Written by laddieuk

21 Oct 2013

"Well this is very nice" said Ann as we checked out the room, "it's certainly spacious and well set out - and a great view out onto the surrounding countryside” She wasn't wrong. There was a chair and a large couch surrounding the TV, the King Size bed was set back a decent distance from the furniture and out of the picture window was a great view over open fields to one side and a large wood to the other side.

I was lost in the view out the window when I heard her say "Oh check out the on-suite as well". It was behind a door off to the side and as I walked in, I knew what she meant - a large Jacuzzi bath and a separate double shower and tasteful floor to ceiling tiles. "Oh yes" I said, "We can be comfortable here for three nights". "I really like this place" she said.

We decided to unpack the bags quickly and then go down to the bar for lunch and a glass of wine whilst we decided what we were going to do first.

On the way to the bar Ann got talking to an old couple and I just walked alongside collecting my thoughts. I was glad she liked it, the hotel and the room. She also loved the champagne, flowers and chocolates I had arranged as a surprise! It was last minute break we had bought and it has turned out to be even better than we had expected, at least in terms of the standard of accommodation.

I liked it that she was happy, for purely selfish reasons, if I am honest. Like a lot of couples our age, we are both 58, our sex life has dwindled over the last ten years and she is not very often in the mood. I was hoping that over the next few days she would be relaxed and in a good mood. If it all worked out fine, we might have sex - maybe even more than once.

Lunch was great, and then we went for a nice walk in the grounds and then back to the room where we watched a bit TV and then showered in preparation for going down for the evening meal.

As I shaved, I watched Ann in the shower, out of the side of my eyes. She still had a pretty face and although she has put on quite a bit of weight over the years, she is still attractive and her tits are very big now and I focussed on her large, bright pink nipples, thinking about what might happen later.

I looked at her stomach. Quite big now and I know she hates it - but I find it attractive and she has a nice large ass and generous thighs - and a really hairy pussy, which when she does get horny, gets really wet. It makes her pussy very loose though and whilst I find it a big turn on slipping my cock into her wet pussy, I do worry sometimes that I am not fully satisfying her, as I know I don't "fill" her.

I went out into the room to towel myself dry and get dressed as I did not want her to see my cock which was starting to get hard.

The meal was great and we were sitting next to the old couple we met on the way down to lunch and to Paul, who was on his own. Paul had just turned 64, a widower and his kids have bought him this break as a birthday present. Although conversation had been slow at first, once the ice was broken we all got talking and everyone was getting on famously - and the wine just flowed and we all ended up a bit tipsy.

After the meal we found ourselves sitting in the bar with Paul, who was obviously a bit lonely. He told us his story, cared for his wife for years before she passed away 18 months ago and he had been on his own ever since - this was the first time he had been in the company of people other than family for years and he told us how much he appreciated us for taking pity on him. Ann said nonsense we are enjoying his company.

The bar was a bit busy and it was taking ages to get any service. Paul said he had been given a bottle of 10 year old malt and he would love to share it with us but his room was a bit on the small side, so we invited him back to ours.

Back at ours the conversation and the laughs kept flowing as did the malt whiskey. Then there was a period as Paul told his story and how he had looked after his wife for 8 years and it was all a bit sad.

cut a bit of a long story short, it turned out in all that time he had no physical contact - at all. "Oh said Ann – and in that instant I could tell she was really feeling sorry for Paul who she obviously liked. And this got me thinking and fantasising……….and I could not believe how turned on I was getting.

I started making some jokes and comments about sex and Paul was a laughing and saying how lucky I was and Ann was saying don’t be cruel, but Paul was just laughing and saying that he loved it and that this was the best night he had had in a long time.

The drink had obviously got to us and I found myself saying that if we had sex that night I would tell Paul all about it tomorrow – Ann looked shocked, “you can’t say that” she shouted. Fortunately Paul burst out laughing and that broke the ice. “Anyway” said Ann, “you probably have as much chance as Paul has of having sex tonight” and we all laughed.

I am sure Paul had a tear in his eye as he said how much he had missed physical company all these years. Ann, who was sitting next to him on the couch put her hands around him and gave him a cuddle.

I moved over and sat next to Ann on the other side of her from Paul and I put my arm around her and we sat there in silence for a little while. Paul lifted his head up and it was face to face with Ann and he started to kiss her. She joined in enthusiastically.

After a little while, I started to rub her tits over her jersey as they continue to kiss and then I lift her jersey up and unfastened her bra to fully expose her tits to Paul. Paul put his head down amongst her tits and starting sucking saying “oh thank you, thank you”

We all moved over to the bed and got undressed and we lay there, her lying in between us on the bed, all of us naked, as he kissed her and stroked her tits as I rubbed her thighs and stroked her pussy and felt it getting all hot and wet.

And then, Paul sucked her nipple and I sucked her other nipple as we both ran our fingers inside her pussy, at the same time, feeling how moist she was as she gently groaned with pleasure.

Paul got himself in between her legs and lined up his cock up against her pussy and rubbed his cock head against her lips so that I had a great view.

Then I watched as he slipped his cock slowly into her hot, wet pussy, and it gradually disappeared into her, as she moaned gently, until his balls banged against her. Then he slowly withdraw it and I saw his cock shaft all glistening with her juices – and I noticed just how big his cock was - at least 8” and he was uncut – and he plunged it into her again.

Then I watched as he slowly fucked her, then getting a little faster as she moaned a little louder and more often.

Then they both got into their rhythm, getting faster and faster and harder and harder and I heard her start Cumming first and making even louder moaning noises as she cryed out "fuck me, fuck me".

Then Paul started to cum and he fired all his hot, wet cum inside her hot, wet, juicy pussy. Gradually slowing down until he came to a stop and slowly withdraw his hot, hard, throbbing cock from her pussy so that I could see it, and then it slowly popped out of her.

He then moved over to the side and I positioned myself between her legs, taking up the space he previously occupied. I lined up my cock, which was so hard and throbbing, against her lips and rubbed it against her, which now had his cum slowly dripping out and it was getting all over my cock.

He watched as I slowly slipped my cock into her, reclaiming her, after he had just given a good fuck to my wife - and he was looking down at her knowing he had just satisfied her.

My cock slid into her and into his hot spunk that he had left behind - so hot and so wet and so horny. My cock got all the way in and then I start to fuck her, slowly at first taking the time to enjoy the experience and the feel of his hot spunk mixed with her juices all over my cock.

And then I kept fucking her, getting faster and faster and harder and harder until I shot all my spunk into her and then I slowed down until eventually I stopped and just lay there all still with my cock in her - feeling all the warmth and the wetness on me as I thought about what we had just done. Ann was very quiet.

Then I slowly slipped my cock out and he could see it all soaking wet and with a look that he knew that his cum was still inside her and some of it was spread all over my cock now. We then both looked down at her pussy and watched it for a while - and as we watched, all of our cum started to dribble out, running down her onto the bed sheet and starting to make stains.

There was some small talk as Ann slipped under the covers and we said goodnight to Paul and said we would see him tomorrow.

There is more which I might post.