Written by Dave

19 Aug 2010

Fawn and I had been married for nearly ten years, we had a good sex life because she was always up for it. I was thirty-nine when this happened and Fawn was thirty. One day she was on the computer when she called me to come and see, she had somehow found this site and she became quite excited. We read a story about a man who let his wife shag other men and then shagged her afterwards, the writer, a man, reckoned that sex with his wife after she'd been fucked by someone else and was full of his spunk was the best sex he'd ever had and that after the first time they did it regularly. Apparently he was one of those blokes who fantasised about his wife having sex with others and they'd decided to try it.

Fawn said, 'Do you ever fantasise about me having it off with another man?' I said, 'Don't all men have that fantasy?' 'Don't know,' Fawn replied, 'but you obviously do!' I shrugged, 'I can't deny that the thought does excite me.' Fawn laughed, 'Now the subject's come up, the idea excites me too!' We read one or two other stories and I got a hard on so we went to bed and had a great fuck, Fawn was really pleased, 'God,' she said, 'if just the thought does that for you, I'm all for it!' Then she went on, 'Would you really like to find out what it's like to fuck in another man's spunk?' I hesitated, 'Well, love, I can't deny that thinking of you shagging another man excites me, I don't know about fucking in another man's spunk though, until I read that tale I'd never even thought about it. Tell me, would you like to fuck another man?' Somewhat to my surprise she nodded enthusiastically, 'Yeah, I certainly would knowing that you'd be thinking of me doing it!' 'Christ!' I gasped I couldn't believe that this was my loving wife talking. We went to sleep that night without saying any more about it.

Over the following few days I noticed that Fawn was spending a lot more time on the computer, it didn't take a genius to work out why. She told me that she'd read quite a few of similar stories both by men and women, 'What do the women say?' I asked her. 'They seem just as enthusiastic as the men,' she replied. After that, we started talking about it seriously. Now we own a small coffee-shop that Fawn runs and when I asked her if she had a man in mind, she told me that there was a man came in for coffee every day that she fancied, 'We get on like a house on fire,' she added. I asked her if he had ever asked her out, 'Oh, only about three times a week!' she laughed. 'Would you like to then?' I asked. She nodded, 'Yes,' she replied. I asked what he was like, 'Oh, I don't think there's any doubt that you'd like him,' Fawn replied.

I gave this some thought over the next few days, Fawn's birthday was only a couple of weeks away so I thought that she could do it with this bloke as a birthday present if she wanted. When I told her she was all over me, 'Oh, thank you, darling, I've thought of nothing else since we talked about it!' So it was agreed. On the night Fawn showered, put on her sexiest undies, a white see through blouse, with a dark wrap-over skirt, and off she went in her car.

I could hardly contain my excitement, I eventually went to bed intending to sleep but, of course, I didn't, I couldn't stop thinking of what she might be doing each moment. It seemed an age before she returned at half one in the morning looking a little dishevelled. She said nothing as she undressed even though I asked her how it had gone. Then I saw her knickers with a big wet patch between the legs, she smiled as she took them off and got into bed, 'Are you hard?', she asked. I was, 'Come on then,' she lay back and spread her legs, we hadn't switched the light off and I looked at her cunt, spunk was oozing out. I put my cock straight in, hardly able to believe how I felt, my excitement was intense. Fawn moaned, 'Oh, darling!'. Then she told me, minute by minute, what they'd done. She was sloppy with his spunk and her juice, it squirted out over our thighs, my balls, and her bum, it was the sloppiest fuck I'd ever had and Fawn was going mad, thrusting herself up at each stroke, gasping and moaning. Obviously it didn't last long before I added to all the stuff she had inside her, with one of the fiercest ejaculations I had ever had, she came hard, screaming with pleasure, and I felt that I could go on fucking, my cock not softening at all. I fucked myself senseless on her and she told me afterwards that she felt the same as I fucked on and on before I finally came again, then flopped on her.

We agreed that it was the most fantastic fucking we'd ever had together and in the days that followed Fawn was more loving than I could ever remember. I said, 'If that's what fucking another man does for you, sweetheart, you'd better keep doing it!' She did and we had the most fantatsic sex afterwards every time, but one thing leads to another, I might tell you what happened if you show interest.