Written by glaa27

24 Apr 2007

This kind of situation happened a aouple of years ago when i was 22.

Was on a nightout with my friends and we were on our way home in the taxi. The driver was kind of cute,early 30's and was enjoying the giggling and banter from us girls. I sat in the front next to him and now and again noticed he moved his hand and gave my thigh a bit of a squeeze.

I was the last to be dropped home and we sat for a few minutes and had a bit of a chat. I had asked him that usual "what time do you finish" taxi driver type question. He said that we were his last fare and he was finished. I was getting my the money to pay him out of my bag and he then asked did i fancy going or a drive with him. Again he had his hand on my thigh. Part of me thought,no way,hes a stranger but then found myself saying yes. He leaned over and we kissed.

As we were driving he was rubbing his hand up and down my thigh,and i could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. We drove to a quiet area on the outskirts of town which was known for some couple to go to and also taxi drivers when they are on breaks. There was another car and we parked a bit away from it.

We stopped,took our seatbelts off and he immediately had his hand up my skirt while we kissed. His fingers traced the outside of my panties. He then said to get my big tits out (im a 38DD) as they were the first things he noticed when i got in the taxi. Had my top off and then my bra,he was gasping at my tits and started fondling them and sucking my nipples. By this time my skirt was around my waist and he had pulled my panties to one side and had 2 fingers in my cunt. I was in heaven when he added another finger and he was licking my nipples.

He then said he had something i would like!! He unzipped his trousers and pulled out a very thick,approx 8 inch cock. My mouth was drooling,i couldnt wait to taste it. So i did,my tongue was all over his fat bell end and i was sucking him furiously. He pushed the back of my head so that he was hitting the back of my throat. I licked and sucked his big balls and could hear him groaning.

He pulled my head away from his cock and had his hand round his cock and asked if i enjoyed sucking him. I Had a bid smile and said oh yeah,its great. He then told me to kneel up on the passengers seat and face the direction of the drivers window. He got out the car still wanking his cock and walked round and opened the passenger door where my arse was facing him. I could feel his wet bell end on my pussy lips and then he plunged his cock into me. Could feel his balls slapping my arse as he fucked me. He grabbed my hips and was fucking me so hard. We were fucking for about 10 mins and I could hear him really groan. He filled my pussy with his cum.

I pulled my skirt down and put my bra and top back on.He fixed himself and then said i better get you home. We were laughing and chatting about it on the drive to my house. I went into my house with his cum running down my legs. Was certainly an experience I havent forgotten about.