Written by Peter A

4 Jun 2014

As always, I wait until I can recount a true story rather than invent one that appear here that are often frankly ridiculous.

Last week we had been out for a nice meal and a few drinks. My wife had a loose fitting black dress on and underneath, her black underwear, satin bra, panties, suspender belt and seamed stockings.

On the way back to our hotel, I made sure that she sat on the back seat on the opposite side to the driver.

All the time I had my hand under her dress, feeling her suspenders and once or twice venturing up to her panties and indeed inside them.

It was then she started to feel a bit exposed so gently moved my hand back further down.

So whilst the driver might have been able to see my hand being under her dress, probably not much else.

When we got to the hotel he turned around and told us the price, whilst opening the door which are centrally locked on black cabs. So as my wife was getting out first, I made sure I 'accidentally' had my hand pushed down on her dress so it exposed her stocking tops and quite possibly her panties as she opened her legs to get out. As he was turned around waiting for payment he couldn't possibly have avoided a really good look.

To those who like to read about wives being fucked by one or more 12inch penises I apologize but I can assure you, I get hard every time I think of it