Written by Sandy

10 Nov 2016

My days became very similar ,Monday to Friday on my beat from Noon to six followed by a clean up of the flat .Weekends I rested and pampered myself . Hands , feet and hair and a sun tan session on Saturday and the papers to read on Sunday . I was only making enough to live from one week to the next .Laundry bills were high , as was the cost of keeping me looking good . Still ,with nothing else in sight I kept going .I had a number of regulars ,some I was pleased to see ,others no ,but I could not afford to be too fussy . I was giving my arse a complete rest though and it was getting back to a normal size . I did do a complete flush before going to work ,just in case a real money offer was made .

On a hot summer afternoon my luck changed . A limo pulled up and a rear window wound down .A hand beckoned me over and the door opened .A voice invited me in and the door closed after me and the car smoothly moved off .

I was sitting next to a frail old man with the most lively twinkling eyes . He told me not to worry or be nervous ,but he merely wanted to talk to me about some ideas he had . He pushed what seemed to be a lot of money into my hand to cover the cost of my time, he explained .

He told me his pleasures had to be second hand ,as his physical condition made sex impossible for him . He did however enjoyed watching and the was what he had in mind for me .He told me that he had seen me a number of times and admired my legs very much and that I always looked lovely . He asked me if I would have sex with his driver ,who was rather more than just a driver ,his bodyguard in fact .

£200 wasf offered and I accepted .

Back at my flat I was asked to strip off and just wear my highest heels . I took the opportunity to visit the bathroom for a wee and a flush as I anticipated how I was going to earn my money .

We all went into my bedroom and Peter explained that he would watch whilst David enjoyed himself with me and he really hoped I would enjoy the experience too .

David stripped off ,so far he had not said a word ,but oh was his body beautiful .Peter said that David was a pro boxer as well as looking after him . This explained the body without an ounce of fat on it .

I was asked to walk around the room whilst Peter looked at my legs among other bits of me . Stopping in front of him he gently ran his hands over me saying "Very nice my dear "

He told me now to be nice to David which I did taking hold of his prick and strokingng it before using my mouth to get him erect . Once he was hard David pushed me onto the bed on my back and entered me .Meanwhile Peter had pulled up a chair and was sitting next to the bed .He told me to look at him all the time .He smiled at me and I smiled back .however when Peter started to fuck me my smile changed to a series of gasps . He was big and rock hard .each time he came down I was pushed into the mattress and a groan ,which started near my cunt slipped out of my mouth . I couldn't get enough of David ,I had my knees right up ,with my hands pulling my legs apart . I was dripping with sweat and Peter bless him gently wiped my face with his handkerchief , was I glad I hadn't piled on the make up . Each time I came Peter stroked my hair and told me what a good girl I was . He then told David to take me from behind .This allowed Peter to look at me full on and he asked me to describe what I was feeling in every detail . I tried to describe it between gasps ,but found I was was saying over and over "This is the best " . I knew my other hole was going to be used and when it came I felt relaxed and welcomed David into me . Again I was asked to describe how I felt ,whilst Peter continued to mop my face . He did hold my breasts at one time ,gently paying with my nipples .

"I think David should cum now " was a command for David to change gear .Back in my cunt , but still behind I got a furious pounding . I knew I was making one hell of a noise ,but I was completely out of control . I did feel David shoot though after which I collapsed onto the bed .I dimly heard David dress followed by the font door opening and closing .I was alone with Peter .

He came onto the bed and cuddled me ,telling me how good I was . I must have dozed off ,because I awoke to find Peter with his head resting on my thighs .

A need for the bathroom broke the spell and when I returned Peter was standing up ready to leave . However he first had a proposal for me . Basically ,it was to join his staff as a whore for David and anyone else he fancied having me fucked by . I asked him what his terms were and he offered me five years at a wonderful salary with everything found ,food clothes hair everything .I n fact my own credit card . The conditions were few but non negotiable .I was to refuse no instruction ,he promised no S& M ,but there could be piercings and tattoos .most of the men would be fit and good performers as sometimes I would be the entertainment at parties ,but other times it would be someone he chose to give me to as a gift and they could be anything .

I accepted and have been with Peter for six months .In that time I have travelled a lot and had a wonderful time ,but oh have I been fucked .The good thing is most of it I enjoy and there is often a surprise .Several times Peter has lent me to a woman Usually after I have have my brains fucked out of me ,but other times ,for an night of gentle love making .

I am writing this whilst I mothball my flat ,as I don't expect to see it for a while . Wish me well . Sandy x