chemist for condoms ,although I had had the snip and then I walked to the area which was no distance from my flat .

I noticed two girls ,but they were young and obvious and took no notice of me as they didn't regard me as someone who would take business off them .

I walked slowly with trembling legs wondering if I had made a dreadful mistake , but I had no money , not even for food so I carried on .I noticed a car had gone around the block a couple of times with the driver clocking me I gave him a smile ,but he carried on ,but he must have around again and stopped next to me .He stopped and wound down his window I made myself walk over to his car although I wanted to run .

"I am sorry to bother you" he said "and I might have made a dreadful mistake ,but I am at a loose end and I wondered if you would care to help me pass some time" Well I couldn't have wished for a more polite introduction ,but I had to let him know that I was looking for business and not fun ."That would be nice ,but I am not cheap" was all I could think of saying ."That is not a problem provided you have what I am looking for and that is not a quick time in a car park"

Well to cut to the chase in no time we were back in my flat .Not a problem as everyone else in the block was out all day .

I decided it would be best to tell him the truth that I was totally ignorant as this was my very first time , but my need for money was such that I would try to please him ,for a price

He liked that and said how much to give me complete freedom provided I am not violent with you .I thought and said £200 and I am yours to enjoy .The money was put on my dinning table and I led him to my bedroom .

He stripped me down to nothing and had a good look at what he had bought and I felt like a piece of meat. He was surprised that I wasn't shaved ,but had rather a large dark bush , which I liked .He stripped off and he looked quite fit and was well hung .

I was pushed on to the bed and he lay next to me and felt me all over .His fingers found my clit and he began to play with it .I was startled to discover I was getting wet and then his fingers went in me .He then took them out , lifted my legs and pushed two fingers up my anus .I squeeled in pain as I had no experience of this ever.

He got up and stood over me and said he had a deal for me As he believed me it was my first time he would give me another hundred for all three holes , but no condoms .

Well I took a risqué and didn't stop to think hard , but said O.K.

He came back onto the bed and pulled my head down and pushed his prick into my mouth. I thought I will do a good job and sucked hard using my tongue all the time .He talked all the time telling me how good it was and I was pleased .It didn't last long before he came and I found my mouth full of cum from a man who was a complete stranger .It didn't taste bad and at his asking I swallowed and licked him clean .He lay back and relaxed and asked me to straddle him and massage his chest with my cunt It was good and it worked on me too .

Soon he was erect again and pushed me on to my back .It was easy for him to slide in me and once again I had to come to terms with a stranger doing this to me .I was lucky because he was very good , but I tried not to let him know as I felt he was getting a kick from using me and he wouldn't me to enjoy myself ,rather that I had given in to him .He lasted a long time and I was getting sore inside because he was big for me ,but finally he lifted my legs up and pushed my knees to my ears and pounded away at me until he collapsed .I am sure I felt his cum hit my womb when he came and I certainly felt it coming out of me .

I got up and cleaned myself in the bathroom .I went back and asked him if he want to clean up , but was told that that was my job and once again I liked him clean ,this time tasting myself as well .

He wouldn't let me stop licking and sucking and my lips were sore and tired when at last he began to rise again .

He told me to roll onto my front and my nerve failed me and I said I had never done this and I don't want to do it .He just said that I was a whore and my job was to let him enjoy himself and with that he force his knees between my legs , forcing them apart .He put two fingers in my mouth and told me to lick them and get them really wet .The fingers were pushed into my anus and moved around .he then pulled them out and but them back in my mouth .There was no mistaking the taste and I gaged . It made no difference , in fact I think he enjoyed it . Now there were three fingers moving around in me . To my horror I was being turned on by it .It was my good lick that he was such an expert .

I knew what was coming when I felt the tip of his cock on my anus , which was really wet and a little stretched .How ever not enough as it really hurt as he slowly slid in me . I was gasping and panting , but more and more slid in until I could feel being pushed inside .He started slowly and his grunts matched my moans and whimpers The pain eased as I was well and truly stretched .His hands moved to my breasts to give him a good grip and made sure I could not move away from him . The pounding increased and he was panting as he gave my a tremendous fucking .I could feel his sweat dripping down onto me and he was calling me a fucking whore and he was going to get his monies worth out of me .I was calling him a callous bastard and that he was cruel to hurt me so .He said he didn't believe me and that I was loving it .Finally I was weeping gently into the pillow my body as my body was bounced up and down like a rag doll .He came at last and fell onto me .We were both covered in sweat and I think the room didn't smell nice .

He rolled off me and used my hair to pull my face down to clean him up again .I was too weak to resist and did exactly as I was told .

He left me on the bed ,went and showered and came back to dress .I hadn't moved. I knew I was filthy and stank ,but he didn't seem to notice.

"Same time same place tomorrow .I have a friend who would really enjoy you " he said as he left .Hours later I showered ,went late night shopping , thinking about tomorrow.