Written by blackgoldd

31 Aug 2014

had a surreal weekend just gone. Surreal in the sense that I was a lot more intimate with Sas; my middle class married hotwife girlfriend, than I have been in the past. We made arrangements to meet this weekend after a few weeks apart. She called 2 days before excited about the outfits, underwear and accessories I bought her 2 months ago. She wanted to show them all off. She was looking for an opportunity to impress as well as excite me. So, I made a few suggestions to make the night special.

- Hubby was not allowed anywhere near her till I arrived

- He was tasked with the job of laying everything she was to wear out in the bedroom before I arrived.

-Sas would cook a special dinner for all 3 of us for the night.

- She would present each combination of outfits to us like a model on a catwalk.

- We would take photos of her strutting her stuff and choose a few to go out to clubs with

All agreed, I made my way Saturday evening arriving bang on time. Sas opened the door in a pink body suit, red heels and pink lips and nails. The middle class sub-urban wife and mother was long gone. Tonight, she was the BBC loving slutwife.

We shared our customary kisses and sat together cuddling and whispering to one another as cuck sat across the room. There was an intimacy between us that struck a cord in my mind. Sas had come out of her shell completely and was now enjoying the

Attention she received from her boyfriend and cuck hubby. We caught up with our individual lives over the last 4 weeks, Sas revealing how obedient she had been to my suggestions to try something daring each week like a day in the office without knickers, a picture message taken in work showing me her bare pussy and others with her ‘I love black cock ‘ knickers on in work. She did them all.

Eventually, she left her cuck and me to chat while she busied herself laying the table for us for dinner. We eat dinner laced with a fair amount of wine and it was at this stage I posed the question to them. Do you find your sex life has improved since we started this 3 way relationship? Sas answer brought a smile on. She admitted her attitude to sex had changed completely, her sex drive is on steroids and she loves the fact she has a regular BF with whom she can be intimate as well as honest.

After dinner, Sas treated us to an erotic display of saucy outfits and finished it off with a pole dance. The second surreal event came when it was time to head up to the room. Cuck hubby picked up my bag, and took it upstarts to the master bedroom then returned downstairs to get us pints of drinks , strawberries , cream and grapes which he placed on my side of the bed. It was all completely normal to him by now. As we said goodbye to him downstairs, he busied himself cleaning the dishes.

I gave Sas a 1hour full body massage as a special treat. Hubby was allowed to watch. After wards, we said goodbye to him the second time, shut the door, turned the lights out and engaged in a passionate lovemaking unlike the hard fast fucking we engage in normally. I knew something had changed in Sas. She wanted intimacy between us. She no longer feared this could derail or complicate her marriage. We talked about how she felt about me. She was candid. I was impressed. After we had exhausted ourselves, I suggested she paid cuck hubby a visit, share a few hours with him making love rather than fucking him then return to me when she was done.

I dropped off to sleep and was woken up 3 hrs later with her kiss. We kissed lightly and fell back to sleep in a spooning embrace.

When I woke up the next morning, breakfast was ready, cuck hubby brought it up. We all had breakfast in the master bedroom and talked a bit more about how Sas felt about her 2 lovers. She was grateful to cuck for his patience and perseverance in encouraging her to explore a bit more. She was delighted cuck had found her someone who understood her and what she needed sexually and emotionally. She felt a different kind of connection to each of us. She did not want to loose any of us.

After her confession, I suggested cuck should give her a warm foot massage while I gave her an Indian head massage. The point I wanted to drive home to her was that, she already had this wonderful life of 2 lovers. She only needed to take full advantage of it and enjoy it. We made plans for our next outing to a party in a few weeks. I mentioned the stories I had been writing of us of late. They both felt it was a brilliant idea to write them if I still wanted to. The choice was firmly mine to make.

Cuck cleared the breakfast away and left us to make love alone in the bedroom once again. We had a shower together playfully washing one another afterwards. I got dressed came down with Sas and kissed her on my way out.

Driving out through the gate, I thought to myself, this is what I love so much about 3 way relationships. Sas will find a return to an unfulfilling vanilla life challenging. She looked happy all through the evening night and morning. She had come a long way and was much better for it.

I have decided this is the last story I will write about Sas and her cuck husband. In my view, any scenes we play out in the future no longer fall within the swinging, hotwife or cuckold lifestyle. We have evolved beyond the simple enacting of bucket list fantasies. A friendship beyond the casual has developed and I will feel a sense of betrayal of their trust writing anymore.