Written by Discreet Dan

14 Aug 2018

For many years my wife and I have had her forging relationships with other men. I for my part have been supportive in encouraging her to enjoy anything she wanted to do. In or out of the bedroom. Having said that, we have certainly not spread it around that she is an easy lay. on the contrary, making sure the person she is with is as discreet as we are, can reduce the figures of men allowed to engage her sexually. I make this point for any person considering letting his partner be fucked by a third party. It depends on trust and sensitive application to the end product. There are plenty of men running round with an erection they just want to shove in a convenient pussy and then brag about it later. There are also a number of married men who have lost their marriage and a lot more through thoughtless indiscretion. Seriously, the financial implications of divorce are far more significant than at first imagined. I know when the cock is rampant, logic goes flying out of the window. But put in the cold light of day, unless you have complete trust and understanding between man and wife, the ten seconds of shooting your load into a woman's pussy can be a lifetime of regret if things go wrong.

I have been married twice and found myself in a lonely place. But I have been able to recover and I learned that discussion between partners is essential and also very liberating. To be able to talk about the fun to be had also allows the other side to consider whether they wish to indulge with a different cock or not. And if it is a no, then think twice or three times before going it alone without consent.

I am in the happy position when I have witnessed my other half enjoying a different cock while I participate in a watching only role or an active one where I give her a second cock to play with. Therefore I get my enjoyment and she her satisfaction.

It is regarding her satisfaction that I would like to reveal her latest exploit. Her lover had suggested they got a hotel room for the night. It is mid summer and the weather forecast a bit too predictable, hot, sunny, and stay in the shade. She asked if I was ok with her staying the night and I was happy as she had been fucking him for several years and they looked like a married couple when out, except they were very touchy feely, especially him when she wore the kind of clothes he went wild over. Typical guy, he loved her displaying her assets and allowing him full access, which he always made sure she was satisfied before she came home to me.

This particular night, she caught the bus and she was meeting him in town, a race day and the town was full. Plenty of stag and hen parties also marauding the streets and being very loud and stupid. They met in a pub and fought their way to a seat with their drinks. Sat in the window of a busy street, she saw hordes of guys being silly and groping of women in the doorway opposite. Her lover was also in an amorous mood and she allowed his hand to slip beneath her skirt. No stockings tonight, no panties either as he discovered with a smug grin. They kissed and became oblivious to their noisy surroundings as she rubbed his cock through his trousers too. In their little bubble, his hand drew her skirt further up her thighs and did not stop, a finger slid into her lips and her wetness aided a deeper penetration. After a while she turned her head slightly to see two guys standing just the other side of the glass watching her lover's finger deep in her uncovered cunt. They were pretty pissed but were watching intently. Liz came eye to eye with them both and smiled. They moved towards the bar doors, coming in.

They became invisible due to the thickness of the crowd pushing for a place to be served. Her lover was unaware of the fuss his fingers had caused. A few minutes passed and all of a sudden the same two faces appeared through the turmoil, both watching her and sipping their beers. Needing the loo she said she would go and freshen up and bring back the next round, which was going to be their last before setting off to the hotel and their next sex session.

She passed the voyeurs and smiled at them, they moved back to let her pass and as she did so the one behind her ran a hand up her skirt, touching her bum as he did so. She turned round and grinned again then set off for the toilet which was up a long flight of stairs. Going through the door the noise reduced a bit. She was part way up the stairs when she heard the door open and the noise increase again. Turning round she saw the guys were following her up. She got to the ladies door as they caught her up and the bolder one once more felt under her skirt. She let him have a good grope and delve deep in her wet cunt, then his mate followed suit. They both said how they would love to fuck her and she said she was already spoken for. One of them said they were from the races and were stopping over at a hotel nearby then said its name. Liz knew that was where she was booked in and she asked what their room number was. They told her and she said she was on the same floor but a bit further down the corridor. She said she would not tell them her room number but she might give them a knock later and that she was just about to leave with her man.

They waited around until she came out of the loos and were about to feel her up again when a doorman came up the stairs and asked the guys to leave because she had been seen being assaulted by them on CCTV. They protested but left and she rejoined her lover, thinking of the sexy way the lads had turned her on. She left and went to the hotel. She saw the guys in the bar at the hotel as they entered and smiled at them as she went up in the lift to get fucked. They were naked in no time and she got a good licking and fucking , taken doggy style, his favourite and filled with cum. The clock rolled on and then his mobile rang. His daughter was in town and needed a lift back home as she was feeling unwell. Having already spunked in her, he was satisfied and said he had little choice and his wife would want to know where he was as he was supposed to be with some work colleagues. He dressed and apologised that he could not stay the night. Liz said she would ring me and have a nice chat about her adventure and they kissed and he left.

Within five minutes she was back down in the bar, her lover's car was gone but the two guys were still having a drink. She walked across to them and sat down, declining any more alcohol. They were like bees round a honeypot and she knew it. She suggested perhaps they make this their last drink because they might suffer from brewers droop and that would never do. The place was fairly busy, mostly down to a hen party just arriving and making a real din. The lads put their beers down and asked if she wanted to join them and she smiled and nodded. In the lift she was groped and kissed by them both and her dress was tugged off. As the lift doors opened one of them had her dress in his hand and she was only in her shoes due to being braless because it was in her room. So just in her heels, she walked naked down the corridor between them. They were only three doors away from her room and she was led inside and the door slammed shut. They pushed the single beds together and then stripped naked themselves while she watched.

This wa an unusual night, fucked by husband in the afternoon, then by lover an hour before and then ready for a double session with two strangers she did not even know their names. They were in their thirties and loved her naked body, each taking turns at having their cocks sucked and fucking her in different positions. They seemed to last longer than she was ready for, maybe due to the booze dulling their senses, but she enjoyed over an hour of relentless fucking from them in turn until they both shot their seed deep in her. She was satisfied by the amount of come and that she had a couple of nice orgasms to boot. They all fell asleep and as she woke up the lads were still completely out of it. So she dressed again and left for her room. It was almost four in the morning when she rang me. I had been expecting a call but assumed she was sleeping with her lover and going for a final fuck as they woke, a time which she loved being fucked at.

I was drowsy but woke with a start as she told me the truth of the most eventful night.