Written by Lydia's friend

16 May 2017

Part 1 of this tale told the story of how Lydia, having decided to have a ‘special’ photo album of herself prepared for her husband’s 40th birthday, she went to his studio to have the photos taken. 10 days later, she had an appointment at the photographers to collect Joshua’s first draft of the album.

The photographer took her up to the studio to show her what he had prepared and run through it with her. The album contained about 80 pictures that Joshua thought should be included, together with a bundle of the other photos at the back, in case Lydia wanted to include any of them. Lydia said she preferred not to take the album home in case Mike found it before his big day, so Joshua showed her into a small room off the reception area, where she could study the pictures at her leisure. The album was really very good, giving a pictorial run through of Lydia stripping in front of the camera. Lydia found it very erotic and she thought Mike would feel the same way too. The only changes Lydia wanted to suggest were to include a few of the other pictures towards the end of the shoot, showing her frigging herself, particularly the ones showing her facial expressions.

The receptionist came in so that Lydia could tell her what she wanted, and she said fine, we’ll get that sorted for you. The receptionist then suggested she might like to settle the photographer’s fee, which was not cheap but was clearly going to be good value, so Lydia paid with her credit card. “Finally”, the receptionist said, “do you wish to consider doing a joint shoot with one of our semi-professional models”, and she produced a small album from the desk drawer.

Lydia was not sure what the receptionist meant, but she was intrigued to know what the album contained, so she gave a non-committal reply and began leafing through the pictures in the album. The first photo was of the receptionist herself, who said she does clothes shoots for Joshua sometimes, depending on what type of clothes they are. There were pictures of various other women and men in the album, some casually dressed and some smart, but the receptionist didn’t add any descriptions of who they are. Lydia noticed one photo of a man she recognised from her gym, who she thought was in his early 50’s and was quite smartly dressed. Recognising that there might be some confidentiality to observe, she said nothing about recognising him.

The only other photo that Lydia particularly noticed, towards the back of the album, was of a black guy aged about 30, casually dressed, who Lydia thought was definitely fit. The receptionist said they were always on the lookout for attractive new models, and Joshua had suggested she is very ‘photogenic’. Lydia had no need to start generating income from modelling, she did after all have Mike, so she gave a non-committal reply and left.

Lydia collected the final album from the photographers about a week later, which was plenty of time for Mike’s birthday. She told Mike that she had planned a special evening meal for them on his birthday, although she was slightly miffed that he had chosen not to take the day off work, so they could spend the whole day together. Anyway, he does a very demanding (and well paid) job, so Lydia decided she should be satisfied.

Mike came home from work as expected, and she gave him his presents, including the ‘special’ photo album, which seemed to illicit the expected response from him. Lydia didn’t tell me too much detail about that, but they ate the special meal she had prepared and, when they went to bed later, they made love. Lydia sounded slightly under-whelmed by his reaction, but it was the first time they had made love in about 3 weeks. Lydia thought about when she had frigged herself at the conclusion of the photo shoot and thought the black guy in the album of the photographer’s models would have been more enthusiastic than Mike.

So, that completes the story that Lydia has asked me to relate. She has, however, said there is some more she wants to tell, which she will, no doubt relate in due course.