Written by TK-BADGER

3 Sep 2009

After our first layby adventure of being watched while we had a soft play and put a little show on, we couldnt wait to go back and try again. K enjoyed the first visit and was dying to play for the wanking guys, whislt we had a nice time we were abit nervous at the number of guys surrounding our vehicle as i like to keep control of the situation for our safety of course, and this seemed to put a little dampener on the visit as we are so new to this. we talked about it on the way home and i said i would take control of the situation next time as we have learned through this site that there is a lot of respect given the others, So!!.

We arrived at our layby on thurs night and sat at the top just observing the flow of traffic etc, when after about 10 mins we recognised one of the cars from our first and very exciting visit, (this only being our third).

I got out of the vehicle and walked over to the driver and he instantly recognised me from the previous sexy show we put on, we talked for a while and when i felt comfortable i asked him if he would like to follow us to another secluded area for a private show, this he was delighted at and duly followed as we left the layby.

K was getting all excited and was rubbing my cock all the way there, i put my hand inside her jeans and she was soaking wet.

we pulled up at our new location and after a couple of minutes of petting i flicked the light on and invited our new playmate to come and watch, K got even more excited when i told her to wind down the window, she took my cock out and started giving me a good sucking, as our watcher came to the window i told her to sit up and close her eyes, this she did straight away and i started to kiss her and expose her lovely tits and very erect nipples, our friend was instantly wanking and i asked K if she was comfortable with the situation to which she moaned oh yes!!.

i asked him if he would like to feel her tits so he reached in and started stroking them nice and gentle, i could feel K tense with excitement as he touched and she immediately grabbed for my cock and started wanking me.

i slid my hands down to her lovely soaking wet pussy and started playing with her and pushed my fingers inside her, she was in heaven, i undid her jeans and she hungrily lifted her bum so i could remove them, she moved nearer the passenger window and i started playing with her clitoris at this moment i asked him if he would like to suck her nipples and he leaned in ans started licking and sucking one while i was sucking the other, i asked K again if she was ok and she said as long as i was she was, well i can tell you i was in heaven watching this total stranger suking my Ks tits.

i told her to turn towards the door a bit bit and show him her pussy he looked at me for assurance and from the look i gave him he knew what to do, we both stroked her thighs and then he moved her very sexy knickers to one side and she nearly jumped off the seat when he started rubbing her wet pussy.i told him to open the door and come closer, as he did this K shifted round a bit more and i told him to lick her, the sight of this guy lifting her bum and licking her pussy was the most exciting sexual thing i had seen, he licked her and probed his fingers inside for ages and she sorry i mean we loved it.she asked me if she could wank him while she came so he positioned himself so she couldgrab his cock and started to wank us both while i played with her clit, he was sucking her niples at the same time and she had a very intense and very loud orgasm, i told him to kneel and the seat and we both wanked and shot all over her lovely tits.

we cleaned up, he said thanks for a lovely time, commented on how lucky i was to have such a lovely lady and left.

Now that is what we call an adventure, and we are sure we will just get better, and we are really looking forward to what comes next. so we will keep writing an account of our new adventures as we like reading them back, see you soon, we hope lol xx