Written by John

18 Feb 2010

Near the end of the War I volunteered for the RN. I, with many others, was inducted at Butlins Holiday Camp (HMS Royal Arthur), Skegness, three weeks later my mates and I travelled over the Pennines to Lancashire and a training camp, there were actually three of these. This was where we did our square-bashing, weapons training etc. We were then transferred to RAF Hednesford where we did our technical training. After passing the course successfully we went back to Lancashire to await drafting. These three camps were halfway between Warrington and Manchester and we spent what days off we had in one or other of these towns.

One Sunday I, for some reason I can't now remember, went to Manchester on my own. I visited the wonderful United Services Club there then wandered out to Piccadilly. I was standing surveying the scene when a woman came up to me. 'Hello lad,' she said, 'on your own?' I admitted that I was and she went on, 'You look a bit lost, how do you fancy a nice meal at my home and a bit of fun?' I had no idea what she meant by 'a bit of fun', but I did fancy some home cooking, Navy food was never brilliant! So I went with her. We caught a bus and on the ride she chatted, she obviously knew something about what we, at our camps, were all about for she said, 'Are you waiting for a posting?' I said that I was and that rumour had it we were bound for the Far East. 'What a coincidence,' the woman said, 'my husband's out there. At least I think he is, he went out there a couple of years ago and I've heard nothing of him since.' She looked to be in her early thirties and was quite attractive, she told me that her name was Annie.

The bus took us to an area called Belle Vue and we walked to her house, it was in a street just like Coronation Street is on TV these days. 'Here we are,' she said, putting her key in the door, we went in. She took me to the back kitchen which was obviously used as the dining room too. 'Now then, what do you fancy? Knowing you lads, I bet bacon, egg and chips wouldn't be far off the mark!' I laughed and agreed, 'Right then, you just sit there and have a glass of beer and it'll be straight up!' She busied herself and, sure enough, bacon, egg and chips looking winderful appeared on the table in front of me. I scoffed the lot in no time flat!

We sat in a couple of easy chairs either side of the fireplace, she was showing a lot of thigh, as a seventeen year old my hormones were still raging, the sight excited me. She asked me about my home life, 'You seem a cut above most of the lads I meet,' she said. I shrugged, 'My Dad hit it good when the War started, he was earning a lot of money and sent me to a private school, that's all.' She looked at me closely, 'You're a very well-built lad...' 'That's down to sport,' I told her, 'football in the winter, two or three times a week, and cricket and tennis in the summer, all the time in the school holidays.' She said, 'I never heard of no-one playing tennis, that's for toffs, ent it?' I laughed, 'I'm no toff, working class boy got lucky that's me.'

Her legs seemed to have parted even more, in fact I could see her knickers, I couldn't take my eyes off them, it was several months since I'd had sex and I was getting hard. She looked at me closely, 'I bet you're a virgin though.' I couldn't believe she'd said it at first, then I said, 'Well, no, actually I'm not.' Then she said, 'In that case, do you fancy a bit of fun? I ent had it for years!' She got up and came to me, then bent and kissed me on the mouth, I responded, 'You bet!' I replied. She took me by the hand and led me upstairs to a bedroom. She started to undress, 'Coom on then. You probably don't believe what I said, but it's true, I haven't had it since my husband left, I'm dying for it!' By then she was down to her white cotton knickers, I started stripping, 'I bet you'd like to take these off, wouldn't you?' I finished undressing, she looked at me, 'You've a luvly prick, I reely fancy that up me fanny.' I had dropped the last item, my underpants, 'Coom on then,' she said, getting on the bed. I was astonished to see that she'd shaved her fanny when I took her knickers off, something unknown to me then.

She had a neat fanny, a nice swelling mound with the rounded lips of her fanny closed. 'Do you like it?' she asked. 'I think it's beautiful,' I was breathing hard. 'Coom and have a feel then, John,' she murmured softly. We lay side by side and kissed, as we kissed she wrapped her hand round my shaft and I caressed her ample breasts. He nipples were erect and, judging by her reaction, very sensitive. 'Now where did you learn that?' Annie asked. 'Everything I know I was taught by a married woman I knew before I volunteered,' I replied, 'I bet you like this too.' I stroked the closed lips of her fanny very gently, 'Oh God!' she panted, she grew slippery in no time, the lips swelling and parting. She was panting and wanking me hard. I explored the mouth of her fanny, her inner lips swelled up too and got much bigger, I inserted a finger and fucked her with it. She kissed me passionately, 'Oh! Don't stop, luv, don't stop!' I didn't.

Soon she was moaning and I searched for the little button, as I touched it she convulsed and screamed softly, 'Oh, oh, oh don't stop!' My prick was rock hard, 'Don't you want this up that lovely fanny?' I asked. 'Oh yes, yes,' she spread her legs wide and I got between them, I pressed my throbbing knob to the incredibly soft lips. Then I took it in my hand and rubbed all around inside but particularly against her extremely sensitive little knob. She gasped then panted, 'Oh, you little bugger, you reely got taught well, didn't you!' After a moment, she asked me to enter her. I looked down at her open fanny, took my prick in my hand and put it in place then pushed. It slid in easily, 'Right up, right up!' she panted.

I pushed it as far up as it would go, my balls trapped against her bum, then began fucking. After a few strokes she gasped, 'Harder, fuck me harder, luv.!' So I did, she was kissing me, hugging me tightly and wrapping her legs round my waist. I couldn't have pulled out if I'd wanted to, but I didn't, want to that is. I fucked her the way she wanted although I knew that I couldn't last long doing it like that. Soon enough I felt the sap rising, 'I'm coming!' I panted. 'It's alright, luv, just let it go, I can't get pregnant!' I rammed into her a couple more times, then exploded inside her, pumping my spunk deep. She squeezed the breath out of me as she felt the hot spunk spurt, 'Oooooh....' she went. I flopped on her when I'd finished, I could feel the thrills rippling through her.

After we'd calmed down, she kissed me and stroked my hair, 'There, was that nice darling?' 'Yes,' I panted, still struggling for breath, 'was it for you?' 'You're a better fucker than my husband,' she told me, 'you can come and fuck me anytime you like, can you go again?' She certainly didn't waste time, I thought. She said again, 'I reely hadn't had it since my old man left, it was wonderful, you've got a lovely prick and when you came.... well... I ent never had a man come up me like that.'

We lay there in the aftermath, I was thinking how like my first lover she was, she was bigger built, what they'd call a size twelve or fourteen these days, whereas Elaine had been very petite. Elaine was voracious for sex and taught me how to hold on and not finish too quick, 'You'll find any woman will like that,' she had told me, I reckon she was right.

About half an hour afterwards, Annie said, 'Would it shock you if I kissed your prick?' 'No, it's been kissed and sucked before,' I told her. 'Good!' She scrambled down the bed and the next moment I felt her kiss my knob, after a few kisses she sucked the floppy prick into her mouth, she sucked and swirled her tongue around it, I started to get hard. She let it slip out of her mouth, 'I luves the taste of spunk,' she told me, she wanked me until she was satisfied that I was hard enough then said, 'Coom on, John, give me another luvly fuck!'

We lay kissing and playing with each other, she obviously enjoyed me giving her fanny a good feel and I carried on until she said, 'Coom on then!', and I mounted her. As I'd felt and played with her, she had been incredibly wet and sloppy with my spunk oozing, it was very erotic. I panted, 'Yes, come on then you lovely cunt, this time you'll get a fucking like you've never had!' I think she was a bit shocked at my use of the word 'cunt', 'fucking' didn't bother her, but undoubtedly, then, that word certainly did shock a lot of people. I was unusual in the Service because I didn't swear, anything I wanted to get across strongly I could use better language. This was different though, Elaine had loved all the 'naughty words', as she called them and it had come out naturally in this situation.

I eased into Annie, she sighed, 'Ooh, it's luvly!' She apparently, having got the first time out of her system, just needed to be fucked at a normal pace, I knew that I could carry on for as long as she wanted. In fact something over half an hour had elapsed before she sort of came-to and asked how long I intended to go on. 'As long as you like,' I replied. 'I think I want you to come now then, John, I've bin thrilling like anything, I'm reely fucked out!' she panted, 'Just do me reely hard for a minute then let it go.' 'Do you still want it inside?' I asked. She lifted me up and looked me in the eye, 'Would you reely want to spunk all over me?' she asked. 'Why not? If that's what you'd like, you only have to say.' 'Go on then!' she giggled. So I rammed my prick into her a number of times, felt the sap rise and, at the last moment, pulled out and pulling off a couple of strokes, ejaculated. Afterwards, Annie said that she had never seen a man shoot his spunk like I did. It's one of those things, I had always spunked hard, it was one of the things Elaine had loved too, but it's a matter of chance. Anyway, the first spurt hit Annie in the face, to her credit she didn't flinch. The rest went on her neck, breasts and belly and she obvioulsy loved it.

She licked some that was oozing down her face, then scooped some more with her fingers and swallowed that too. I watched fascinated. After we had calmed down Annie told me how much she had enjoyed the afternoon and asked if I could visit again. I told her that I would try, 'Trouble is,'I said, 'that I shan't know whether you would be in or not.' 'Tell you what,' she told me, 'I'll make a point of staying in on Sundays, I promise you that there won't be no one else. After all you're not going to be where you are now for very long are you?' I wasn't. So I did visit Annie a few more times until I was drafted to an airfield in the South of England. But I have very happy memories of Annie and I've often wondered if her husband ever came home, a lot of them who went out East never did. I became very fond of Annie too, she had the most glorious Lancashire, or perhaps I should say Manchester accent, and a very loving personality.