Written by Andy

24 Oct 2013

Well here goes Part 4. If you want to know how we arrived here you will need to read the previous three parts. All the main action is contained in the final paragraphs of the three stories - if that is all you are interested in, rather than the build-up and the background to why things are happening as they are. Any comments are always appreciated.

So, it was just as well that this hotel suite had a very large bed as there were now three of us in it. It had been fantastic watching and participating in what had just happened. Now Ann and Paul had had a good snog and cuddle and they had fallen asleep. I did not know whether to wake Paul and ask him to go back to his own room, or not.

I was surprisingly wide awake and lay there listening to them gently snoozing. Paul was at the other side lying facing the wall with his back to Ann and she in turn was in the middle on her side facing into Paul's back with her arm around him - and I was lying on my back. The room was very warm from when I had turned the heating up.

I gently moved the covers down a bit so that I could see Ann's back and her bum. Just lying there, I started to recall all the events of the last few days in my mind. Without doubt it had been a great weekend so far, with a surprising and totally unexpected turn of events. I still could not really believe that it had actually happened. It was even more surprising that Ann had participated and almost unbelievable that she had participated so readily and so enthusiastically - it was like she had become a different person.

She is normally so shy and reserved and it takes me a a bit of persuading to get her going - but Paul just seems to indicate he is interested and she becomes very accommodating. Whilst watching her allowing him to snog her, suck her tits, finger her and fuck her was surprising, it was nothing to how gobsmacked I was that she had let him, so easily, go down on her and lick her pussy. And when he put his cock into her mouth and she got stuck into it, that really blew my mind - as she just does not do that.

And she seems so in tune with him. After he had fucked her, doggy style and withdrew his wet cock from her moist pussy, she just knew to remain in that position, on her knees, while he rubbed his cock all over her arse cheeks, wiping it dry. Then when he said it was time for him to watch me and her, she immediately rolled over onto her back and opened her legs wide for me to have her. I would have thought that I might have been making some suggestions, but she seems to be going along with all he suggests.

As I thought through all of this in my head, one minute I was horny and my cock would go hard and I would think about my cock slipping into her used pussy for sloppy seconds and the next minute I felt a little bit embarrassed that I was losing control a bit and my cock would ease off and go a bit floppy.

Ann stirred a little bit in her sleep and rolled over onto her back and I had a great view of her tits. I was tempted to kiss them but did not want to wake her and just lay there for a while staring at them, recollecting all the events of the last few days and getting horny. I lay awake for what seemed like ages but at some point, I must have dropped off and moved into a sound sleep.

I don't know what it was that first woke me. It could have been the slight squeaking noise coming from the bed or maybe the gentle rocking of the mattress that I was lying on - or it could have been the heavier breathing. But when I opened my eyes I could see it was quite light outside and illuminated was Paul, lying on top of Ann, missionary style, gently fucking her. As he did so, he was kissing her neck and using one of his hands to play with her right tit and nipple. Squeezing her tit and tweaking her nipple. Ann had her hands around him, rubbing her nails up and down gently on Paul's back. He was breathing heavily and she was giving out a moan and a groan every so often.

The room was very hot and the covers had slipped down to below Paul's bum. I had a clear view of him, in between her legs, and his bum going up and down and I could see parts of her tits. I could also see her face and there was no doubt how much she was enjoying this. It was very arousing.

It was strange but I did not know what to do. Should I say anything? Should I have a feel of her tits (I was tempted!) or should I join in somehow? In the end I just watched without saying anything.

Their breathing was getting heavier and Paul's bum was moving higher up as his pounding of her pussy started to get faster. A "squelchy" noise was now coming from Ann's pussy, which I suppose was not surprising given how much attention it had received.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" said Ann in a sort of whisper as if she was trying not to wake me - I don't even know if she knew I was watching. "Fuck me, Paul" she whispered in his ear.

Paul then started banging away harder and faster and then groaned and his bum gradually slowed down a bit until it came to a halt. They lay there entwined, his cock still in her. "Fuck that was so good" said Ann eventually. "Yes" said Paul "you were fantastic darling".

Paul looked over and saw me. "Oh, good morning Andy, hope we didn't wake you up" he said, smiling "Did we wake you?" asked Ann, "Sorry, you seemed to be in such a heavy sleep, we tried not to wake you up"

"It's ok" I said "you two looked like you enjoyed yourselves". "Yes", said Paul, I woke up so fucking horny, and it is the first time in years that a woman has been beside me in bed" He was standing up now, outside the bed, his cock had gone limp but still an impressive size. "I'm afraid that I could not help myself and Ann did not seem to mind" He looked down at us in bed. "I hope that was alright with you?"

I did not know what to say, but before I could, Ann got in there first "of course, it's fine, we are all just having a bit fun".

"I need to pee" said Paul "back in a tick". And as he headed towards the en-suite, he turned around and, with what might have been an afterthought, said, "you can have a go now, if you feel like it" and then carried on his way.

As if following his lead, Ann turned to me and said "Yes, I am going to go for a shower in a minute - so if you want to, then you will need to do it now”.

I was a bit bemused, but I have to confess I was now horny. And if I wanted to fuck her then I knew it was now or no chance after she had showered. But it seemed a bit strange someone else offering me the opportunity to shag my wife!

My cock was hard, Ann was on her back and she opened her legs wide. She was clearly not expecting any foreplay. I got on top and, just the like the last time, my cock slipped straight in, she adjusted her position and I asked her to close her legs as it made things a little tighter for me.

It was so wet and hot and nice around my cock – although I could feel little of the sides of her pussy. I started to fuck her.

In the background, Paul who had gone for a pee, had left the door to the en-suite wide open. As I fucked Ann, my cock, in amongst all the spunk he had left behind, inside her, all I could hear was the sound of his pee dropping into the water in the toilet pan.

Truly a weekend to remember.