Written by Andy

23 Oct 2013

If you want to pick up on the background to this story you need to read the previous 2 parts. Again if you can't contain yourself, all the main action takes place towards the end.

Ann was really pleased with the flowers and mentioned them a number of times and how thoughtful Paul was, how nice a guy he was, wasn't his story really sad and how frustrated he must be. But she also went on and on about how she hoped he did not think badly of us as people who do this sort of thing all the time. I found myself constantly re-assuring her, we were away from home, nobody knew and after the weekend we would not even see Paul again and anyway he had no idea where we lived.

We had well and truly missed breakfast so after showering and dressing we went out for a walk in the woods and then lunch. We were in a quiet corner of a little country pub and onto our second glass of wine when Ann asked me yet again if I really did not mind that she had been fucked by Paul - because if not - then she would not mind if the opportunity arose again before we go home - because she had been too drunk to fully take in everything.

I could hardly believe my ears, I had been wondering about how to raise the possibility as I thought she would be against it - I murmured something along the lines of "well if you are sure, then I am happy to go along with it".

"Well if you are really sure, but we won't force the issue, let’s see how Paul is when we next meet him, and if it happens then it happens - but we have to be discrete about it" she whispered. "Yes" I said and my mind started to remember how horny I was watching and listening as Paul kissed her and sucked her tits, stroked her hairy pussy and then finally put his big cock into her and shot his spunk right up her. And unbelievably how horny it was fucking her right afterwards and how much I had enjoyed her wet, sloppy pussy. I just hoped that Paul was up for a repeat performance!

When we were getting ready for dinner I couldn't help notice how long Ann was taking getting ready. Not that I minded because she was naked most of the time and I was enjoying watching. She took extra time showering and plucking out odd hairs including making sure her nipples were really smooth, applying make-up and finally dressing. She looked really hot.

Our dinner table soon filled up so when Paul came into the room he had to sit elsewhere although he gave us a nice smile and a wave. Eventually we finished dinner and retired to the bar area. Paul came over and asked to join us. Ann gushed on about how lovely the flowers were and thanked him profusely. "No, no" he said "it’s the least I could do; I need to be thanking you.

Eventually, he got waiter service and ordered a round of drinks. I smiled and said "you are not trying to get us drunk again, are you?" He looked a bit embarrassed, but I laughed and Ann said "don't listen to him" and then he laughed and said "if only!" and we all laughed.

The drinks took an age to come as service was just as bad as the previous night and the bar was even busier. It was not possible to have any kind of meaningful conversation without being overheard and we could not sit outside because it was raining heavily.

Eventually I said, "It’s impossible to talk here, should we take the drinks back to the room?" Ann's face went red and she shot me a look but Paul, almost desperately quickly said that it was fine by him.

When we got back to the room, Paul and Ann were sitting on the couch and I was on the chair. After some small talk we got around to discussing what happened. How it was the first time any of us had done this and how surprising it was. Paul kept thanking us and saying how great it was and how much he had missed the closeness of a female and how he found Ann so attractive. Even the kissing was so good and he had not realised how much that had meant to him.

Eventually, I said that he could kiss Ann again now if he liked. He looked at Ann and asked her if she minded and when she said "no, not at all" he leaned in and started kissing her.

I just sat there in the chair watching. I could feel myself getting horny again as I watched. Ann likes kissing and always complains that I don't do enough of it - so I just left them to it. They were having a good snog and running their hands up and down each other and it went on for ages but without any of them making any other move. So I said, why don't you go to bed, it will be more comfortable. Paul asked Ann if she would like that and when she nodded they got up.

I watched as they undressed quickly, Ann down to her bra and pants and Paul down to his boxers and then they got under the covers and started kissing again. This was not so good, as I could hardly see anything but they were clearly into it.

I got up and walked over to the heating control and turned it right up, I did not want them too cosy under those covers! Then I walked over to the bed and got fully undressed and slipped into bed beside them. Ann was in the middle with her back to me and her arms around Paul still kissing him and rather passionately at that.

I started to kiss her neck and her back whilst they continued with each other. I kissed down her back and undid the clasp on her bra so her tits sprang loose. Paul, still kissing her, ran his hand up her arm then onto her nipple and started to stroke it and she gave out a little moan.

I continued kissing her back and running my hands over her body. She rolled round to lie on her back so we could completely remove her bra and her tits were fully exposed and Paul looked down at them and said "you are so beautiful" and I could see Ann was very turned on.

I started to kiss one nipple whilst Paul kissed the other and Ann lay there gently moaning. I sat up and kicked all the covers off the bed and now and I removed her panties. She lay on her back and Paul ran his hand down and played with her pussy on the outside before slipping a finger in and again Ann purred.

He was kissing her nipple and fingering her and she was clearly very horny. I was sitting up so that I could get a good view of what was happening whilst stroking her body with my hand. Paul's head then started moving down from her tits and on to her stomach, kissing and licking, and getting further down and I realised he was heading for her pussy. Oral sex is not something we do very often and I wondered what she would do - but she just lay there as he got his head between her legs and slid his tongue into her hairy pussy. "Oh fuck" she said as she lay there and let him get on with it.

Eventually, Paul had to come up for air and he stood up by the side of the bed. He dropped his boxers to reveal his hard throbbing cock, which looked so big and he was cut so his large purple head was well on show. I could hardly keep my eyes off it - but I did notice that Ann was staring at it as well.

Instead of getting back onto the bed he stood standing there stroking his cock and said to Ann to come and feel how horny he was. She got on to her knees, still on the bed with her back to me and started to stroke his cock. "Oh my god, she said it's so horny.

Paul put one of his hands to the back of her head and pulled her forward. Now Ann does not give me oral sex BUT she allowed herself to be pulled forward and Paul, with his cock in his other hand, guided it onto her lips. Rubbing it around her lips for a few seconds he then put it into her mouth and I could hear her sucking on it. I was gobsmacked by this - but could not say anything - and anyway I was extremely horny watching.

With Ann on her knees and me behind her, I put my hands between her legs and used my thumb to slide into her pussy. She was so wet and it felt so good as I fingered her pussy whilst she sucked on Paul's cock. I looked at Paul's face and could see how much he was enjoying it.

After a little while he took his cock out of her mouth and he turned her around. She was still kneeling on the bed though and he was behind her now, still standing up on the floor. I walked around to stand beside him. He put one hand on his cock again and parted Ann's legs a bit further with his other hand and started to guide his cock into her hairy pussy.

Now when I do this my cock slips in quickly without any bother. But he was obviously having a little bit of difficulty as it was a very tight fit. I had a great view as I looked down on it and Paul helpfully pulled the cheeks of her arse apart so we could see everything.

As he slowly guided his cock into her, Ann never complained, the occasional whimper or "Oh fuck" is all we got out of her. Eventually it was fully home and his balls banged against her and he started to fuck her, slowly. Within a very short period of time Ann was crying out "I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming". Paul waited just until she had finished and then started fucking her again but this time more quickly and harder. His own breathing changed and got heavier and suddenly he said "fuck, I'm coming now" and Ann cried out "don't stop, so am I" as she obviously was coming again.

Paul took care to make sure she was finished off before he slowly withdrew his cock from her as I watched. As it came out I could see it all glistening with his cum and her juices - especially its purple head. Once his cock was fully out, he asked Ann if she was ok and if it had been ok for her. She said, "Yes it was so good". And as they were having this conversation - and as I was watching them - Paul took his cock in his hand and started to wipe it dry on the cheeks of Ann's bum.

As he rubbed his cock and purple head dry against her, she just remained in the doggy position allowing him to do it. He told her it had been great and she was fantastic and he hoped we could do it again sometime. "I hope so too" she said

"I am knackered now" he suddenly said as he sat down on the end of the bed - "now it's my turn to watch".

As if by command, Ann rolled over on to her back and opened her legs and looked over to me, still standing, naked and my cock so hard and erect - but I did wonder if she might have been a bit disappointed after what Paul had just given her. "Are you ready" she asked.

I didn't say anything but positioned myself in the missionary position with her. Paul said "it's very wet, I came loads".

He wasn't wrong my cock slipped straight in, no resistance whatsoever, Ann adjusted her position a bit and asked "are you in?"

I just fucked very hard and very fast and within no time at all I was coming - the feel of her pussy full of Paul's cum on top of just watching everything had made me extremely horny and I came quickly - although I was conscious that Ann did not come. But then she had just been well and truly fucked by Paul.

After I had slowed down and obviously finished, Ann asked "Did you enjoy that?" "Yes it was great" I said - and it had been. "Ann is great" said Paul, "you are very lucky Andy"

"Yes I know"

With that he got into bed alongside Ann again and said "can I give you a kiss and a cuddle?" And with that they cuddled up and had a snog. I wiped my cock with a tissue and then lay beside them.

Before too long I could tell that they were both sleeping.