Written by Danny Taylor

5 Feb 2017

Before my wife and I started dating, we hung around within the same circle of friends for a few months. I had a crush on her for weeks. I watched her go home with at least half a dozen men.

One night at the pub I thought for sure we were finally going to hook up. Tori and I had been kissing and grinding on the dance floor, and I could tell that she wanted me. But then, some guy that she apparently had a crush on for a while showed up, and she wound up going home with him instead.

Discouraged, I went home alone that night. Too upset to sleep, all I could think about was why Tori would rather leave with him instead of me? Lying in bed, my cock started to get hard as I recalled the feel of her impeccable tits against my chest and her sexy little arse against my groin as she had danced seductively against me for most of the night.

I couldn’t help but start stroking myself as I imagined what she and I could have been doing at that moment. Just as I was visualizing how I would kiss my way down her amazing body to eat her out, an image of the other guy’s stiff cock sinking into her pussy flashed through my mind. ‘What the fuck was that?’ I thought.

I paused, regained my focus, and then continued jerking myself off. It kept happening though. Every time I tried to picture her and me together, a vivid image of them having sex would plague my imagination. I knew that it was likely what was happening at that very moment, too. What disturbed me though was that every time I thought of his cock plunging into Tara’s pussy instead of mine, I would have to stop stroking to prevent myself from ejaculating.

It was bizarre that I’d even think about it, but I was so desperate to cum that eventually I just gave in to my abnormal thoughts and jacked off imagining the two of them fucking. Just as I envisioned him cumming inside of her, I actually gasped out loud, ‘‘Oh god Tori, fuck him good!‘‘ and I blew a huge load into the air, spurt after spurt I felt it landing all over my stomach and thighs. I seemed to be able to keep cumming.

I eventually did pick up the courage to ask her to come home with me. She is mine and we are married and very happy. So I suppose it’s no wonder that I let her fuck other guys now. I still get incredibly turned on by it.