Written by Yorkcock

1 Oct 2013

Taking place when Leeds had a seedy cinema very close to The Calls. We had travelled t one; we get changed, me removing my pants and going commando and Marie strutting her stuff in a short mini skirt and no panties. Her top was almost non existent. a daring couple of straps holding a scoop of material and her stomach bare around the midriff and a small stone on a stud in her navel, her taut flat tummy looking nicely tanned.

We paid our entrance fee and went in. The auditorium probably held around a hundred, but even on a Friday night, was poorly attended, with around fifteen or so all male audience dotted around but having heard her high heels clipping down the aisle, turned to look at us instead of the screen. Marie knew what was going on, a bit of shuffling when we had settled and like flies round a jam pot, they all gravitated in our direction.

Marie stood up and slipped her skirt off, the audience went deadly silent and watched my lass strip her top and resume her place next to me completely naked. I had stowed her clothes neatly beneath my bum {we had once lost her skirt in this place and I had to leave her in the cinema to get the car and return to pick her up outside as she was nude at the time except a tiny bra which no matter how we tried she did not feel brave enough to walk half a mile to where we had parked, through the city centre. I would have loved it but reluctantly did as she asked and she got fucked by two guys while I was absent but that is another story}.

One of the patrons sat right next to her and the inevitable question was asked. Is she playing or do we just watch. Marie turned and replied loud enough to be heard reasonably well 'Playing' then she said that she needed to inspect all the cocks and if they smelt nasty, then they would not be fucking her. I seem to remember that four of them did not pass sniff test and were told to wank while they watched, but no playing.

Satisfied, she then allowed the remaining gentlemen, mostly around sixty or so and just a couple of younger guys to take turns in playing with her and generally rousing her with licks, kisses and fondles of her entire body. One even had a foot fetish and rubbed his cock against the balls of her feet and over her toes, making contact with his balls against her ankle and generally getting high and spunking over her toes in pretty quick time. She had her mouth full of cock and was wamking another guy. The whole scene was very scrum like with bodies crowding round and cocks sticking out all over. I picked up her clothes to make more space and resumed a good view from the side aisle. The dim lights got slightly brighter and another guy came in and quickly joined the party.

Marie soon had a few spurts of come over her lovely breasts and her hands dripped some more. The dirty girl was loving it and got a throat full as the guy she was sucking exploded and shot two spurts across a couple of other guys and her breasts for good measure. Nobody seemed to mind, it's unbelievable, if it had been someone knocking a beer over one of them there would have been a riot, but a stream of white spunk spurting all over did not raise a slight concern or a 'steady on old chap', Aren't humans odd at times?

Back to the action. I stood mesmerised by a frenzy of wanking and groping, Marie had a single load of spunk just about in her cunt, but most of it all over her body. She excused herself and walked naked to the toilets, requesting they all stayed where they were and not follow her into the toilets. Amazingly they all obeyed and awaited her return having cleaned herself up as much as paper towels could. We chatted when she got back and a list of phone numbers was handed to us with requests to meet individuals and also they wanted us to visit again. We never did because on a return some years later the place had been demolished so sadly we were not able to do it again and the list of numbers was lost a few days later when the car was stolen, bit of a bummer because it got burned out by whoever stole it. Our visit remains a great memory and even though it was not as much a fuckfest as some of your readers have enjoyed, we did have some innocent fun and the night did not end for us, but I will return to that as soon as I can