Written by Lydia's friend

16 May 2017

Lydia has asked me to relate the tale of her husband Mike’s birthday present. She is well able to tell the story herself, but she thought that my penchant for the erotic, and written as though I had been with her at the time, would add a special slant to it. This is how she told me the story.

Lydia is 38 years of age, 5’ 7” tall with medium length brown hair, which she colours so it has an auburn tinge to it. Although she has had 2 children, she works hard at the gym to maintain her figure and is quite slim with a 32B bust. Lydia is married to Mike, who is 5’ 11”, a bit overweight but he has a busy job in the city, so doesn’t have the time for the gym that she does. They live in Surrey, where they have a lovely house, and she spends her time looking after home life, working out at the gym and ‘doing lunch’ with her many friends in the area. Both of their children are at boarding school now, and she had hoped that sex with Mike would return to how it was when they were first married – frequent and erotic - but Mike is always so busy at work and he doesn’t have the enthusiasm for sex when he comes home after a long day at work.

Mike’s 40th birthday was approaching and Lydia decided she wanted to have a ‘special’ photographic album prepared with slightly erotic photos of her, in the hope that this might stir him into the action she craved. One of the ladies we both see regularly at the gym had mentioned some time ago that there was a photographer in town who was very good at that sort of thing, so she decided to pay him a visit. For obvious reasons, I won’t mention the photographer’s location. She spoke to his receptionist, who said he was currently doing a shoot in the studio, but if Lydia returned at 2.30 pm, Joshua would be able to talk to her about her requirements.

When she returned in the afternoon, she met Joshua, who was, she guessed, aged about 30, slim and fit. Lydia was starting to wonder how fit he might be, when he mentioned his boyfriend, which deflated her imagination on the spot. They talked about what she had in mind and he said he was quite used to doing this sort of thing, and it could be as ‘straight’ or ‘risque’ as she wanted it to be. He suggested Lydia supplied her clothes for the shoot, as choice of underwear is such a personal thing, and her husband might like to see her in something familiar. On the basis of the recommendation from our friend at the gym, and the confidence she gained from the chat with Joshua, she decided to book an appointment for the shoot in 2 weeks’ time, which would give her the opportunity to buy some suitable clothes.

Lydia already has a particular red evening gown that Mike likes and is very familiar with, so she decided that, for the clothed shots, this would be ideal, and what she needed to buy were the undies, after she had removed the evening gown. In our local town, there is a very nice upmarket lingerie shop that caters for ladies with taste, so she decided this would be a good place to start. She explained to the lady who ran the shop that she was looking for things to grab her husband’s attention, and the shop owner said how nice it was to deal with such a slim and elegant lady, which did Lydia’s ego a power of good. Over a couple of days, she spent many hours studying the brochures the lady showed her and eventually chose 3 complete sets. The first was black (always sexy to a man) comprising bra, suspender belt and stockings together with the briefest of thongs; the second was in red (very slutty) comprising a bra, French knickers and hold up stockings; the third was in a very delicate pink with bra, suspender belt and stockings and another very brief thong. The pink set was very thin and lacy and you could easily see through the bra to her nipples. As you will imagine, Lydia can easily wear the tiny thongs as she is very slim, and keeps her pussy trimmed, with the briefest of ‘landing strips’.

She duly placed an order and they arrived a week later. While Mike was at work one day, Lydia tried on the various items and they fitted perfectly, so the stage was set for the photo shoot. Whilst she was putting her new lingerie away where Mike would not find it, her mind wandered to how she hoped Mike would react to the photos, and she found it aroused her, to the point where she had to lay on the bed and frig herself to a very satisfying orgasm.

The day of the photo shoot arrived and Lydia packed the evening gown into a clothes carrier, with the new underwear and her make up into a holdall. Lydia had showered shortly after Mike had gone to work, and she found she had to distract herself from thinking of the desired effect on Mike, as this prompted a desire to go back upstairs to frig herself again.

When she arrived at the photographer’s studio, Joshua had set up a scene he often used for this type of shoot, a chaise longue with a white sheet as background. He showed her to the changing room at the rear, where Lydia was able to dress and prepare her make-up. She began by putting on the black underwear and the red evening gown; as she dressed, she was looking at herself in the full-length mirror and she thought how sexy this was going to be.

Lydia came out into the studio ready for the first take and asked Joshua where he wanted to start. He took her to the chaise longue first, had her sit down and then proceeded to tell her how to sit while he began clicking away. He spent about 10 minutes changing her pose before taking another picture, and Lydia was starting to feel quite relaxed. Joshua asked if she was ready to begin removing her gown, and Lydia asked whether she should simply remove it, or did he have other ideas. Joshua suggested it should be done slowly, with lots of photos taken along the way, and he got her to turn away from him and, looking over her shoulder, slowly slide the zip down at the back. Lydia found it quite erotic to do it that way, as Joshua clicked away.

Having removed the gown, Lydia was clad in her sexy black underwear set, which she was sure Mike would find very erotic. They then spent a good 15 minutes with Joshua posing her and clicking away, to the point where Lydia was feeling really sexy. Some of the shots included Lydia caressing her bra-clad breasts, and he even had her slipping a hand into the front of her thong, where Lydia found she was becoming quite wet.

Joshua asked if she wanted to have some shots included of her removing her underwear and, with some uncertainty, Lydia agreed. Joshua had her return her attention to her breasts and the bra. Various shots were taken of her showing off her breasts, before the photographer got her to undo the bra and pose face on holding it in place, and then cast it aside to reveal her delicate small breasts. All the while, Joshua was complimenting her on her beauty and how lovely she looked, which made Lydia feel really sexy.

Lydia had been in the studio for nearly 50 minutes and she assumed that would be it, but Joshua said he allowed 90 minutes for each shoot so, if she wanted to, they could continue with one of her other underwear sets. Lydia returned to the changing room to change her underwear and touch up her make-up. She chose the pink set for the second part of the shoot as she thought Mike would find this very sexy.

Joshua took as much time taking pictures of the second underwear set as he had the first, he had her remove the bra and took lots of ‘over the shoulder’ shots of Lydia in what she found sexy poses, and he also had her sliding her hand into the front of the thong. Eventually, Joshua said “right, do you want to go for the big finale, and take off the thong”, so Lydia sat back on the chaise longue and slowly slid the thong down while the photographer clicked away. This made her feel almost wanton, and she proceeded to frig herself to a very pleasant orgasm, all of which was captured on film.

After Lydia had dressed, an appointment was arranged for 10 days later for Joshua to present the ‘first draft’ of her photo album.

(To be continued)